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All In The Life of a Mom

Please forgive the crappy iPhone photos for this entire post. Sometimes I get snippets of my life on my phone when I don’t have my big girl camera around. Not nearly as eye pleasing, but what’s a story without pictures?

I haven’t mom gushed on Michael lately. He drew this eye with an assortment of pencils in an hour. Eye like it. And yes I know I spelled it wrong. I was trying to be cute. Get it? Eye like it? I crack myself up.

Aidan on the other hand made me worry the other day. He decided to bake for the very first time. He was hankerin’ for chocolate chip cookies and I wasn’t in the mood to make them. Shocking, I know.

So, he pulled a cookbook out of my collection and started searching for a good recipe. As he was looking at all of the apparently complicated steps to baking cookies, he announced that he was going to wing it.

I then had to explain to him how baking is not exactly something that you wing. And that it’s part science with that whole baking soda/powder thing and just because you can’t readily find it in mom’s baking stash, does not mean you can skip it.

Oy. Oddly and miraculously enough, the cookies were edible. Much to everyone’s shock including Aidan’s.

Lastly, I want to share with you a partial parenting victory. Sort of…

I’ve been riding my kids for 18 years to put crap away in the bathroom. No one ever listens. I try very hard to put my crap away as to set a good example. Usually.

The other day I used the Static Guard to make sure my skirt wouldn’t ride up my thighs and expose my buttocks to the world. That just wouldn’t be right. Well, on this one day I left said Static Guard on the counter.

One of the kids actually took the initiative to put everything away including the Static Guard, which I promptly used as hairspray the next morning.

On the upside, you could’ve rubbed one hundred balloons on my head and they wouldn’t stick. You just never know when you’re going to encounter  a multitude of balloons.

You really can’t get upset at kids for putting stuff away even if it’s in the wrong place. I guess.

There’s one word that will never be used to describe my life. Boring. Boring it is not.


  1. awww haha, at least they put stuff away 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    LoL Melanie! Great post. Yes, we try to teach and provide an example but we do err on ocassion. I love the no static hairdo! Too funny. I am sure Aidan’s edible snack is a direct result of years of being exposed to your talent regardless of how much he appeared to be paying attention.

    • Yes, I worry about leaving hairs in the sink while my two man children shave and leave it looking like a carpet. No matter how much I harp, they seem to not hear me. Like Charlie Brown’s teacher wa wa wa wahhhhh wa wahhh.

  3. LOL Melanie! So funny about the static guard. Not sure which was funnier….picturing a skirt riding up and your behind sticking out or you using the static guard for hair spray. Thanks for the laugh!

    The eye drawing is really neat! Reminds me of a peacock feather.

    And how cool that the cookies turned out! My oldest son made some Eleanor Roosevelt Honey Drops last week. It was his very first time baking anything.

    • Oh my. Your son shoots for the culinary stars. I guess I should be happy that mine can read a cookbook at all, lol. And yes, that picture has peacock qualities. Sort of fanciful. 🙂

  4. You’re entitled to mom-gush whenever you want – you have talented and beautiful children .. and just want to say thanks for the laughs you give us all with your posts – I really do laugh out loud! And yours is one of the first blogs I read in the morning – a great way to start my day. Thanks!

    • Awww, thank you Kathleen! That makes me so happy that you enjoy what I have to share. Sometimes it’s hard for me to gauge what the readers like to see. It’s really great to get feedback when I write something that people enjoy. Thanks!!

  5. TheresaEH says:

    OHMY! thanks for the giggle eh ;D

  6. I bet that Static Guard had your hair smelling great! Thanks for the hearty laugh – I needed it!

  7. lol – You make habit of unintentionally using products as they are not intended, I see… *cough*Poise*cough*

  8. Hahahaha! You never cease to make me laugh! I really needed one this morning. I hear ya, life is never boring with kids. Kids keep life in constant motion. Hugs to you friend!

  9. Oh, and I meant to comment on that beautiful art work! Wow! Your son is truly talented. An Art Major in college maybe? Is this your oldest son?

    • Nope, this is my 15 year old. And yes, he wants to go to art school. He will start college art courses the summer of his sophomore year in a special program for high school kids in RI. I just learned about it and it is an amazing opportunity for kids like Michael. Thanks for the kind words about his work. 🙂

  10. Beautiful drawing!!!

  11. I used Static Guard for hairspray once and hairspray for deodorant…back when there was only aerosol hairspray. Neither was pleasant…

    My son discovered no-bake chocolate cookies, the kind with sugar, cocoa, peanut butter and oats. He was 12. If I left home for a half hour and left him home, he “baked” cookies. He even washed up everything so I would not suspect. Then, one day I found a glob of the mixture on a lower cabinet hinge. He was busted and the other children told me how often he made them!

    • That is too funny! At least he sort of cleaned up after himself. And points for him making a heart healthy treat. Lol!! 🙂

  12. Funny stuff at your house! Sounds like everyone is having fun too!

  13. First off, that eye is amazing!! Second off, I love that picture of him. You couldn’t document “oh maaaan this is going to be so hard” any better.

  14. LOL @ your using the static guard as hair spray!

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