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Mother and Son Date

Laundry. It never, ever ends. And yesterday I should’ve been working on it. I mean, if I miss even one day of that endless task, it grows. Sort of like Tribbles from Star Trek. Anyone remember those? I’m probably dating myself with that one.

I went searching on the Internet for some picture of Tribbles to share with those of you who are unfamiliar with them, but apparently the show is so archaic that all of the pictures are fuzzy. Which makes sense for Tribbles I guess. I’m getting old.

So, why waste anymore precious time folding laundry? Especially considering that Macy’s had an awesome sale yesterday that included a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase if you bought their Shop For A Cause pass. The laundry could wait.

Not being one who likes to shop alone, I convinced Michael to come with me. He needed some back to school clothing, and we haven’t done anything one on one in a really long time.

Not that I’m sure that he thinks shopping with mom qualifies as quality one on one time. I’m also not sure if quality time with me ranks very high on his list of preferred activities, but that matters not.

Sometimes kids have to do unpleasant things. It builds character.

ย And I needed someone to carry the bags. I couldn’t hear his protests under the mountain of pillows. His feet were still moving, so I knew he was ok.

ย After making him try on roughly thirty pairs of pants and tops which I made him model for me, boy did he hate that, and after having him carry enough packages to kill a pack mule, we went out on a mother and son lunch date.

This is where the day paid off as far as he was concerned. In the past I’ve shared with you that Michael is a foodie. The kid can take a bite of something and we can play name that herb. He has an uncanny sense of taste.

He’s my only kid who will eat blue cheese, edamame, lox, octopus, alligator, and pretty much any vegetable grown on the planet. Including those peppers Leela detested. Michael thought those rocked.

It’s the one thing Michael and I share. A passion for food. It’s our common ground. And while food may not be the best base for a relationship, as a mother of a brooding artistic teen, I’ll take it.

ย As we sat at our table yesterday munching on a shared Caesar salad, we chatted about life. We laughed about things we saw at the mall. We talked about his entry next week into high school. His concerns and hopes for the coming year.

We actually communicated over that lunch. The older he gets, the more I realize how important that is. It’s a struggle sometimes, ok a lot of times, but it’s a real coup when it happens.

Certainly worth ignoring the laundry for a day!


  1. Aww, you have such good lookin’ kids! Cherish every moment with them. sniff sniff. They grow up so fast.

  2. Oh this is so cool! I also take my sons out on mother-son “dates” about once every few months. I research restaurants on Yelp and then email them a bunch of choices with menus and they get to choose where we go. Sometimes we also go shopping for whatever the particular kid needs/wants at that time and we also make sure to hit up the local frozen yogurt shop on the way home. It’s so much fun and I think it’s really important to carve out special, individual time with our sons.

    • You are such a good mom. I don’t do that often enough. The fact that I wrote a blog post to commemorate it as a special experience convicts me that I have to do it much more often.

  3. I can totally relate to this post. My boys never wanted to do anything with me one-on-one. But last week I just took my college-bound son out to lunch and had the best conversation with him. It made my day and I know he felt good about our time together.

  4. i just posted a note to another mom that fits here….i read once the job of a parent was to give a kid both roots and wings. clearly, you are helping him know the roots are there even as the wings get ready for the next step.

  5. So touching. I have an almost 3 yr old and my heart aches every time I think of her growing up! I cannot even imagine how you must feel with teenagers on your hands….

  6. Are you kidding me? Food is the PERFECT way to bond with your kid! And (while we don’t want to think about it now) just imagine how much his future spouse will appreciate it. Everything is better with a good rootbeer. : )

  7. What a perfect day!

  8. As a busy mom I do not have time for many blogs but yours is the one that I just HAVE to open when I see it in my inbox…we moved from Belmont, Ma back to Michigan where I grew up almost 4 years ago and your blog also gives me a little taste of back home ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just moved my son to College this past weekend where he is now 5 hours away, so I just LOVED your mother-son date as my son and I used to do those all the time and I still get comments on how close we are. Enjoy every moment ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This just melts my heart ๐Ÿ™‚ My son is 14 going on 25 he wants to spend NO time with his momma, I love any time we get to do things like this! You looked like you enjoyed your day!

  10. Love the post…my son doesn’t like his pic taken and certainly doesn’t like mom-son time, especially if it involves trying on clothes (wish a tiny bit of that would rub off on my teenage daughter), but I think as he gets older this will change. He’s very helpful and is definitely protective of his mom. I loved this post because it’s good to know that there are other moms that find it so rewarding to do mom/son things together just as I do, even if they aren’t particularly what he has in mind as a great time. I guess food helps – it always does with my son too. Seems like yet again you’ve definitely hit on something many of us can relate to Mel. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.
    P.S. Especially loved the Tribbles reference. That was one episode I actually enjoyed. My mom loved Star Trek and I used to have no other choice but to watch sometimes growing up. Remember when we only had 3 television channels and actually had to walk up to the television set and change the channel? Well, I think I saw that episode during its original broadcast. Brought back lots of good memories and an idea on how to make new ones with my son. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Actually, sharing time over a meal is a time-tested tradition, a time in which to talk. People let their guard down over food. It is almost like it is not a real “conversation,” just a meal where there is no other agenda.

    About the talking about trivial things like things in the mall. I once read that if you cannot talk to your children about the “nothings,” then you cannot talk to them about the important, hard issues.

    You are keeping lines of communication open while forming new connections with a child growing to an adult.

    Just think, you no longer have to worry about him choking on a mouthful, spilling his food all over himself, you and the floor when you eat with him. He can get a refill on his own drink, either by getting it himself or asking a server. You don’t have to take him to the bathroom, so your relationship is not of continual caretaker now. Although eating the food was obviously never a problem, you are relation to him on a more mature plane now. Your meal reminds both of you that your relationship is different, neither better nor worse.

    The days of children his age, so young yet so near maturity are precious to me. And, it is nice when they can carry everything you buy. I am sure that made him feel mature, as rightly it should. He can take some of the burden and that makes a boy feel like a man

  12. Enjoy those dates with your sons; before you know it they will be dating much younger and prettier women. They are not ours forever. I get around that by planning at least one weekend getaway a year for the whole family. We are now three couples who take short vacations together. I try to plan it so that I have a little time alone with each son and his wife and then lots of time for all of us together.
    I guess I did something right; one of my sons calls me at least 2 times a week on his way to work, and the other come to visit and help his Dad and me with chores around the house.
    You appear to be doing a great job, too. Keep up the good work; it is worth it in the long run. Remember, raise them to be independent and they’ll come home from time to time anyway.
    Live long and prosper!

  13. I know you guys are in Mass. Are you guys RedSox fans?!?!

    How about Hood? I love me some ice cream sandwiches.

    Hood asked me to help promote their contest (you see their Blimp, which has once again made its appearance, take a pic and post & you can win a great Hood prize pack). They also gave me goodies to give away packs of 5 $1/1 Hood ice cream sandwiches coupons.

    Feel free to enter!! I bet your kids would love their sandwiches!!


  14. He looks just like you! Sounds like you guys had a fun day. I love those one-on-one days with my kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Glad you enjoyed your day with your son. You were right on to let the laundry wait and enjoy a “quality of life day” and make the most out of it. This day will stay in your heart and memory. The laundry will eventually get done and won’t be a part of your happy memories. : )

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