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The Grand Opening Of Market Basket, Bourne MA

When the locals heard that there was a Market Basket opening here in southeast MA, there was a lot of excited chatter.

You see, this area is considered a tourist attraction since it’s on Cape Cod and stores took advantage of that whole captive audience thing. Us locals have been subjected to some serious price gouging for like, I dunno, forever.

Now there’s a new grocer on the block and the rumor mill has been buzzing with words like “lower prices, coupon friendly, good quality affordable produce, and customer friendly”. Something very new for a store within 20 miles from the Cape Cod bridges.

The shaking sound you hear is from the knees of the competitors. They have a reason to be afraid….

The first thing I noticed when I drove up to Market Basket is how well designed the parking lot was. Spacious and ample parking with super wide sidewalks between each row. A much safer way to get your buggy to your vehicle.

And after surviving being hit by a car last year, this little feature had me at hello. I already feel safer by shopping at this store. And for the handicapped and the elderly, this will be a big selling point.

Once into the store, I was shocked by how utterly packed it was. I really thought it was going to be miserable, with it being opening day and all, but it wasn’t. Both the customers and the employees were all smiling and enjoying themselves despite the overcrowded situation.

The first department I visited was the produce department. This department usually tells me a lot about a store. If the produce is lackluster, most likely the store will be too. Don’t ask me what the correlation is with that, but it’s usually true.

The produce at Market Basket was gorgeous. Gorgeous and affordable. Piles and piles of healthy looking fruits and veggies at eye popping prices. Eye popping in a good kind of way for a change of pace.

A 5 lb bag of russet potatoes for $2.69 is a really good price in these here parts.

I went for green beans at a local competitor recently and they said that they hadn’t had a shipment in weeks because of issues with the growers. Market Basket didn’t have that problem. Just super perky beans waiting to be snapped and cooked.

Besides an abundance of typical produce, I was delighted, no astounded, to find more exotic offerings at affordable prices. I usually have to go to Whole Foods for Thai basil. Not anymore.

Take a gander at this baby graffiti eggplant. I felt like I was at the farmer’s market.

Thai eggplant? Shut up. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

It took me awhile to get out of the produce department. So much to see. But I wanted to cover the whole store for this post. So, on I went.

The floral department wasn’t fancy, but it sure had a lot of beautiful flowers for fair prices. I’ll take fair prices over fancy any day of the week.

And the bakery department was very reminiscent of Whole Foods. A huge assortment of visually appealing baked goods, thoughtfully presented on doilies and decorative paper liners. Lovely.

It didn’t hurt that they were passing out free samples of their treats.

Not to mention the free mini loaves of bread. A very nice touch.

Once into the actual aisles, I was greeted by countless men in ties offering amazing coupons. It was coupon nirvana. I sure hope their coupon enthusiasm is here to stay.

$1.50 bags of Chips Ahoy. A great price. Then they handed me a $1.00/1 coupon. I might have swooned. I looked at my son A.J. who was shopping with me and I said “can you believe this?”. He just rolled his eyes. No cookies for A.J.

$2.00 for Utz pretzels plus another $1.00 off? You betcha!

Employees passing out coupons is wonderful, but it didn’t stop there. Coupons were everywhere.

Taped to the freezer case.

Stuck on packages.

Whoever did this even had an artistic flair about them. Such a pleasing arrangement. Sort of like scales on a fish, which is very apropos since they were attached to tuna cans.

Everywhere I looked, more coupons.

I think I could get used to this.

Besides the awesome coupon deals, the sale prices were pretty exciting as well. $1.99 bacon, $2.00 blueberries, .99 eggs, .39 lb bananas, and I could go on and on.

Coupons or no coupons, this place has some amazing prices for quality products. Like Walmart, but so much more pleasant to shop at.

$1.00 peppers? I mean really, $1.00 peppers? Market Basket and I are going to have a long and healthy relationship.

I stuffed my cart silly. So many wonderful bargains and produce finds. I know that execs make grand openings grand on purpose, but if you take all the fanfare, free samples, and coupons away (shriek), I’d still shop here.

Low prices, beautiful produce, friendly cashiers, and a nice store layout. There’s nothing NOT to love about this store.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the local competitor execs were milling around in plain clothes during the opening. I hope they were. They need to see that the locals are excited about this.

And maybe they will get their act together and start not only offering affordable pricing, but better customer service too.

Because there’s a new boy in town and he’s looking pretty hawwwwt!


  1. YES – the coupons are fabulous and all over products in the old stores as well. I do find the non-sale prices VERY competitive and that makes up to the lack of double coupons in some cases. You NEW store looks all shiny!

  2. One word for you ~ Luuuuucky! All of our local markets are price gougers ~ some items are almost double Walmart’s prices. I do love the atmosphere so much better, but refuse to pay their prices. Thank goodness or sales and coupons!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Laurie W.–MA
    Looked for you on Tuesday–I knew you said you were going! We have been MB shoppers ever since they opened their store in Bellingham, MA. in the early 90s. We have neighbors who refuse to go in (thinks it smells–which that one does–it was an old Almacs!) and tell us they don’t eat fish because they are afraid we might serve them fish we get from MB. But, with or without coupons, you can’t beat their prices and we’ve never had ANY issues with their fish or meat. In fact, they usually have a better selection of both than S&S, Hannafords or Shaws and suspect they have a better “turn-over” time because of the volume of shoppers. I’m not always crazy about their produce (think S&S is often better quality) but the Bourne store looked great and how bad can potatoes, cukes, celery, lettuce, apples, onions, lemons and limes ever be? And the deli prices are WAY below S&S if you don’t care that you’re not getting Boar’s Head (tho. be prepared for a lengthy wait at the deli–they don’t do advanced orders). And they don’t always have the broad selection or variety of sizes of a product that other supermarkets do. But there is no question, if you are doing every day shopping, you will get honest savings that don’t involve gimmicks like gas points or having to scan “their card” before ringing up your items. The only problem will be getting to the Bourne store this summer with all the traffic, esp. on a Saturday 🙂

  4. I NEED those $1/1 nabisco coupons! 🙂

    we have a new grocery store opening up near me tomorrow, perhaps I will go coupon trolling

  5. Oh how I love grocery grand openings – all those freebies and coupons! Next the competition will be taking it up a notch and even more coupons & freebies 🙂 Great deals you found today Goddess!!!

  6. I was there at 6:00 in te morning and thought Iwould be the only one there. Silly me. But, the crowds did not bother me. I wish I wore a sweatshirt very cold in the store

  7. I was seriously all giddy reading this! I love that you took so many pictures because I felt like I was there. I could drool at all the coupons there were!!!! I can’t wait to see more shopping trips 😉

  8. Wow, it’s hard to believe that is a Market Basket. We have 2 where I live and I can tell you that the produce doesn’t look that good at either one of the 2 in my city. But a lot of people shop there. The stores have been here since the ice age and they haven’t remodeled either of them. Wish we had such lovely MBs!! You’re so lucky.

    Just a word of advice, if you buy meat there be cautious. I was burned twice, once on hamburg and once on a roast. They both had gone bad.

    Hopefully the newer stores will have their act together better than the two MBs here. It appears that way from your blog, Mel.

    Happy shopping and happy couponing 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    That is awesome!! And that shot of the flowers, had me in awe. Lol. It was so pretty and is by far the best one I’ve seen for a grocery store!! I’ll have to take a pic. of the flowers available at stores near me, i am impressed.

  10. The coupons on products is NOT normal for Market Basket…they do occassionally have tear pads, but once the couponers go through and take whole entire tear pads, you S.O.L. Market Basket is an awesome everyday value store, good place to buy the basics and to take advantage of some good sales too. Glad its becoming available to more people, I love it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great Grand Opening post Melanie! I hope AJ got a cookie for going shopping with you! Fantastic deals and once again you take wonderful pix! Hope your MB stays high end quality for good, everyday prices and that your coupons keep on coming!

  12. I have to admit, the lowered grocery costs are a definite perk of moving from Quincy to Central PA.

    When a new super-sized grocery store opened in our town (currently famous for housing the Sandusky trial but usually just a few thousand people), it was one of the biggest events (only beat by the trial stuff) I’ve seen since moving here…they had to bring in police to direct traffic for a few days. I avoided going till it calmed a bit but it is a good 20min to another option.

    We are rumored to finally be getting a Trader Joe’s…that one I miss from MA and I’ll def celebrate! I’ve told the BF about it…he’s more of our cook…but I don’t think he will fully appreciate it until he sees it.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Market Basket is awesome, wait until you see the prices at the deli, they can’t be beat! they often have land o lakes cheese on sale for 2.99 or 3.99 a pound. the produce and meat is better than stop and shop (around here anyway).

    I do shop at both places depending on the deals/gas points, but if you need a big shopping and have little/no coupons you can’t beat Market Basket. 🙂 So excited for you!!!

  14. I love Market Basket. I find coupons taped to products every time I am in there. We also have a display by CS where you can find coupons from Sunday’s paper already cut and waiting for you! I shop occasionally at Shaws for the loss leaders/markdowns, but MB gets my food dollars. The produce, bakery and deli can’t be beat, dairy prices are fantastic! I have never had a problem with their meat, but we mostly buy our meat from a farm. I will say the seafood is amazing. Our Shaws parking lot is always empty, MB parking lot is always full and they have co-existed for years.

  15. The closest Market Basket to me is pretty gross (Bellingham, Ma) so I stopped shopping there a long time ago. The produce looks wonderful at the one you went to though- hopefully it wasn’t just a grand opening thing.

    I have found that the produce at Shaws and Stop and Shop has be going downhill lately in terms of quality, to the point where I dread buying any from them. I try to get produce at Whole Foods but it is really out of the way from where I live and I have three kids to drag along so I usually end up buying the junky Shaws and Stop and Shop produce and hoping that at least half of it will be edible.

  16. Bridget says:

    Yes the coupons are AWESOME at MB. At our customer service there is a wall of tear pads and various coupons — I hit that first when I walk in the store. I do wish they would double coupons, but even so I do pretty well.
    I have never had a problem with them accepting coupons – especially IP freebies that Shaws will not accept. It’s just too bad there is no policy in writing. Your store looks lovely, I’m jealous – ours could use a face lift. 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m jealous! If Market Basket is that great, I want one here in CT!

  18. I have shopped at MB for over 40 years; I grew up in Lowell, home of the first MB. When I moved here, I missed them so much. When the Taunton store opened I was in supermarket heaven. This new store is amazing. I was at the grand opening, too, but didn’t see you there.
    I got the free ciabatta bread, plus a free frozen hamburg sandwich and a free, full-sized box of taquitos. Best store ever.
    Here’s another plus: you can shop at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, too, while you’re there.

  19. Anonymous says:

    We shop at Market Basket too. Their prices can’t be beat. They have a similar selection of organic and gluten free foods to my health food store. The prices are better.

    The stores are organized a bit different, no real organic and natural sections, instead they are mixed in with like foods.

    Love the ethnic foods as well.

    Happy for you that you got your own store.

  20. Yay Market Basket! We have one 5 minutes away on the North Shore and I always find amazing deals there. Yes, it is almost always super crowded, but you get used to it. So glad you have one near you! Market Basket is where we do most of our shopping and I only head to Shaw’s or Stop and Shop for any good sales. Your new store looks beautiful- ours is a bit run down, but still great deals 🙂

  21. Wow, that is the nicest Market Basket I’ve ever seen! Just like Whole Foods!

    We have a new Wegman’s coming our way in Chestnut Hill and that is supposed to be really nice too.

  22. Congratulations on the opening of your beautiful new Market Basket in Bourne! My husband and I did our weekly food shopping today and loved the store! The staff was helpful and professional. Unfortunately, your bags and baggers could use some help. While unloading our groceries two bags broke that contained overpacked,heavy milks and half gallons of half and half…what a mess! My suggestion would be to upgrade your bags or train your baggers or both.

  23. Congratulations on the opening of your beautiful new Market Basket in Bourne! My husband and I did our weekly food shopping today and loved the store! The staff was helpful and professional. Unfortunately, your bags and baggers could use some help. While unloading our groceries two bags broke that contained overpacked,heavy milks and half gallons of half and half…what a mess! My suggestion would be to upgrade your bags or train your baggers or both.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Love Market Basket. Here in Southern NH we are fortunate to have several and they are all very coupon friendly. They actually tape coupons on loads of products not only during grand openings. I’m excited to hear of this opening in Bourne. My family is vacationing in East Sandwich this summer. Sounds like we can shop when we get there 🙂

  25. Stop my beating heart eh!! WOW!!! Here in Alberta as in CanadaEH where employment is PLENTIFUL, the stores have a very difficult time keeping any type of staff. You are lucky to find what you want on the shelves later in the day. That produce section has my heart going pitty pat and the parking lot, would stores everywhere please take notice……

  26. Valoree H., IL says:

    Picking my jaw off the floor here in Illinois!! Dang! Jealous….

  27. I have never seen a store with sidewalks between the rows of cars!

  28. John Yagga says:

    The practicality is that MB will always revert to lower quality produce and fresh product in general (as well as service too). I shop at Trader Joe’s and Hannaford and I tend to find better quality products there, and Hannaford tends to be roughly the same price for what I buy. MB mainly saves money on processed products w/ artificial sweetners. Though, I admit MB compared to Shaw’s or S&S is a different story.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Have been going to the MB in Bellingham for years…CAN NOT beat the prices!! Have NEVER had an issue with the employees. In fact they have always been very helpful. May be an older store, but love that I know my way around now. Get my free coffee..and buzz around..yes the deli sometimes can be busy..but they shout out the numbers and if you are not there, they move on. Plenty of help so it moves rather quickly. They’re own baked ham , turkey etc..is rather good..not wet!
    Don’t have an issue with the MB brand..but if you are into name labels..the prices are still lower than other markets..and they accept coupons. I’m a “cherry picker” too..so I know!
    Unless you can afford to throw money away..you are ridiculous to not try Market Basket…

  30. claire reznik says:

    When is market basket going to open a store on the South Shore, I live in Pembroke and Bourne is too far to travel for weekly shopping with gas prices being so high. A store in Pembroke, Marshfield, Hanover, Weymouth or Hingham would be great.

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