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A Bevy of Bargains

In the past couple of weeks I’ve come across a few bargains that are worth sharing with you. The three that are up for discussion today are all precious gems, each in their own way.

Recently I was visiting the grand state of New Hampshire which already has a special place in my heart since the Stone Wall Kitchen Warehouse store is there.

I’ve always loved their products, but let’s face it, who can afford $14.00 for a box of cupcake mix? Not me, but I can afford .99 a box at the warehouse store. Isn’t it great when you stumble across an outlet store that’s truly a bargain? So few and far between lately.

But I digress. As usual. So, on the way up to New Hampshire I stopped at the state booze barn. No, that’s not the real name, but it sure looks like a booze barn….

At any rate, I usually stop there to peek at the wine offerings because I like my wine cheap. And if you want cheap, this is the place to find it. They have a huge selection of wines and the prices are pretty spectacular, which explains the hordes of people shopping there every single time I visit.

Case in point, meet Rodney. When I walked into the outlet and saw this sign, I had to check to see if it was a misprint. Rodney Strong is my very, very favorite wine. I never buy it because it’s usually $20.00 a bottle, but when I do have a glass it’s a special treat.

Rodney for $8.99 a bottle plus a case discount of an additional 15% off, which equates to $7.64 a bottle. So long Yellow Tail, Rodney just bounced your kangaroo butt back to Australia.

On to the next deal. I had a carpet in my living room that had seen better days. An area rug actually, and it was really looking sad after five years of six pairs of feet pounding the heck out of it.

And when you have a lot of kids, it’s hard to invest the money in new stuff because you know that nothing is safe in the house until the kids move out. In my case that’s a decade away. I couldn’t look at that tattered rug for another ten years.

I did a lot of research on finding the best rug for the least amount of money, and all the evidence pointed towards Overstock.com. The reviews were positive, the shipping a mere $2.95 and they offer a Β vast selection.

I usually don’t like to make large purchases online because I want to touch the product, see the colors, and make sure the quality is good. But as I shopped locally, I found the prices on rugs to be astronomical. So, I took a chance on Overstock.

When the rug arrived I was greeted with a loud thud at the door. $2.95 shipping is sort of ridiculous when you look at the size of the thing. I used to have a fantastic rapport with my UPS driver. Maybe not so much anymore.

After we lugged it in and unrolled it, there was much oohing and aahing. Toes burrowed into the pile and everyone agreed that it was a fine choice. $161.94 shipped. A bargain indeed.

The last deal is not my favorite, but it very well may be the girl’s. 70% off Easter candy at Target. We hit it right when it started and had our pick of the good stuff. The girls were mostly excited about the Tootsie pops, while Mom was stoked about the Reester Bunnies. Dang are those things delicious.

If I had to choose, I’d say the rug was my best bargain. Having that thing delivered to the door for $2.95 was pretty sweet. But finding that deal on Rodney was pretty amazing too. It’s a toss up.

What do you think?


  1. Love the rug!!! But I’m with the girls- the Easter candy gets my vote for best deal. I’m finding it hard to resist clearance Cadbury eggs.

  2. I had a dark carpet “once”. The kids left a cracker trail. Maybe your kids eat only at the table. I hope so.

    love your blog!

  3. I saw the bottles of wine and immediately thought, day 3 of spring break must not be going so swell πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous says:

    What great deals Melanie! I feel sorry for the Yellow Tail kangaroo getting booted by $7.64 a bottle Rodney! πŸ™‚ Too funny! I agree with Courtney, love the rug! Looks very nice in your living room. Congrats!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My husband is going to NH on business today so I emailed him your picture of the wine. Then I noticed the sales tags say Martignetti. Got my fingers crossed it’s on sale in NH too–never tried Rodney Strong and I’m ready!!

    Love the rug!

  6. Ha ha ha – I love the girls eyes! So wide with dreams of sugar highs!

  7. This is to address the person who left the hateful remarks about my children. No, I didn’t post your mean spirited comment, but I do want to address it.

    Let me tell you a thing or two about beauty. Beauty is the core of a person. Not the color of their hair. Not the shape of their body. Not the way they walk or talk.

    My children are all filled with beauty. They are sweet, loving children who are considerate and thoughtful.

    They do not need your validation of their beauty. You are thankfully not the authority on that topic.

    Quite the contrary, your heart is black and twisted, and no matter how attractive you may be on the outside, I can assure you that the world sees you for what you are.

    Thank you for your comment. It only brings me greater joy knowing that I’m raising children who will grow into loving, joyful adults who would never dream of treating others they way you do.

    And that my friend is true beauty.

  8. The rug is a fantastic deal! It’s huge and a great color/design. We had to get rid of all of ours, because of the dogs and fur.

    Glad your Target was stocked. I went yesterday and it was slim pickings, but the trip wasn’t a total loss. (the revlon tools deal). Again, great post!

  9. Beautiful rug! I bought some rugs last year and had the same hesitation. I’m a visual person, too. That said, I took a chance and ordered a couple rugs off another website and was pleased with the quality and shipping (transit and cost). Best deal I would say πŸ™‚

    I stopped into my local Target today and all they really had was jelly beans and robins eggs (neither a favorite of mine). I dug a little and was able to find a package of Hershey marshmallow eggs, and some reese’s peanut butter bunnies..Which are going in the freezer after work πŸ™‚

  10. First of all let me say that I can’t believe that someone commented on your children’s looks in a derogatory manner. All God’s children are beautiful and innocent until people like that leave their mark on their own children. That’s why there is so much hate and bullying going on in our schools.
    I taught school for 32 years and have yet to see a child that isn’t beautiful in one way or another. We, as adults, just have to bring out that beauty and nurture it. I generally find that a child with an ugly nature has a parent with the same. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Your rug is beautiful; good deal.
    I will be in NH in a couple of weeks and will have to stop at the ‘booze barn’. Will also have to try to find the Stone Wall Kitchen Warehouse.
    Now on to a small problem with your choice of words. The word ‘bevy’ refers to a group of girls, women or birds. Sorry, but I minored in English and I am certified to teach secondary English. I love words and love to see them used correctly or in a pun-like manner, so I guess, technically speaking, your usage is ok, but it still bothers me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The bouncing of kangaroo butt comment made me LOL – thank you. Your humor is always a welcome addition. I agree the rug is a beautiful addition to your living room. I cannot believe that someone would have the audacity to leave a rude comment about your girls. Didn’t their Mommy teach them if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut… I personally think your girls are cute as buttons and those big brown eyes would probably get to me everytime they “wanted” something.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your girls are adorable. They look like they could be related to Natalie Wood in the photo on this blog entry.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Is the Stonewell Kitchen Warehouse different from the Outlet Store???

  14. I don’t usually leave comments but I had to this time. What kind of crazy person would say nasty things about your girls. They are adorable! I love when you have pictures of them, they always make me smile. Not to mention all the funny things they say or how they react (my favorite is the round cereal)! My grandmother used to say when someone makes fun of you or says bad things they are just jealous. Clearly this person is jealous that you have such a beautiful family. Shame on them for leaving such hateful comments.

  15. I was able to buy the wine at the price you shared! I haven’t tried it yet, but it must be better than the regularly price $9 bottles I usually buy! I will raise my glass in salute of you πŸ™‚

  16. Anonymous says:

    Your girls are gorgeous. Your blog is awesome. I have been reading for a few years, so you feel like a friend. Who can I punch in the face?
    I’m serious, they are beauties just like their Mom!

  17. I had to leave a comment once I saw the picture of the NH Liquor Outlet….I always wondered who on earth thought of putting them right beside interstate 95?! It cracks me up everytime! I’ve never stopped in there, but I’m sure you can get some really good deals! I love the rug by the way! Great score! And your daughters are beautiful, always smiling!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Melanie, I commented above before the hateful comments about your girls. I had to join in the outrage and say they are both very cute, beautiful young ladies and I agree that a mean spirited person who is ugly on the inside must have said that to you. Please confirm that the Stone Wall Kitchen Warehouse store you speak of is the one in Rochester, NH, correct? I have been there a couple of times but don’t know of any other locations. I know the clearance prices there are much, much better than an outlet store.

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