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Sunday Shopping

I have to be honest with you…. I really didn’t want to get out of my bed this morning. I was all cuddled up under my duvet cover and my snuggliest blanket contemplating whether or not I absolutely had to go shopping this morning. It was soooooo cold outside and it was so delicious to be bundled up in my bed that I had a real hard time getting out of it this morning. It wasn’t until my girls ambushed me by sticking their cold feet on my warm body that I finally crawled out of bed and got ready to hit the stores. I really need to put a lock on my bedroom door…….

Dove Men’s Care soap 6 pack. Normally $7.99 but on clearance for $1.99 and only $1.00 after coupon!

This morning I hit Walgreen’s and Rite Aid. At first I wasn’t entirely impressed with this week’s offerings. My biggest motivation was to get to Rite Aid for the Loreal Youth Code and thank God I got out early because there was one lonely box on the shelf. Sorry guys, I hate to be a shelf clearer, but if there’s only one I’m going to buy it.

My second stop was Walgreen’s and I really wasn’t very excited about stopping there because I really didn’t need more free tampons, but holy smokes was it worth stopping in. There was tons of really good clearance deals and a few sleeper deals that I missed like the .44 soda you see below. My sons really like rootbeer, so they will be really excited when they see it in the stockpile.

I was also happy to find the Good and Fruity for .25 a box. These are just perfect for the movies! No overpriced movie theater snacks for this family! Also, I found 50% off bags of Lindt candy that were originally $4.49 but after 50% markdown and coupon I paid approx. $1.00 a bag which is a decent price for Lindt!

A clearance endcap had the same bodywash you see above in single packs for $1.12 and I had .35 coupons which made them .77 a bottle which is a much better deal than the dual pack you see above being sold one aisle over. It pays to look around.

Another fantastic find were the bottles of $1.25 Olay bodywash. There are currently two great coupons out that you can use to score a great deal with this. There’s a coupon for buy any Olay bodywash, get a free Secret deodorant. There’s also a coupon for buy any Olay bodywash, get a free Olay Complete facial moisturizer. Unfortunately my store did not have the moisturizers but I did get the free deodorants with my clearanced Olay.

I almost choked when I saw my total. This of course was my before coupon total. After coupons I saved $176.00 according to the bottom of my receipt. The bulk of my savings came from my clearance items.

Between Rite Aid and Walgreen’s I spent $18.70 out of pocket but I got $258.50 in product. Not too shabby!

Best of all I got to refill my fancy candy dish. Some people decorate with Lladro and Hummel. I decorate with Lindt. Martha Stewart I am not, but at least chocolate doesn’t last long enough to collect dust!

Did you get out and shop today? Did you notice tons of clearance in your Walgreen’s? Remember to check the clearance endcaps. There’s gold in them thar hills!


  1. Melanie, what coupon did you use for the Lindt chocolates? Just the Wags February booklet one or is there a manufacturer’s coupon out? Here’s to hoping the later…

  2. Julia- It was a manu coupon good on any 5.1oz or larger bag which these were. Did I miss a coupon in the book? My store doesn’t let me use those on clearance items even if it is in the book. 🙁

  3. Thanks! I will have to look for those.. I think there are Wags coupons for Lindt $1/2 in the February booklet. Out of 4 Walgreens stores close to me, 1 of them is nice and will accept all coupons. The others I avoid at all cost.

  4. No rite aid yet, but i don’t want any of the shelf clearing products i think– just diapers and j&j stuff. I have enough stores here not to worry. Plus hubby wanted to go mattress shopping instead, so took him up on that instead.

  5. I was happy to get some J&J products at rite aid today! They actually had some lol! My daughter is allergic to so much soap and shampoo but is fine with J&J so this was awesome.

    I’ve given up on Wags. I just had the register reciept system and having to match the coupons to the number of items you buy. The register reciepts never last long enough for me to get another good deal with them. I’ve found I haven’t missed out on much, it’s usually at cvs or Rite Aid with in a few weeks.

  6. Anyone try that loreal Youth code? Im curious to know if it works.

  7. I finally dragged my lazy butt to Rite Aid and scored on the Johnson & Johnson, Desitin, Oreo’s, Oberto Beef Jerky and a few others…. ;0)
    I am not done yet, but when I am….I’ll be one happy shopper! I have tons of family members who are expecting this summer, and the J & J will make great gifts! I plan on making “Mud Pies” out of the Oreo’s for the kids….YAY!!
    Nice score on all the Walgreens clearance!

  8. I LOVE your blog Melanie! I was curious if you purchased your Oreos at Rite Aid? Were you able to use the spring Oreos coupon to get those? Thanks for keeping up such an awesome blog!

  9. I had a great shopping trip this morning as well! 🙂 Rite Aid- I got some baby products for upcoming baby showers. I bought the Youth Code kit too! 🙂 I used my Hershey bar B1G1 coupons up. And stocked up on some Purex and Ultra. $83.60 in coupon savings! Plus, I got $25.00 in Up rewards! I paid $5.66 out of pocket.
    Walgreens- I got some Visine for my mom, the ouchless bands, and some toilet paper. I’ll have to go back for more of their deals.

    I also want to know about the spring oreo coupon. My Rite Aid only has the regular ones.

  10. Fabulous haul! And, I love your candy dish… Don’t sell yourself short – there’s plenty of Martha in you!

    Why am I up at 3:16AM? Ranger was on-line so I got to chat with him – now I’m wired and can’t sleep. After reading your post – I want to go shop!

  11. Great haul, Mel! I was wondering if your Target has the special $5 gift card deal with 7 frozen products? Here in PA we get the frozen bag but I would love to see what you can find with your goddess skills if this deal is in your area!

  12. I have the same milk glass bowl!

  13. Oh YES I did shop yesterday!!! Check out my blog for my RA haul! I know you’re past babies in diapers but with one around the corner and one still not PT’d yet, I was so excited about RA’s J&J/Desitin deal this week.
    I spent $6.89, saving over $65 CHA-CHING!

  14. I’m excited to try the Loreal moisturizer, did you try it yet? I took a risk and went today to get it, the kits were gone but I was really after the moisturizer. Can’t beat the price with the rebate going on!!

    If anyone needs cheap Lindt chocolate and you have Ocean State Job Lot store close, they have the bags for $2 and they take coupons, so $1 per bag!

  15. I was at Rite Aid just after opening yesterday ( it was a fluke, believe me, I am NOT a morning person) and got 9 of the J&J baby stuff for around $3.xx (I messed up rolling a couple of my RR, oh well) but my local grocery store has the new Purex w/ Zout 2/$5.98 so I was stalking the paper vendors for this. No luck, but the local Wal-mart had the Dove men’s bar soap 8 pack with 2 trial bodywashes for $1.50 on clearance. (I got 2 packs, soap lasts a long time, right?)

    I have a question, as a Coupon Goddess, do you have any good advice in keeping children in clothes on the cheap? Obviously I have 3 to keep in clothes, luckily all boys (still hope for a girl someday 🙂 but it still seems like each month someone needs new pants or new shoes, etc.

    Thanks so much!

  16. Julia- I wish my stores would honor the monthly coupons on clearance items. They are sticklers about it.

    Sarah- The diaper deals have been pretty good lately. I myself am out of those years, but it sure is tempting to stock up for potential baby shower gifts. Not that I know of anyone pregnant however….

    Anonymous- I hear you about the RRs not lasting long enough. That’s frustrating for me too. I really have to stay on top of that so I don’t let them expire.

    Anonymous #2- I haven’t tried it before, but I’ll let you know what I think after I do. 🙂

    Sonya- What the heck is a mudpie???? Sounds like this is your week to shop! The Johnson and Johnson is an awesome deal. I may go back for a few more myself!

    Joanna- Yup, I got those at RA and yes I used the coupons on them because my store doesn’t carry the spring version. 🙁 And thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you come here to read. 🙂

    Jennifer- You did awesome! Congrats!

    Janet- You crack me up. I’m so glad you got to talk to your son. He is in my prayers every night.

    Andi- Good question. I don’t know. I was going to check this evening, but my daughter is puking her guts out. So much for leaving the house. I hope my store is participating.

    Connie- You have amazing taste. 😉

    Kate- I will definitely hop on over to read all about it. I’m so happy you got a deal on something you need! Woot!

    MomtoC- I haven’t tried it yet, but for that price it better be good. 🙂 Thanks for the Lindt tip. I never thought to check them out!!

    Tsimshiangoddess- Kohl’s is one of my favorite haunts for kids clothes. If you can hit them with the coupons, sales, and Kohl’s bucks promo you can get kids clothes for cheap. Garage sales are another awesome place to find deals on little kid clothing. I’ve found some awesome brand names for cheap that way!

  17. What’s the RR mentioned? Is that the UPS thing? (still learning the Rite Aid stuff!)

  18. So you admit you sneak snacks into the theater too! lol It’s like that one thing everyone does but no one feels bad about…

  19. Kate- That’s register rewards at Walgreens. Sorry about that!!

    Ashleigh- Yes, and I’m unapologetic over it. They charge way too much for that stuff!!

    Anonymous commenter who keeps leaving crappy remarks that I won’t approve-

    Let me make something crystal clear for you. If I fed my kids Snickers bars for breakfast, Oreos for lunch, and cotton candy for dinner with a chaser of Pepsi, it’s none of your business. If you don’t like reading my blog, go find something else to read. There are plenty of other coupon blogs you can troll at. I can see that you are a regular reader because my metrics show your visit history, ISP address and town you live in. You can keep commenting until your fingers fall off, but I will not approve your comments. Ahhhh the power of DELETE.

  20. Awesome post.
    What are the Minnie Mouse things and which store did you snag those? My daughter is currently obsessed with anything Minnie Mouse. Please share. 🙂

  21. I was so excited to get the last Youth Code Kit until I got home and looked at the receipt and it rung up $29.99 (I didn’t even know it was on sale!) and now I don’t know if they will give me the rebate for one measly penny!

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