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Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Leela and StitchAs we sat in the airport on Sunday, no one was in a jovial mood. Leaving Florida after nine days of fun in the sun was difficult. Especially considering all we’ve gone through this past year.

Nine days truly focused on having fun was blissful. No heavy conversations. No suffocating tensions. No worrying about the future other than what rides we would experience the next day. I can’t speak for the kids, but I can tell you that my shoulders felt a lot lighter that week.

I took the picture of Leela above while we were waiting for our flight. I think this image represents how we all were feeling at that moment. But vacations always end and goodbyes are inevitable.

And today I am about to start another goodbye process.

Tomorrow I close on the new house in Maryland.

Saying goodbye to my current home and life isn’t easy. I’ve lived here for over eight years. The fact that I’ve moved around a lot during my life doesn’t really help anything. Once you sleep somewhere for a period of years, moving your bed is not an easy thing.

And I’m definitely a creature of habit. I take comfort in schedules and knowing what comes next. The bus comes at 8:45am. I drink my first cup of coffee at 9am. Work happens between 9-3pm. And then the kids come home and there’s homework, cooking dinner, dishes, some downtime and then the bedtime routine.

That is my life. It’s not particularly exciting, but it is predictable. And for a woman who loves adventure, that might seem odd that I would take comfort in my normal dull life. But I do.

Now I have to start a new routine somewhere else. And as exciting as that is, it’s scary too.

Then there are other concerns…

I have no friends in Maryland. Well, I do have a few blogger friends there, but I don’t know them very well yet. Hopefully that will change.

But that having no friends thing is scary. I’m afraid to be alone in a new place. And I’m certain my kids feel the same way.

You will of course remind me that I’m an extrovert, but that really doesn’t make it any easier. Making new friends is work and I’m not entirely sure I have the energy to put into that kind of relationship building right now. I’m kind of mentally exhausted after the divorce. I’m not sure I have a lot to give right now.

And then there’s the packing up of this house, unpacking at the new house and arranging all that stuff so it feels like a home again.

Just writing that last sentence was exhausting.

But that’s what you do when you say goodbye to one place and hello to another.

It was just SO much easier to do when I was in my 20’s.

There’s so much more I’d like to say in this post, but I cannot. Matter of fact, most of my blog posts have been so surface as of late. Lacking a lot of personal info and a far cry from my normal posting. The reason for this is that I have an agreement with my ex to not write about the divorce anymore. And it’s REALLY hard to write about anything personal when you have that kind of agreement. But it’s what’s best for all parties and I have to honor that.

I can only share onward with you.

So with that, I’m off to pack my suitcase and head down to Maryland to close.

Goodbye Massachusetts, hello Maryland.

Bring on the crab cakes!

Our Disney World Vacation

Disney CastleWe just got back from the most magical place on the planet. Well, at least in my kids’ eyes anyway. And if I were to be perfectly honest, mine too. We spent the past nine days in Disney World and it was truly magical.

Originally we were scheduled to leave Boston two Saturdays ago, but at the last minute we changed our plans and flew down a day early because Boston was forecasted to get another blizzard starting the Saturday we were supposed to leave. And it’s a good thing we made the change because our flights were indeed cancelled.

An extra day with the Mouse made everyone in this family rather gleeful. Oh, almost everybody. Aidan didn’t have February break like his siblings, so he wasn’t able to join us. Don’t feel too badly for him though. He went down right before Christmas on his own to meet up with a friend who works at WDW. So he’s had his dose of the Mouse too!

kids at disney

Shannon BirthdayShannon’s birthday fell during this trip and she was happy for it! We celebrated her birthday at Be Our Guest where she ate the grey stuff and agreed that it was absolutely delicious!

Shannon on Dumbo

Michael Mickey MouseDisney brings out the kid in all of us. And I especially loved watching Michael cut loose and be silly. 2014 was such a rough year for all of my kids, but the teens especially so. It was such a relief to see them smile and laugh. It was like a shot of much needed medicine.

Shannon Elsa


Beauty and the Beast

Mom and Kids at Disney

Michael and Wookie

leela and wookie

The Kitchen Sink Beaches and CreamNo Disney trip is complete without a stop at Beaches and Cream for the Kitchen Sink. The biggest sundae I’ve ever seen. Leela was speechless. And yes, we polished the whole thing off.

Fort Wilderness CabinsMy favorite place to stay at Disney World is the Fort Wilderness cabins. The quiet at Fort Wilderness is such a respite from the chaos that is a Disney vacation. It’s a good chaos, of course, but a break is always nice.

We especially love the coziness of the cabins. It’s nice to end the day with a home cooked meal and space to sprawl out and chill. The girls being horse lovers were thrilled to see the horses at the stables.

And the smores campfire with Chip and Dale is so much fun for all! If you haven’t stayed at Fort Wilderness before, you ought to. It’s a special Disney property.

And a tip…

We ordered our groceries to stock our kitchen from Garden Grocer and it was absolutely perfect. All the food was fresh and delivered right on time. I cannot say enough good about this service. We saved a considerable amount of money eating some meals in our cabin.

Oh, and one more tip…

disney strollerIf you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can order food, drinks and other items from Amazon and have them shipped right to the Disney resort. We had an inexpensive umbrella stroller shipped to our resort so we didn’t have to lug our cooler around all day. We loaded the cooler and into the stroller it went. And no dragging it through the airport! Strollers are not just for people with babies!

Fort Wilderness

Disney Wishes FireworksComing back to the frozen tundra that is Boston was particularly hard, but we are so thankful for the good times we had while at Disney. Enough happy memories to keep us warm until spring!