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The Free of Facebook

Everyone I know is on a Facebook kick. I myself was reluctant to get on board with it because I thought it was a teeny bopper thing. However, last fall when I was prodded by my sister, I signed up and gave it a whirl. The first thing that happened was that I got sucked into a game called Farmtown. Games are not my thing, but this was totally addicting. God forbid if my crops ever went to waste because it threw the rest of my day off. It was a total time sucker and my guilty pleasure. Other than that, I really didn’t connect with the whole Facebook thing except to monitor my son’s use of it which can be fun.

I really like when he puts up a status comment of “I’m bored”. Silly boy. Mom’s watching. As soon as I saw that, I commented back a laundry list of things he could be doing with his time including cleaning up his war zone like bedroom. And when he became a fan of “I was doing homework, then I ended up on Facebook” I sure had a comment for that. But other than torturing my kid with embarrassing comments, I didn’t have much use for the social networking tool until recently.

Companies are now realizing the power of Facebook. Just in the past few weeks I’ve noticed a bunch of totally free goodies you can get when you “fan” a company. What that means is that you go to the company’s Facebook page and click on the fan button which simply puts a statement on your Facebook profile that you like that company. Easy, right? Let me share with you what I’ve gotten for free from fanning these companies.

The very first freebie I got was a free meal from TGI Fridays. It was for a $8.99 burger that turned out to be totally yummy. As it should have been for the 1,600 calories it harbored. Moving on, I got a free blooming onion from Outback which I have yet to redeem due to the previous burger consumed. I also received a free photobook from Walgreens, $15 to spend at the Kodak Gallery, and my favorite freebie of all was the free box of Edible Arrangements that you see pictured below.

How beautiful is this packaging?

You’ll notice that there is a piece of chocolate dipped fruit missing. I devoured it on the ride home. I just couldn’t resist. Let me tell you, it was amazing!

So I think this is the wave of the future. My guess is that many companies are going to jump on board with marketing on social networking tools like Facebook. Even if you don’t think you will use Facebook, it will still be a worthwhile time investment to sign up for the freebies alone. My question for all of you is two fold. Are you on Facebook and are you “fanning” companies for the freebies?

The Coupon Goddess


  1. Thanks for posting this, Mel. I almost forgot about the free Edible Arrangements gift. I think it expires tomorrow.

    I don’t have to tell you how much I’m on Facebook, the games can be addictive, lol.


  2. I haven’t signed up on Facebook because I don’t really care to reconnect with people I went to high school with. I figure if we haven’t been in touch for 30 years another 30 won’t matter. However, I didn’t know about all the freebies out there. Might be worth it!

  3. Cindy- Um, yeah I know you are kind of addicted!

    Debbie- If you want to remain anonymous you can use your married name or even maintain a private account where people can’t look you up. 🙂

  4. It is amazing the freebies on facebook.
    I also got a coupon for a bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo & also a coupon for a free container of Saralee lunch meat!
    I forgot about my coupon for the edible arrangements too. Thanks for the reminder.


  5. Do these companies e-mail coupons for free items, or how do you get the goods? Sounds fun!

  6. Mel, the missing fruit is why I carry my camera with me. Snap then scarf it down.

  7. You know Ive been on Facebook for a few months and have been addicted to some of the games on there. I always ignore those adds on there, but I will ignore them no more. A blooming onions sounds incredible right about now…Thanks for openning my eyes.

  8. I definitely love the Facebook freebies!!!
    I have to say the Edible Arrangements is top 3 fav’!!
    They were so good!!!
    Melanie, you did good eating only one – I ate three on the drive home and was trying to save one for my hubby!
    Luckily, I keep rejecting the Farmville invites because Bejeweled sucked me in for a long while!
    But, I finally broke free and can not be consumed with the games any longer if I want to “do” my coupons!
    It takes over!!

  9. SO true… Facebook & games can be soooooo adicting. (just got off facebook a few seconds ago…lol )
    But I love becoming fans of some companies (mostly for freebies). Love them !! 🙂

  10. oh yeah farm town is good, but farmville is SO much better! yeah its amazing how addicting it can get. your crops go bad & it does kind of ruin the morning. lol.

  11. OH man, I totally caved & signed up for FB a couple days ago. I was sick of missing out on all the goodies!

  12. As I ate my morning breakfast and we chatted about what is our favorite fruit I was painfully reminded I didnt snag my free 6 peice of dipped fruit 🙁

    Anyways I love Farmtown! I havent done anything with it lately but I have this insane amount of food in my “Stockpile” storage! lol I should make you my neighbor!

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  14. Anonymous- Thus far they have provided me a link through FB to print out the coupon for the freebie.

    Laura- Excellent tip. Boy do I have sharp readers.

    Jim- I have a male reader?? Wow! Great to hear! You’re welcome. And I bet you can enjoy your blooming onion guilt free. That’s a major benefit of being a guy!

    Sparkle- I’ve resisted Bejeweled because I know if I get sucked into that, my family will never see me again!

    Eden- I heard that Farmville is addictive too. I finally weaned myself off Farmtown, so don’t go enticing me back!! 🙂

    Cjs- I think you’ll like it. I was surprised how much I got out of it. Just being able to see the pics uploaded by my friends is pretty cool. A nice way to keep in touch.

    Takisha- There will be another awesome freebie right around the corner. I think we will be seeing lots of more freebies on FB soon.

  15. I *heart* Edible Arrangements! I missed out on their free offer….

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