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Your Dream Free Spree?

If you could run around the grocery store a la Supermarket Sweep just for ten minutes, and you could grab anything you wanted in any quantity for free, what would you grab?

Here’s my list…..

Bacon, an armful of the thickest cut bacon I could find
Cheese, mostly shredded with a few blocks thrown in for entertaining
Oh, and some wedges of Parmesan cheese while I’m in the cheese section cause that stuff is expensive
Pine nuts, I swear it’s the most expensive nut on the planet but pesto isn’t the same without it
Steak, but specifically rib eye, porterhouse, or New York strip because we typically buy cuts that need hours of marinating before edible
Butter, lots and lots of butter
Olive oil because it’s a better fat which will help us after the bacon, cheese, steak and butter
Coffee, bags and bags of Dunkie’s coffee cause Melanie runs on Dunkin’!
Peppers, the hot kind that are stuffed with cheese and pimento
Tide laundry detergent because even though it’s crazy expensive, it smells like heaven
A head of lettuce, just to make me feel nutritionally better about everything except the Tide

How about you? What would you dash for if you had ten free minutes in the grocery store?


  1. I am the opposite. I would totally buy all of our necessities so that I can focus on using my monthly budget on fresh stuff with a short shelf life.

    First, I would grab Tide and Cottonelle. Run back and get a new cart. Then I would get the meats. Here I would get ham, steaks and roasts, then chicken. I would head off for butter and cheese next. Anything that can be frozen and last for a while.

    Finally, I would go to the Pasta and sauce section. I would grab at least 100 bottles of sauce. Cereal would be my final stop if time allowed.

    If I left with three months of Tide, toilet paper, meat and cheese along with a one year supply of pasta and sauces, I would be thrilled.

  2. Yeah, your carts sounds so much more practical. However, after years of being good, I’d really just want to be bad this one time. I’m not sure if I could push 100 bottle of sauce anyway, lol. 🙂

  3. for me it would be all the gluten free that i could grab since that stuff is crazy expensive (and stuff my daughter and i live on) plus meat. i would love to have some really great cuts of meat that i wouldn’t have to worry about the price on.

  4. The really GOOD toilet paper 😉 Cat food, cat litter. laundry soap, and I am with you on the pine nuts sister!!!

  5. I would stock up on ribeyes, shrimp, fresh fish, artichokes, olive oil, butter, extra sharp cheddar, red wine and laundry detergent. I’m salivating at the thought of racing through the grocery store a la Supermarket Sweep fashion.

  6. My cart would be full of chocolate. The first thing I’d grab would be Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream. Then Hershey’s Nuggets with almonds. I would also fill up on filet mignon and toilet paper.

    I used to LOVE watching Supermarket Sweep. I’m going to look online right now & see if I can find any episodes to watch.

  7. My list is pretty boring but here is what I would get:
    Scott toilet paper, Viva Paper Towels, Glad trash bags, Huggies Diapers & wipes, The most expensive olive oil I can find, Salmon, Shrimp, ground turkey, Edy’s Pumpkin pie ice cream…thanks a lot, Melanie! I blame you completely for my constant craving for it and everything pumpkin! 🙂 and probably whatever cereal Hubby wanted since he flies through a box a day.

  8. Jennifer B says:

    I would have to grab a weird mix.

    Huggies wipes, ground turkey, chicken breasts, lots of good yummy expensive cheese, tidy cats litter, coconut oil, lots of the good chocolate and almond butter.

    All the stuff I love but hate paying full price for.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Viva paper towels (and any other I could grab fast enough), toilet paper (Cottonelle and Scott), steak, cheeses, organic butter, coconut oil, natural peanut butter, probably would grab some organic coconut and flours while I am there lol, cat food, cat litter, soda, gatorade, Tide, nuts, bottled water…

    you have me dreaming now 😀

  10. If I could have 10 minutes in the market I would totally go for:

    -Cereal( I can never get it cheaper than $1.25 here and we go through so much)
    -Frozen Chicken Breasts
    -Brownie/Cookie Mixes
    -Shredded/Block Cheese
    -Juice(All flavors)
    -Laundry detergent
    -Snuggle Fabric Softener

    Man…what a dream that would be!

  11. N'awlins Darlin' says:

    As many ribeyes and bottles of the most pricey champagne as I could push. And loads of the whole Roc skincare line. And a ton of Almond Roca, because it’s expensive and the cans are pretty.

    How fun would that be! Next time you’re at the checkout counter and you hear the ‘beep’, think of the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep! heh, I miss it.

  12. Dog food. We have a 207lb English Mastiff that only eats Pedigree Small Crunchy bites. So that would be a couple of carts and about 3 minutes. Then I’d go for the stuff that I rarely have Qs for : meat (Melanie got me obsessing about ribeyes), Yuban coffee, some specialty cheeses, olives and mushrooms from the olive bar. Oh, and a few bottles of wine.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Meat and wine…..lots and lots of meat and wine

  14. *Baby Bell Cheese (a boatload of it)
    *Folgers Coffee
    *Hershey’s Syrup (Husbands addiction)
    *Ketchup (2 kids,nuff’ said)
    *Green Olives (I’m an addict)
    *Toilet Paper
    *Paper Towels
    *Tide-powder type (it smells better to me in the powder form)
    *Bounce Dryer Bars
    *Method Products-any type & smell, I love them all.
    *2 Mylar Balloons-for my kids of course.

  15. This is why I LOVE reading your blog! My list would be IDENTICAL to yours. I think I would add some wine to my list. Come on Melanie….you know you forgot to add that one to yours 😉 😉 😉

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is random….I just watched the first 2 episodes of Once Upon A Time…. The wicked witch looks so much like you….she’s beautiful….I keep expecting her to talk about shopping LOL.

  17. If I had ten minutes in a grocery store I would:

    12 bags of good cat food (16 lb size)

    as many cans of Friskies Tasty Treasures as were on the shelf

    Toilet paper

    Laundry soap
    oil, butter, meat, cheese, baking items, and anything else I could grab.

    My neighbor actually won a 3 minute shopping spree at our local store – he was only allowed 2 like items (2 bags of dog food – 2 bags of cat food – that sort of thing). But still left with over $300 worth of products.

    Sarah y

  18. Mine would be full of diapers and wipes — coffee and expensive chocolate — that’s what you need w/ 2 yr old triplets!!!
    If I was lucky enough to win a sweep at a grocery store that sold ETOH — LOTS AND LOTS OF ALCOHOL!!

    LOL!! 🙂

  19. Definitely beef and chicken. I don’t buy it very often because at nearly $4/lb for ground beef I have a hard time justifying it.
    Butter (holiday baking is coming up), nuts, and if the store had a health market lots and lots of coconut milk, and lastly my secret indulgence- brach’s bridge mix (bulk, not the packaged variety.)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bacon. Breakfast Sausage. Rib eyes and other choice steaks. High end cheeses, olives (great together!). WINE! (My grocery stores sell wine.) Running now… thinking about what else can be frozen and last or staples that are expensive… Downy Unstopables! Yes!

  21. Can my 10 minutes be at Whole Foods? Yep, that’s fun. I miss Supermarket Sweep. One of the great shows.

  22. Too funny…Supermarket Sweep is a dream! I still walk through aisles of different stores, spot an item, and think “I would grab tons of those for the win!”

  23. We have a small freezer so we’d have to eat all the fresh seafood I’d grab, and definitely some meat, too for my husband. Red Wine- lots of pricier red stuff to try, some nice chunks of gorgeous cheeses, some of those olive bar olives and and lastly to be somewhat sensible- as much Charmin/Ultra Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Fresh Step cat litter as I could push. And a few boxes of ‘good’ trash bags tossed on top… And razors/batteries if we don’t get any good deals on them soon:-)

  24. GARBAGE BAGS! All the good ones Hefty and GLAD.

  25. Thick cut bacon, jarred artichokes, black olives, giardinia, frozen veggies, ciao bella pistachio gelato, diet cherry pepsi, cheese, cheese, cheese, pepperoni, cheer/wisk/era/all laundry detergent (liquid), butter.

  26. oh fun!! I would grab all the scotts toilet paper I can get in a cart. Coffee, dunkin donuts, sugar,(its getting expensive) Meat, lots of steaks, only good cuts of meat. And tide laundry soap. Cereal too.

  27. I too would go the practical route.

    I’d get Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Tide, and Downy. For my unpractical stuff….I’d buy Butter and Beef Tenderloin. Right now Butter hasn’t gone on sale very much and it’s not under $4.99 a lb….The Tenderloin….Well I am a huge Steak fan and it’s really expensive. I don’t buy Steak unless we go out to dinner…and that’s rarely.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I totally love the wine comments! You can tell who doesn’t live in Massachusetts, we don’t have wine in most of our super markets. So I guess if we get a shopping spree we get to pick our store, and mine would have wine! Lots of wine! lol!

  29. I loved supermarket sweep!

    Uh… I guess it’d be rib eyes. Just rib eyes.
    Oh and if you let any bacon I’ll have some of that too.

    I assume I’m shopping at whole foods 😉

  30. Anonymous says:

    Bacon and cheese, of course! Strip sirloins for my husband. Marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms. Anything with the names Lindt, Godiva or Ghiradelli on the label!

    But can I pick the supermarket?!? I still haven’t made it to the new Wegman’s, but I hear it is a destination unto itself, and no surprise-pricey. I suspect I could do some real damage there in 10 minutes:) AND, it’s one of the few supermarkets in MA that carries wine–woo hoo!

    It was fun to dream!

  31. Chocolate for baking and pine nuts are HIGH on my list! Have you seen the price of flippin’ pine nuts!

    I’m off to the market tonight for butter and eggs! The Ranger is on his way home this week so I’m making chocolate chip cookies to finally kill off all the Guittard in my pantry! 🙂


  32. Anonymous says:

    Another great post girl! Love the line; “Melanie runs on Dunkin!”

  33. While getting all the yummy meats and cheeses and pinenuts, I would get at least one cart full of all the expensive cleaning products I usally dont buy(see SC Johnson giveaway:)),all the swiffer products, and all the Glade candles:)

  34. The gluten free baking stuff(just found it’s helping me but it’s expensive) meats, cheeses, cat food and the k cups. And some baking chocolate too if time allows.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I would spend half the time in the household aisle grabbing LOTS of things like laundry detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, toilet paper and clorox wipes. Then would run to the meat section and grab a TON of meat to throw in the big freezer!

  36. Michelle W. Flannery says:

    I’d grab all the expensive stuff, which means, meat:

    chicken (whole, quarters, breasts)
    beef (steaks, chuck roasts, stew meat, ground chuck)
    pork (ribs, ribs, ribs, butts, chops, sausage, bacon, and ribs)
    seafood (lobsters, scallops, shrimp)
    whole (turkeys, ham)
    other (Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage)

    I could grab a lot of this in 10 minutes, and sleep happily night after night with my freezers packed full!

  37. Cheese! Cottage, cheddar, muenster, anything I could grab! Milk, lots and lots of milk! Oh, and I would clear the shelves of coffee 🙂 Kashi cereal and bars, and last but not least, toilet paper! Oh, I forgot the wine! Any time left would be for wine

  38. Anonymous says:

    My grocery trip would include seafood, kc strip steaks, diet coke , lots of peanut butter, paper products, plastic bags of various types, cheese and wine for hubby

  39. What? No wine in the supermarkets in MA?

  40. Anonymous says:

    some MA supermarkets have wine but not many. We have to go to the “packie”. Lol

  41. I’m thinking about this in order of how my local Walmart is set up so that I could get the most in my 10 minutes 🙂
    I would start in the meats:
    Boneless skinless Chicken breasts
    93/7 ground beef
    Pork tenderloin
    Beef Roast
    Filet Mignon 😉
    Then to the lunchmeat cheese section:
    Johnsonville Chicken sausage (it’s so good, but so expensive!)
    Blocks of sharp cheddar
    Blocks of pepper jack
    Bags of string cheese
    To the Paper products:
    Lots of Viva paper towels (which will be the only paper towels I ever buy when I’m rich, they are so soft! And yes I will always coupon no matter how much money I have, but Viva paper towels are worth it 😉
    lots of Charmin extra soft toilet paper
    Cleaning Aisle:
    Tide detergent
    Downey Fabric softener (the new special scented ones)
    Bounce dryer sheets
    Hopefully I can push a cart fast enough to make it!

  42. Let me first say that I wish they would put Supermarket Sweep back on the air! I LOVE that show!

    I would camp out in the baby aisle and I would fill my cart with Huggies diapers, Huggies wipes, Pull-ups and Enfamil formula, then fill in the little spaces left in the cart with baby food.

    Babies are expensive but they sure are cute!

  43. Melanie, you shouldn’t tease us with a question like this. ;o)

    I would start at the produce and fill my buggy with lots of yummy fruits and veggies. Then I would head to the meat department (my husband is a meat and three kinda guy). After that buggy is full I would probably end up in the frozen section and stock up on our favorite ice cream and sweet treats. And how about a bit of sparkling grape juice to top off the mix!!!


  44. Filet Mignon! Cat food (we have 6 cats!) Viva Paper towels.

    Jessica D, CT

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