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A Very Belated Birthday

Today we celebrated the girl’s birthdays. And as many of you know, their birthdays are in the winter. You see, last winter I was still recovering from the accident and there was no way we could do a big party. So, it was decided that we’d have a summer party.

That would have been all well and good if I had the presence of mind to get the kid’s telephone numbers before school let out, but that didn’t happen. So, a September party it was…..

The girls are both uber into Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty bouncy house, Hello Kitty birthday cake, Hello Kitty favors. There was a lot of Hello Kitty in our yard today.

Are you into Pinterest? Well, I love it. But I’ve come to learn that I will never be one of those moms that has the perfect party table.

If you are into Pinterest, you get what I’m talking about. Treats with printed cards letting you know what deliciousness you are eating. Paper swirly straws sticking out of mason jars filled with lemonade. Homemade pinatas. Yeah, that ain’t happening.

I’m a buy a printed table cloth at Target and a pinata at iParty and call it good kind of mom. I wish I was more fancy pants.

Since it was a combined party, there were a lot of kids. So, we bought two pinatas.

Thank God for the bouncy house so the kids could bounce off the sugar before we sent them home.

Speaking of kids, my longtime readers might recognize the friend that is standing next to Leela in the picture above. Do you remember Sarah?

Well, I’m so thrilled to report that our little Sarah is doing just awesome! She is still in remission and looking so much stronger. An answer to prayer for sure!

After the little friends went home, the big kids got into the bouncy house to play.

All six of us took turns jumping around and acting silly. The girls thought it was a riot that the adults were acting like kids.

Can you believe I was in a wheelchair one year ago today?

It was such a fun day and the girls really enjoyed spending time with their friends. I had some serious mom guilt over the delay of their party, but sometimes life gets a little wonky. Sometimes you have to just roll with things and in the end they work out.

Not a bad lesson for kids to learn. Not a bad lesson for any of us to learn.


  1. What a fabulous pic of you playing in the Hello Kitty inflatable with the kids! You’ve come a long way baby! You are so far from that wheel chair from a year ago. I think you are rolling with it pretty damn well girl! Keep up the good fight!

    • Thank you. The hardest part of that time was not being able to be active with the ones I loved. I can appreciate that so much more now.

  2. Happy Birthday Shannon and Leela!
    And Happy Amazing Recovery Mom!
    When my grandmother became gravely ill just before Christmas 1977, we held her presents and celebrated “Christmas in July” with her seven months later with a cookout in the backyard. It was the best Christmas ever!
    – Lee

    • That sounds like it was a true celebration for your family. I bet they will never forget it. I think anytime is a good time to celebrate a holiday. Even if it’s months later. It’s what’s in your heart that counts. 🙂

  3. happy belated birthdays girls! that looks like a great party (pinterest aside which i LOVE too) 🙂 i love seeing adults having fun like kids too. its so rare to see these days

  4. Happy belayed birthday to them I am so glad that I am not the only one who has given up on trying to make everything perfect. I tried for a long time to have kid rooms that looked like they came out of pottery barn but I have realized that they want to love and play in them instead. I love pinterest but I have to remember that life is messy and supposed to be that way. Life is so much more fun when we relax and enjoy it. It has also been a reminder to all of us watching your recovery that life is precious every day. Looks like you had fun bouncing and enjoying your family which is what truly counts in life.

    • You are so right Pam. I also think if we spent more time trying to be perfect, it would just rob us of time and sanity, not to mention money. Some things have to fall to the side when you have kids. Especially multiple kids. For now I have to be happy with what I can do. Someday I’ll be a grandma and maybe then I can be perfect. 🙂

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to the girls!

  6. I love seeing you jumping in the bouncy house. More prayers answered. Happy belated birthday to your girls.

  7. Too funny. My 17 yr old wanted a bouncy house for her grad party. I think the adults had more fun!
    I’m a $ store type of gal for my table cloths. I had some left over from my son’s 3 yrs ago. Take heed, they don’t last 3 yrs. I opened them and they shredded over my kitchen table. So happy you and your girls had fun. Good plan on postponing (other than getting ran over by a car :(.

    • Lol, I think my 18 and 15yr olds had the best time of all. We certainly got our money’s worth! Thanks for the heads up on the shelf life of the table cloths. That is very good to know!

  8. Two of my four kids have winter bdays. They opt to do summer parties because its different and fun for them. We have done pool parties, golf parties, and hayride parties. The problem lies with when their next party happens….its tough to figure that part out.

  9. Happy Birthday Girlies!
    Happy Mother’s Day Melanie!
    So happy for you and your family.
    So happy you’re not one of those Pinterest mothers. I would not be able to sleep at night if I didn’t have good self confidence after reading/seeing their pictures. ugh…

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