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A Peek In My Cart

Ok, so this post should be called a peek at my conveyor belt because by the time I got to checkout yesterday, my brain was fried after fighting my way through the swarm of people. I practically had to Jello wrestle for the last bag of celery. I wish I was kidding. It was tough going at Market Basket yesterday.

The thing about Thanksgiving dinner shopping is that if you want the produce to be fresh, you sort of have to shop at the last minute. Brown speckled green beans just won’t do.

Not to mention the two a day turkey limit. I’m still working that deal and cramming those birds anywhere I can. My kids may never eat turkey again after this year.

And while we are on the subject of turkeys, have you every bought a “fresh” turkey? Holy Big Bird are they expensive! $2.49 lb while their frozen cousin is only .59 lb. What’s up with that?

I needed to buy a fresh turkey because I brine my Thanksgiving turkey, but that darn bird cost me $40.00 while the same weight in frozen was $10.00 each! Oh, and my “fresh” bird was frozen. I don’t get it. Someone with turkey knowledge can enlighten me in the comments section.

Besides turkey, I picked up green beans, oranges for my cranberry sauce, marshmallows for the sweet potato casserole and some other odds and ends to round out our meal.

I also grabbed a big ole bag of chocolate chips for my chocolate chip cheesecake because I ran out of cheap candy bars. I have to endeavor to not let that happen again. Chocolate chips are really expensive.

Oh, and I ran out of k-cups too. My goal for the new year is to wean myself off of those silly things. Seriously, I have to drag out my neglected Mr. Coffee and kiss and make up for deserting him.

Those k-cups are ridiculously expensive and I miss my five cent cups of Maxwell House coffee. But first I have  to dig him out of the basement and give him a vinegar bath and that will take time which I don’t have right now. So, for today I’ll have to drink the over priced k-cups.  Craziness. How did I get so lazy?

So that’s my cart this week. No major deals or fun coupon finds. Just the necessities for the holiday.

How about you? Are you cooking the holiday meal or did you luck out and get invited to someone’s house? I’m cooking the whole shebang which is how I like it. I’m sort of a turkey control freak.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a delicious holiday while surrounded by those you love.


  1. I’m not only prepping and cooking the entire dinner myself, but my oldest son turns 17 on Thanksgiving as well, so we’re celebrating that also! I’m a turkey control freak, though so I really enjoy doing it myself. And feeding people is a passion of mine, so even though it is a lot of work, it’s joyful work for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    p.s. I keep meaning to tell you that I think your daughters, especially your oldest one, look like Alyssa Milano (the actress). (here’s a link in case you don’t remember her from Who’s The Boss http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alyssa_Milano)

  2. Kimberly G says:

    I think you can use your own coffee for the k-cup machine if you use this – http://www.keurig.com/accessories/my-k-cup

  3. I got the K cup accessory for making cups using your standard grounds and not using the individual cups. I haven’t tried it yet but it has to save money in the long run!! Enjoy your holiday feast Melanie!!

  4. Lazy?
    Ha! That’s the polar opposite of any adjective I would use to describe you!
    BTW, those K cups are brilliantly addictive. From a marketing standpoint I can’t think of anything else that has gotten as popular and widespread as they have in recent years. They are the beverage equivalent of Velcro!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    – Lee

  5. I’m a whole shebang turkey control freak myself 😉 Which is why I’m still up at this time of night :p I looked into the fresh turkey thing a couple of years ago as well and could NOT believe the prices. Yeesh! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Mel!

  6. Lol Melanie. When the keurig first caught my attention I thought “I have to have one!”. Then I realized how much it would cost because saying I drink coffee is quitr the understatement! So I am sitting here on Thanksgiving morning enjoying my cup of Maxwell house and pumpkin pie spice creamer. I never did get that Keurig. 🙂 Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Have you tried those refillable “K-cups”. I want to get a Keurig but also want to be able to use those refillable ones instead of buying all the K-cups. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

  8. Haha, yall are funny, all you turkey control freaks! 🙂 Just wanted to pop in to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    I have no idea about the whole fresh versus frozen turkey, but if they’re both frozen…well, I’m confused.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Mel and everyone reading! May you all love and be loved 🙂

  10. happy thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂 we are just having a little supper here since its just the hubby, myself, and the two kiddos 🙂

  11. I don’t know why a fresh turkey is frozen. Makes no sense. I but a standard cheap frozen turkey and I brine it. Turns out perfect everytime!

  12. We have our fresh turkeys running around in the backyard. Doesn’t get any fresher than that and no need to take up precious freezer room lol!

  13. You need to get one of those little K-cups that you fill with regular coffee! We used the k-cups for like a month and then gave up on those and now I can go back to buying regular coffee but still use awesome Keurig. I think the Keurig website has the reusable K-cup for like $20.00 (YIKES) but I found one that was off-brand at Marshalls for like $5.00 and I love it.

  14. ooo and how is a fresh turkey frozen? haha, that’s crazy!

  15. Gertrude E. says:

    Wow, so lucky on 2 a day limit! At my local Giant Eagle, we were allowed one at 47cents per pound with a $25 purchase, after coupons and one at 89cents per pound – both frozen – and that is per card (which is 1 card per address.)

  16. We have at least one butcher here in Pittsburgh who sells fresh (non-frozen!) Amish turkeys, & they are perfect. I won’t go back to the frozen ones.

    Whatever kind of turkey or non-turkey Thanksgiving you had, I hope everyone had a good one.

  17. don’t buy the keurig band k cup replacement…get the Ekobrew Cup Refillable K-Cup! It’s AWESOME and works perfectly, just make sure your particular verson of the Keurig works with it. I love this thing!

  18. I have the k cup refillable cup that i got at bed bath and beyond with one of the coupons. It’s great to make different flavors that don’t come in the premade cups.

  19. From Bon Appetit 2006 –

    Fresh – Technically, a turkey that’s never been kept below 26°F. Most Thanksgiving birds are processed in September and October but are still labeled fresh in November.

    Frozen – A bird that’s stored below 0°F.

    Natural – A bird that contains no artificial ingredients or added color and is minimally processed. Amazingly, this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been treated with antibiotics.

    Organic – A turkey that has been certified by a USDA-accredited agency. The term organic ensures that the bird was raised on organic feed, was free-range, and wasn’t treated with any antibiotics.

  20. Thank you for the clarification Karen!!

  21. I have the accessory that will allow you to use your own ground coffee, it works it works well and It’s a heck of a lot cheaper! good investment if you already have the Kureig

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