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The End and the Beginning

This post is the hardest one I’ve ever had to write in my blogging career. I’ve started it and erased it more times than I care to recall. Do you remember getting a report card that you were afraid of showing your parents? Did you ever screw something up so badly that you were afraid to be found out? Have you ever failed at something so miserably that you wished your life would just end so that you wouldn’t have to face the world?

Regardless if you’ve shared these feelings or not, that’s where I am today.

When I first started blogging, I never blogged to grow a readership. That wasn’t my intent. I just wrote because I loved it. I never imagined that I would someday have a responsibility to my readers about my life choices. Honestly, that never crossed my mind.

But as the years went on, my blog did indeed grow. Then again, so did I.

Here I am today. Looking at an ice cold pool of water. Terrified of jumping in. Can I handle the shock? Will I get used to my new normal? Will I still be accepted? You just don’t know until you jump into the pool. So here it goes…

I am no longer married.

Take a deep breath. I know this is a shock.

This didn’t just happen this week. Actually, it’s been a long time in coming.

The end of my marriage was not like most. There weren’t any screaming matches. No drama. No feuds over the normal stuff that people typically argue about. There was just a shared resignation that while it sucked, we needed to work together as a team to bring forth the best final chapter of our married lives that we could. For the sake of our children. And for the sake of our sanity.

I know you want details. I can’t give them to you. Some things need to remain private. Out of respect for my former husband and also for the sake of my children. And to be honest with you, your questions would be hard to answer because I don’t have easy answers to give.

This is what I can tell you…

I have very few regrets. Matter of fact, I would do much of it again. My former husband is exactly the father my children need. I am so thankful that he loves his children and continues to work with me to co-parent in a united way that shows our kids that we stand together in all things parenting. For that I am thankful.

As a partner, he did his best to support me in all of the ways he knew how. Did we have our problems? Absolutely, all couples do. But I can’t say that he didn’t try to meet my needs. Even when I didn’t exactly know what those needs were.

I am not an easy woman to be married to. I am wildly passionate about some things and apathetic about others. One day I am on a mission to save the world and the next I’m lucky to put the dishes in the dishwasher. I am up and down worse than the craziest roller coaster. But what cannot be argued is my passion for my family. Even if it’s splitting in half.

I firmly believe that you can have two people who are both great people but together they are not a strong couple.

That is us in a nutshell.

Two good people. But sometimes two positives do not create another positive. I should also mention that I suck at math and science. So don’t go poking holes in my theory. It’s a moot point anyway.

Will I miss him?


But he will always be a part of my life. We have four children, after all. We are bound together for the rest of our days due to those four beautiful blessings that were bestowed upon us.

And after hours of discussion on how best to move forward, we both believe that civility and respect is what’s best for our children.

While I’m certain that this will come as a shock to mostly all of you, I hope you reserve judgement. Life is hard. Relationships are complicated. And a happy ending is not always guaranteed.

The final chapter of my book has not yet been written. The same is true for my former husband. My wish for both of us is a life filled with peace and joy. A life where a new day brings hope and possibility. And that both of us can look back and say what we created was good and worth the hard effort. Because in my heart, I believe that to be true. And while change is never easy, it’s a part of life. I’m ready to start living again.

A Spoonful of Sugar or Perhaps a Pound

Mexican LunchAs a concerned mom of four, I try very hard to feed my kids a nutritious diet. Sure, I write about all kinds of sweets and treats on my food blog, but I take great care to limit the junk in our daily diet. Just to prove to you that I’m not full of crap, up above you will see the lunch I made today. A masterpiece of nutrition.

Macchiato Muddy BuddiesPrior to that healthy lunch, I spent the morning working on a recipe for A Beautiful Bite. I came up with this ridiculously easy to make Macchiato Muddy Buddies recipe that I thought would be a fun snack for the kids after they had their initial healthy snack after school. Yes, I require them to eat something good like a fruit or veggie before the treats. I have enough mom guilt, thank you very much.

But when my littlest came home from school today, she announced that it was ice cream social night. Doh, I forgot about that. Actually, I blocked it out. I know the kids love it and all, but one hundred plus kids running around screaming after being pumped up on sugar is not my idea of a good time.

And then there was the special treat I made. So much for that. I couldn’t give them two sweets in one day. Once again, mom guilt.

School Ice Cream Social

School Ice Cream SocialOff to the social we went. And it went exactly as I thought it might. Lots of treats that of course thrilled the girls and enough noise to rival a sonic boom. Upon arriving home I skipped the muddy buddies and went right for a glass of wine. The idea of anything truly sweet made my brain hurt.

So nutritiously speaking, I think this day was a wash. But tomorrow is another day. A day I plan to fill with the colors of the rainbow in the form of fruits and veggies, not M&Ms. It’s all about balance and flexibility, right?