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A Peek Into My Black Friday Cart

Among the hundreds of black Friday emails that flooded my inbox over the weekend, one of the few that caught my eye was a 10% off coupon for the Williams Sonoma outlet.

10% off is not much of a savings, but it was enough enticement to get my fanny out the door. Let’s be honest, I really don’t need much enticing when it comes to Williams Sonoma.

That said, I ran out of sanding sugar when I made this to die for cookie recipe yesterday and I’m sort of holiday cookie decorating paralyzed without sanding sugar.

As I was heading out the door, Aidan asked where I was off to and when he heard it was the outlet mall, he asked if he could come. Of course I said yes, but I warned him that I was just running in and out of Williams Sonoma for the sanding sugar and that I wasn’t planning to be there very long.

With that, he told his dad that we would be back well after supper and could he save him a plate of dinner. It was only 2:00pm. How well does my kid know me?

So, we get to the outlet mall and find a parking spot which was a Christmas miracle in and of itself. It seemed like the entire state of Massachusetts was at the outlet mall.

I told Aidan to come along with me into Williams Sonoma, as I was just going to grab the sugar and get out of dodge, but he knew me better because he grabbed a cart instead of a shopping basket. Smart kid.

Straight to the baking aisle I went, ignoring the sale signs that were plastered all over the store. After tossing the sanding sugar in the cart, I saw a sign from the corner of my eye. 75% off. That isn’t a sign I’m capable of ignoring.

Anything that had to do with Thanksgiving was 75% off. Including the Nordic Ware pans. I’ve had my eye on the sweet little maple leaf cake pan and that too was 75% off. Into the cart it went. The adorable little Thanksgiving cupcake papers? Those too went into the cart. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever even made cupcakes for Thanksgiving. Who does? I easily succumb to holiday cuteness.

Considering the thirteen turkeys that are nesting in my freezer, I thought this turkey stock would be a smart buy. Whenever I make gravy, there’s never enough juice from the bird to make more than one meal’s worth of gravy. This should help.

You’ll notice the sanding sugar in the middle, surrounded by all kinds of 75% off goodies that jumped off the shelf straight into my cart. Funny how that happens.

Aidan was a dear and carried my heavy packages as we searched for an item he was hunting for. Shopping is so much more fun when someone else carries the bags. Don’t you think?

The rest of my day today will be spent rearranging my cabinets to fit my new goodies. And I’ve decided that it’s time to tackle the Tupperware cabinet. It’s so bad that I’m devoting an entire post to this endeavor. More on that later.

How did you do this weekend? Find anything amazing? Are you taking advantage of the cyber Monday deals?


  1. What an astute young man, yes, he knows you and Williams Sonoma all too well!! Great savings on items you might not normally purchase. I actually had to work on Black Friday but did some cyber shopping over the weekend. I ‘saved’ some but still have less money in the bank account today than I did on Friday!!

  2. What a wonderful young man you have raised. I hope my girls find someone like him in the future. I was able to save “cyber” all weekend long. We went out Saturday morning, but there were no lines and the sales were the same at many stores. I also shopped cyber on Thanksgiving to get my daughter an expensive camera at a decent price for Christmas. I just couldn’t face Best Buy for Black Friday as they had people camped out on Tuesday for their sale.

    • Yes! I saw Best Buy in the news and the tents that were set up hours before the store opened. It’s like black Friday tailgating! Craziness. What do you do with your tent when you rush into the store?? So, did you find a camera? My oldest would like a Rebel, but he will have to get a job first, lol.

      • They had the Nikon coolpix p510 on sale for 299 which is cheaper than their cyber Monday price. It is not as good as good as the rebel but it is the best “bridge camera” she is going to get until she starts working as well.

  3. Oh how I envy you and your close distance to WS outlet! I love how your son knows you so well, and even in his teens he wants to spend time with you!!! I hope my son will be the same way!

    • The only reason he wanted to spend time with me is because he wanted to find a new coat. 🙂 But I’ll take it. 😉

  4. I really wish that there was a Williams Sonoma near me, I would love to shop there.

  5. Patricia N. says:

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t go to Wrentham. I just can’t resist those adorable pans. I did do a little cyber shopping yesterday. Got a watch my oldest son wanted for $15 cheaper than the original sale price and Star Trek:TNG season 2 on blu ray for the other son at a good discount. I did go to Michael’s and Target for some craft stuff. I’m doing a craft fair next Saturday and needed some supplies for my fairy godmother wands. Have also been knitting up a storm making furry scarves to sell. Hope everyone didn’t spend all of their money yesterday. I might even bring a few of my homemade jams and marmalades to try and sell.
    Gosh, I love those pans you got! I’ll have to hit WS after Christmas and see what I can score. It’s only about a half an hour from me. Oh, and savor those moments with your son; soon he’ll move away and they won’t be as often. But if he is anything like my sons, he will still make an effort to go shopping with Mom.

  6. This was one of the first years that I didn’t go black friday shopping. I did however still got up at the buttcrack of dawn but was scrubbing the floors of our new house all day.

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