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The New Fall Yankee Candle Scents and a Giveaway! (Closed)

Can you even believe that September is just days away? I know, crazy. Soon we will be picking apples, raking leaves, and enjoying all the wonderful things fall has to offer.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The crunch of leaves under my feet. The crisp air. Good smells coming from my oven. A very happy time of year indeed.

It’s also the time of year that I pull out all of my Yankee Candles. Yankee Candle is known for making a quality candle. One that will fill your house up with scent.

As a mom of four kids including two teenage boys, good smelling things rank pretty darn high in my book.

And this fall there are some new additions to the Yankee Candle lineup. Recently I received the new Apple Pumpkin candle you see above for review, and it’s heavenly. A sweet and spicy mix of my favorite scents. Just perfect for this time of year.

Also new for the fall areย Treehouse Memories, Harvest Welcome and Season’s Blessings. Warm comforting scents for the coziest of seasons.

How would you like to win one of the new fall candles? One winner will get to choose one of the four aforementioned scents.

To enter, comment on this post by leaving your first name, last initial, the state you are from, and which candle you would choose. Entries must be received by Tuesday, September 3rd 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

Yankee Candle sent me a candle for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. They all sound like they would smell amazing! I would choose the Season’s Blessings candle.

    Beth G.
    Newberg, OR

  2. Cristyn H. from MA. I’d choose Apple Pumpkin. I LOVE Yankee Candles, and I love all things pumpkin!

  3. Pam P. from KY. I would love the apple pumpkin. These two scents together would be just wonderful. I also love the fall season.

  4. Aimee Gordon says:

    I’m trying to shed a few pounds so I think I will steer clear of the scents that remind me of baked goods and choose the Treehouse memories =) I was just looking at my candles the other night thinking it was time to keep my eyes open for a good Yankee candle sale and stock up! Love them!

    Aimee G from Idaho

  5. Wish I had smell-o-vision…Treehouse Memories seems like an interesting scent!

    Jean S. from MA

  6. Patrice J says:


  7. Apple pumpkin. I’m not really a huge fan of fall, but the smell of apples and pumpkin is fantastic! And now I’m craving a pumpkin latte. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Angie s. From Missouri harvest welcome is my choice

  9. Krista S. from WA….I’d pick the apple pumpkin.

  10. I LOVE Yankee Candles! I would choose the Apple Pumpkin – yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joelle P from Washington!!

  11. Pattie Q, NJ. I think mabe treehouse memories, I’m curious as to what that smells like. Thanks

  12. Seasons blessings! Vaishali S. from Washington

  13. Lucky you!! I’m from VA, and fall is the love of my life. No joke. I’d try treehouse memories, but my house smells like Macintosh Apple Yankee Candle most of the year, so it’d just be for a change! What an awesome giveaway!

  14. Mare P from GA. Apple pumpkin…yum. The only thing better would be a piece of each pie to accompany it!

  15. I love Yankee Candles. I think the Apple pumpkin would be my choice. It sounds like it incorporates my two faves pumpkin spice and apple harvest. YUMM!!

  16. It would have to be Apple Pumpkin as my first choice.

    Taylor P from Missouri

  17. Jennifer S says:

    I love Yankee Candles. They all smell so yummy. I would pick Apple Pumpkin.

  18. Michelle M. says:

    Michelle M from Massachusetts— Apple Pumpkin for sure! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. Tammy L, SD
    I would pick Apple Pumpkin, my two favorite candle scents in one!

  20. Paula M from Arkansas
    I would love the Apple Pumpkin!

  21. Missy E. from NY. i would choose…….apple pumpkin most likely. it sounds so yummy!

  22. Melissa O. from VA. I would choose Harvest Welcome.

  23. Becky V. from TN

    I agree. It is hard to believe that August is just about history. I’d enjoy the Sesaon’s Blessings. Thank you!

  24. Stacey A. from Pennsylvania.
    Apple Pumpkin !

  25. Elizabeth C.
    I’d love to try Harvest Welcome

  26. I think I’d love the Apple Pumpkin…sounds awesome!

    Marcia M. From OH

  27. Tina H, WA

    Apple pumpkin!

  28. Lanea W.
    Apple Pumpkin

  29. Felicia J
    Apple Pumpkin

  30. Kathy E., Enfield, CT

    Definitely Apple Pumpkin for me! What a heavenly scent that must be!! I’ll be on the lookout for any deals out there – I have a couple coupons & the scents you listed all sound so fantastic – Thanks for the upodate & the opportunity to possibly win!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Amy A, Seattle, WA

    I would pick the apple pumpkin, sound like fall to me:)

  32. Debbie S. ME
    Definitely apple pumpkin-Fall’s my favorite too.

  33. Kimberly G says:

    Apple Pumpkin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. The apple pumpkin sounds amazing! I’d bake way too many apple and pumpkin goodies while burning that candle!

    Amy H

  35. Apple pumpkin!

    Katie Y

  36. Mel J. from Pa.

    Apple Pumpkin. Sounds wonderful. Yum.

  37. DOROTHY FISHER says:


  38. Kathy B from PA. I think the Apple-Pumpkin sounds delicious!

  39. Amy Dougherty says:

    Amy from NY would love Harvest Welcome

  40. Elizabeth P says:

    Elizabeth from NJ would love Apple Pumpkin.

  41. Brenda A. says:

    Brenda A. from Ohio

    I would love the Apple Pumpkin.

  42. Tina W. – TN – Caramel Pecan Pie

  43. Lauren T., Texas
    Apple Pumpkin

  44. Kristen K says:

    Kristen K.- AK. I would choose Apple Pumpkin. Have you ever tried Scentsy though? Way awesome and no flame.

  45. Heidi H, OR. I would love to try harvet welcome.

  46. Sue R. From NH, I would love to try Harvest Welcome, makes me feel all cozy just writing it!

  47. Susan Armentrout says:

    They all sound yummy. I love the Fall, it’s my favorite time of the year. I would pick the Apple Pumpkin.

  48. Tina D. Connecticut says:

    Apple Pumpkin sounds delicious.

  49. Cindy m. From pa. I would pick the apple pumpkin.. Anything pumpkin is always wonderful!!!!

  50. Oxana H from MN
    I would love to try Harvest Welcome

  51. Maureen Golden says:

    Maureen G from NH. I would absolutely pic the Apple Pumpkin!!

  52. Lori A from CA I would like to try Season’s Blessings

  53. Linda T from Illinois. I love Yankee candles-I have one in almost all my rooms, I would like to try the apple pumpkin please!
    Thank you

  54. Lisa Greninger says:

    Lisa G. from MN, I would love the Apple Pumpkin!!

  55. Bethany P from Maine says:

    Apple Pumpkin sounds like Fall to me:)

  56. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie M from MA

    Apple Pumpkin Please!!!!!! YUM!

  57. I think I would like season’s blessings, but I definitely am curious about the treehouse memories

  58. Alycia R

    I would love the apple pumpkin, 2 of my favorite scents mixed into one great candle.. sounds heavenly.

  59. Nanci S. from NY

    I LOVE Yankee Candles! My choice would be Apple Pumpkin!

  60. Kim K from Michigan! Apple Pumpkin for sure!

  61. Apple Pumpkin!

    Tara T., VA

  62. Crystal N from Iowa says:

    I would choose the Harvest Welcome.

  63. Heather S.
    We love our Yankee Candle, make a yearly trip to the flagship store in Deerfield! I’d love to try the caramel pecan pie ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Cris C. Wisconsin says:

    I would choose Apple Pumpkin!

  65. Brenda Mansfield TX says:

    I would love the apple pumpkin!!

  66. Caramel Pecan Pie! We just smelled it the other day & it was amazing!!

  67. I would definitely choose apple pumpkin…even though all of them sound delicious. Fall has always been my very favorite season…for ALL the reasons fall is fall. Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yeah, and I’m from PA….I think we have ALMOST as nice leaves as any NE state…I think…or I could be wrong LOL

  68. Laurie S. from Ma.
    Apple Pumpkin sounds awesome! I would love it!

  69. Cindy S. , PA
    Apple Pumpkin is something I would like!

  70. Katherine M says:

    Katherine M from NC

    Apple Pumpkin would be the scent I chose. They are my favorite scents together as one!

  71. Chandrea S. says:

    First choice would definitely be the apple pumpkin!

    Chandrea S., MI

  72. I think I’d have to choose Harvest Welcome..no, wait…Treehouse Memories! Oh, dang it, I want them all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Shoot! I forgot to say I’m Kathy C. from Tennessee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Treehouse memories, thank you for the chance!
    Jenny H. Wa state

  75. Apple Pumpkin

    Jennifer B.

  76. Melody C. says:

    From Ky. I would love Harvest Welcome! Thank you

  77. Seana M.-NY
    The Treehouse one sounds intriguiding, oudoor and woodsy.

  78. Amy C.
    Harvest Welcome

    I would choose Harvest Welcome, although they all sound fantastic! I LOVE fall too and sadly can’t wait for summer to end.

  79. Valerie S says:

    Apple Pumpkin
    Valerie S

  80. Dion F. from OH. I would pick Apple Pumpkin

  81. Maureen L. says:

    Harvest Welcome. Love, love love Yankee Candles.

  82. Sherri K. from Fl. I would love the Treehouse Memories! Yankee Candles are the best!

  83. Merri C. from Mass. I would choose Treehouse memories. I love the name. I burn yankee candles all year round. They are the only candles i get

  84. Jen from Quincy says:

    I’d choose Treehouse Memories for the name alone. I love the name!

    Jen K

  85. Love your site! I am a special education teacher living in Houston, Texas and really enjoy all your stories about your life. I would choose Treehouse Memories. Thank you for all that you do!

    Kelllie G.

  86. Jessica H. says:

    Would have to go with the apple pumpkin. Two of my all-time favorite scents!

  87. I would love the Treehouse Memories, sounds interesting! Thanks for the giveaway, Mel.

    Lori M. – MT

  88. Apple Pumpkin!

    Lisa K from Pa

  89. Heather O. says:

    They all sound divine! I would have to go with the Apple Pumpkin.

    Heather O.

  90. Alisha C – Ohio – Caramel Pecan Pie

  91. Sara Beth R says:

    Sara Beth R from VA. I would pick the Apple Pumpkin. No better smell than those two for the fall season and mixed together is just perfect. Can’t wait to go smell that candle!

  92. Brianna from NJ. hey Apple Pumpkin Sounds yummy!

  93. Amy S from NC. Treehouse memories. I’m curious about this scent.

  94. I LOOOOVE fall scents. I’m intrigued by “Treehouse Memories”. I’ll have to go sniffing later today.

    Molly K. from MA

  95. I would love the Apple Pumpkin. Fall is also my favorite time of the year!

  96. Lorna P, Arizona
    Apple Pumpkin, to make me think of cooler weather. I’m so ready for this Arizona summer to end!

  97. Melinda K. from MI says:

    I would choose the welcome harvest.

  98. Rebecca P.
    Apple Pumpkin

  99. Andrea T from Missouri
    Harvest Welcome

  100. Seasons blessings sounds good to me!
    Sara CA

  101. i would choose seasons blessings, the holiday season coming up are always a blessing. it seems to bring out the good in people. yvonne g from ny

  102. Debi W. from Minnesota. Hmmmm, this is a toughie. I love all things Yankee. Treehouse Memories sounds interesting. I wish I could scratch and sniff my screen!

  103. NC! I like the looks of the Treehouse Memories candle, but I know all Yankee Candles are awesome!

  104. Michele McFadden says:

    Apple Pumpkin, Caramel Pecan Pie, can’t decide both sound yummy.

    Michele M
    From PA

  105. Nancy H. from OK. Apple Pumpkin scent (i think?)
    Yeah for FALL!

  106. Jessica M. says:

    I would have to be the Apple Pumpkin for me. I am a sucker for all of their apple scents and pumpkin is my second favorite. The two together- WOW!
    Jessica M. Pennsylvania

  107. I would choose the carmel pecan pie! I love this time of year also Melanie, especially living on the Cape
    we now get it back all to ourselves! Love your posts.

  108. T. Hart
    I would choose the TreeHouse Memories, sounds like it smells wonderful!

  109. I would choose the caramel pecan pie.
    Aubrey F

  110. Meghan B from Ohio. I would choose the caramel pecan pie! yumm!

  111. Dorothy C New Jersey says:

    Need some blessings badly, so Season’s Blessings is my choice!

  112. Without having smelled them, I would pick “seasons blessings” because I love the name!!!
    Adrienne S. from MA

  113. Mary H. from MA
    mmmmm, love the Fall, too and would love to try Seasonโ€™s Blessings:)

  114. Apple Pumpkin would be the one that would buy but I would be happy with any. I looove Yankee candles.

    Martha K. from Virginia

  115. Michelle L. says:

    Michelle L. – Ohio
    I’d probably choose Apple Pumpkin. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled the two at once. Sounds interesting.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Jennifer Ryder says:

    I would choose Treehouse Memories. I love Yankee Candle. We’ve been to South Deerfield several times. They have a warehouse sale during Feb. school vacation week and it’s always worth the trip.
    Jen R., NH

  117. Donna Benoit says:

    Apple Pumpkin – the best two smells of autumn!

  118. Jan J from Ca, would love more description of the scent of Tree House Memories and Harvest Welcome. I’d be happy to try either one but will choose Tree House Memories hoping it’s woodsy and piney!

  119. I would choose the Apple Pumpkin! It’s so hot in Southern California right now so I would need to save it until it cools down a bit! Fall scents while you are baking in 100 degree weather just don’t smell the same:)
    Andrea C.

  120. it would be close but i think i’d go w/ Seasonโ€™s Blessings (treehouse is the other contender…not a big pumpkin scent person). Cheryl E in PA

  121. I would love to get Season’s Blessings!!!… I know my wife would enjoy it.

  122. Heather R, NV

    Apple Pumpkin sounds divine!

  123. Kim Davidson says:

    Kim D. from PA would love the scent of Apple Pumpkin.

  124. Sharon Z
    Apple Pumpkin

  125. Oh, I love candles; thanks for the giveaway Melanie!

    Picking a scent is such a hard decision but I think I’d go with Harvest Welcome!

  126. Andi T
    Apple Pumpkin sounds so yummy

  127. T. Hodges
    I would choose the TreeHouse Memories!

  128. I would choose Apple Pumpkin.

    Andrea M

  129. Melanie S from Michigan and I would choose the Caramel Pecan Pie!

  130. Krystle W. from TX where we don’t really have a Fall
    I think I would choose the Treehouse Memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Apple Pumpkin would smell great in my TN home!

  132. Definitely the apple pumpkin get’s my vote !

  133. I would love to try Apple Pmpkin!

    Elise M

  134. Margaret P. says:

    Margaret P. from NC

    I would choose Harvest Welcome.

  135. apple pumpkin

  136. Angie B from Va and I would love the Caramel Pecan Pie

  137. Madhuri A from TX

    I would love to try the Caramel Pecan Pie

  138. Amy Orvin says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!
    Amy O. from South Carolina
    I would choose the Apple Pumpkin


  139. Lisa P from butler pa would love apple pumpkin or seasons blessings, (cuz the name is so nice!)

  140. Sonya Cassing says:

    Sonya C from Washington.

    Treehouse memories is what I would choose.

  141. Oh Yankee Candle, how we love thee so. This is when we need smell-o-net. : ) I’d probably pick the Harvest Welcome…but Seasons Blessings sounds yummy too.

    Thanks for the chance!
    Britt D from SD

  142. Mari L. from MA. Season’s Blessings!

  143. Beth B, FL I would love to have the Season’s Blessings candle.

  144. Barbara R says:

    Barbara R. from CA, Harvest Welcome sounds like something I would look at and say “OOOO I want to smell that!”

  145. Cheryl L. says:

    I think Harvest Welcome – I like the sound of that one!

  146. I’d LOOOOVE to win the Treehouse Memories candle ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!!

    Amy C., FL

  147. Laurie W.--MA says:

    Visited a friend in CT. last week and she took me to Evergreen Place–a “village-type” group of stores in Windsor, CT, that incl. L.L. Bean (as well as Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Stonewall Kitchen, Soft Surroundings, Sephora, etc.–someone has some $ in that area!). Anyway, LL Bean was all decked out for fall and on a 90+ degree day, I couldn’t wait!! I’ve always liked the “apple/cinnamon” smelling candles so I would choose Apple Pumpkin. Many thanks for the opportunity, Melanie.

  148. Cheryl P. says:

    Cheryl P.

    I would love Apple Pumpkin! Yummy!

  149. Deanna C.
    Harvest Welcome sounds wonderful!!!!!

  150. Maria from MA and I would pick Apple Pumkin. thanks!

  151. Christine says:

    I’d choose the Apple Pumpkin scent candle. Christine S. from N.H.

  152. Patti S. from Mississippi – Apple Pumpkin

  153. Oh, I’m not picky…I love anything! Probably would pick the Apple Pumpkin, since Autumn is a-comin’!

    Mary G. in S.C.


  154. I smelled Apple Pumpkin in the store the other day and I LOVE it! Am going to buy it, but getting it for free would be better. Amy P. from Michigan

  155. Mmmm can’t wait to smell all the new lineup scents. I would choose tree house memories!

  156. Shannon M
    South Carolina
    Apple pumpkin

  157. Kellie R from PA

    Apple Pumpkin sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to stop at the factory on my trips to New England. Thanks for the geawa!

  158. Johanna H. says:

    I’d choose Apple Pumpkin!
    Johanna H. from MA

  159. Debbie S. says:

    Debbie S. Upper Michigan
    I think i’d choose Season’s Blessings; it just sounds nice!
    Thank you for this!

  160. I’d choose Harvest Welcome!
    Nancy S. from NC

  161. Cheryl P. says:

    Caramel Pecan Pie! I live in Texas and we love pecans in this state.

  162. Ranger S. from Florida would choose Apple Pumpkin. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue.

  163. Heather M says:

    Harvest Welcome sounds lovely! What a nice giveaway!

    Heather M. from Katy, TX

  164. Yankee Candle always seems to get it right. I think I’d go with the Harvest welcome, but they truly all sound heavenly.
    Tracy H, NV

  165. Rebecca Absher says:

    Rebecca A. from NC….I think the Harvest Welcome sounds and looks so inviting. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  166. Katie C., PA- Apple Pumpkin! I <3 fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. Rory Tendore says:

    Rory T. Wyoming Treehouse Memories

  168. Apple Pumpkin sounds wonderful!!

    Deb G.

  169. Melissa M. says:

    Melissa M. California

    I would pick Harvest Welcome! I bet it smells amazing!

  170. Lorie D from PA
    I would like to smell Apple Pumpkin but would also be very curious what Treehouse memories smells like.

  171. Kristin McGeeney says:

    Kristin M.

    Treehouse Memories would be my choice.

  172. Elaine P
    Harvest welcome would be my choice, although I love pretty much any scent that the company comes up with!

  173. I’d love the Treehouse Memories as I have many fond childhood memories of the treehouse in my backyard as a child.

    Thanks Melanie, I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a few years. I love the new format!

    Melissa from Maryland

  174. wowsa! Don’t put me in for the drawing, but I’m going to the mall tonight to pick up my computer and I’m definitely gonna sniff Treehouse Memories!

  175. Carmela G says:

    I LOVE Yankee Candles – I don’t get to splurge often to buy them (wait for the end of the season sales :)). I think I would like to try Treehouse Memories, sounds interesting… I am sure I would love any of them!

    Thanks for the chance!

  176. I wish I could smell them to be able to decide between Seasons Blessings and Apple Pumpkin! So since i know I like their apple one, I choose apple pumpkin! THank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    Kim L. from Indiana

  177. Stephanie L. says:

    I love Yankee Candles and fall!!! The Apple Pumpkin sounds heavenly!

  178. Monique N, MA
    Apple Pumpkin!

  179. KAtie B, Michigan

    Apple Pumpkin!

  180. Laura T. from Missouri. Treehouse Memories sounds neat

  181. Becky N. Ohio
    I would choose the Apple Pumpkin!

  182. Pam Wilson says:

    I would pick Harvest Welcome.

    Pam W. from MA

  183. They all look like they would smell wonderful, but my pick would be Season’s Blessings.

    Kayla S.

  184. Apple pumpkin!!

  185. Diane M – North California

    Apple Pumpkin or the carmel one – well, they all look yummy!

  186. Kimberly B. says:

    Kimberly B.
    I’d choose the Harvest Welcome.

  187. Stephanie P. says:

    Stephanie P. AZ Apple Pumpkin

  188. Kathy in CA says:

    As a long-time Yankee Candle fan, I’d love to try Treehouse Memories.

    Thanks! Happy Fall (almost)

  189. I love the scents of fall!!! My favorite of the new ones is Seasons Blessings.

  190. Emily B. in MN….Harvest Welcome sounds yummy!

  191. Treehouse Memories. Kathy S. Wisconsin

  192. I would love to win. The Harvest Welcome looks like a wonderful one.

    Andrea A

  193. I just read the description of each of the new fall scents and they all sound wonderful but I think the Harvest Welcome would be my choice!

    Theresa T from MA

  194. Jessica T. says:

    Apple Pumpkin sounds so crisp and fall like!

    Jessica T. – VA

  195. Cathryn Witty says:

    Cathryn W. from AL-I would choose the Apple Pumpkin. As a native New Englander, I miss Fall in New England and visiting the cider mills, and pumpkin patches each Fall. The smells of fresh fallen leaves and crisp air with fresh cider and everything pumpkin. The leaves anywhere in the U.S. are not as beauthiful as in New England with the brillanr hues of red and gold.

  196. Kristen G. from KS. I would pick Apple Pumpkin!

  197. Sue K from MA

    I think I would choose Season’s blessings- the photo on the jar is so pretty.

  198. Hi Mel. I’d love To win the apple pumpkin!

    Jessica D from CT

  199. Harvest Welcome

  200. Harvest Welcome!
    AshleyJ. NY

  201. James Harding says:

    James H. From TN. Apple pumpkin!

  202. Karla S from VA. I would love apple pumpkin.

  203. I would pick the Seasonโ€™s Blessings and I’m from NJ

  204. Elena V. from Kentucky, Treehouse Memories.

  205. Janet Williams says:

    Janet W. New York…Fall is my favorite season. Tree House Memories

  206. Ann M. from KY. The Apple Pumpkin scent sounds yummy!

  207. Apple Pumpkin! This is my new must have scent to welcome the Fall season!

  208. It’s Faye from Hi

  209. Lea Ann W. from NY.
    I would choose Season’s Blessings! I love fall.

  210. Debbie M from Michigan

    I would definitely choose the treehouse memories. I am such a kid at heart and I just love the two kids on the front. Looks like they could be up for an adventurous day. One like I use to have at my grandparents home in the country in the summer when I was a kid. Memories…..

  211. Angela Davis says:

    The apple pumpkin looks great! Thanks for the try ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. Hi! Denise from MA, I would choose Seasons Blessings! Thanks!

  213. jenese olynciw says:

    Jenese O. Cambridge MA, I would choose Treehouse memories. The food smelling candles are not always my favorite so I jump at all Yankee Candle scents that seem to be less so. Fall is my favorite here in New England

  214. Courtney M, Florida, apple pumpkin smells sensational!

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