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Country Crock Dresses Up Your Holiday Veggies and a Giveaway!

Country Crock Green BeansWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I’m already planning our holiday meal. So, when the folks at Country Crock asked me to come up with some yummy holiday sides using their product, I was happy to do so. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to my Thanksgiving menu. A bird, a green veggie, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. It probably sounds a lot like your menu. My go to green veggie is usually green beans because everyone in my family will eat them. However, plain green beans won’t do for a holiday. They need to be dressed up a bit for the occasion. So for your consideration, I present you with…. Green Beans with Cranberries and Almonds 1 lb green beans 2 Tbsp Country Crock 1/4 cup dried cranberries 4 Tbsp sliced almonds Blanche green beans and drain. Melt Country Crock in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the beans, cranberries and almonds to the skillet. Cook over medium heat for three to four minutes. Serve! I love how the nuts give this dish a nice crunch while the cranberries deliver a little sweetness! And 0 trans fat from the Country Crock. Bonus! The next recipe I came up with is a rich potatoes au gratin with the addition of chopped onions and chives. A savory comfort food that pairs up just wonderfully with turkey! Onion and Chive Au Gratin Potatoes 4-5 baking potatoes, sliced 2 cups shredded cheddar 2 cups milk 1 large onion, diced 2 Tbsp flour 3 Tbsp Country Crock 3 Tbsp chives, chopped 2 Tbsp sour cream 2 tsp salt freshly ground black pepper Heat flour and Country Crock in a medium sized sauce pan over medium heat for three minutes. Add milk, sour cream, cheese and 1 tsp of salt. Cook over medium heat for another few minutes. Take off stove. Grease a 9 x 13 baker with a little Country Crock. Layer half of the potatoes in baker and top with half of the onions and half of the chives. Salt and pepper this layer to taste and pour half of the cheese mixture over top. Layer the second half of the potatoes on top followed by the remaining onions and chives. Once again, season this with salt and pepper. Pour the remaining cheese mixture over top and if you’d like, top with some more cheese. Bake in a 350ΒΊ oven for one hour or until the potatoes are cooked through. The fine folks at Country Crock would like to offer a lovely prize for one of my readers to help you present your veggies in all of their healthy glory on your holiday table! Up for grabs is an Italian Scalloped Baker with Wire Basket and a set of four Harvest Pumpkin Taper Candle Holders! To enter, comment on this post with which veggie side dish you will be serving on your holiday table this year. Be sure to also leave your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Monday, November 12th 11:59pm ET. Country Crock is a fine way to add good taste to your holiday veggies without the trans fat. You can find more recipes and tips over at The Crock Country Chronicle. And for more recipes and information on Country Crock products, you can check out their website too! There are affiliate links in this post to products that I think are relevant to this recipe.


  1. Ann M. from KY- Plan to make the Onion and Chive Augratin Potatoes! They look wonderful!

  2. We love green beans too and the recipe you posted for the Cranberry and almonds dish looks delicious. We are going to give it a try this year!

  3. Pam P. from KY

    Considering your Brussel sprout recipe this year.

  4. Krista S. from WA

    I usually serve a similar green bean dish, but this year I am considering serving your delicious Brussels sprouts recipe.

  5. I love fresh green beans, cooked only until crisp, with butter. LOVE green beans! They are my FAV veggie!

    Jessica D, CT

  6. Tina H

    Probably some corn πŸ™‚

  7. Debbie M., VA – We’re having string bean casserole, athough that may change because your string beans look so good.

  8. How fun! I’m also participating in this CG campaign and was so glad to see your au gratin potatoes. There will definitely be a one (or more !) potato dishes on our Thanksgiving table πŸ™‚

  9. I would love to bake a potato casserole with sweet peppers.
    Vaishali S from WA

  10. Pat H from Pa. says:

    I serve green bean casserole its a must!

  11. My daughter asked for Baked Corn this year! It would look great in one of these beautiful dishes!

  12. Johanna H. says:

    I always try different sweet potato recipe every year but I think this year I’ll this au gratin potato recipe. Thank you for that, it sounds really yummy!!
    Johanna H. from MA

  13. Jenny H. from Washington State

    Those green beans look delicious. πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, your Au Gratin potatoes look awesome and I love onions and chives. So, I will add this recipe to my holiday tradition but I will also add your green beans recipe because it is so much lighter than some other traditional holiday recipes and will offset the potatoes very well. I can’t wait to try both of these recipes and I am also considering the roasted Brussels Sprouts too! Great recipes Melanie!

  15. Rachelle R says:

    we will be serving green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.

    Rachelle R., CA

  16. Hi, I am going to make your amazing green bean dish it looks delish.
    Heidi H

  17. Carmela C., NJ

    We always serve roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes.

  18. Kelly D, PA
    I will serve candied yams.

  19. Lori A from Ca

    I will be making green beans, mashed potatoes, and yams!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. As always we will have green beans, because they are everybody’s favorite. There’s just nothing better than a homemade green bean casserole!

  21. Jeannie from CT – I’ll be making yummy butternut squash and roasted with brown sugar.

  22. Missy E from NY and i think i will try out those green beans you posted πŸ™‚ i need something new

  23. Jessica R from Maine
    Carrot casserole!!!!!! I wait all year for this dish!

  24. Washington, Green beans rule in my house!

  25. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    Definitely brussel sprouts, green beans and sweet potatoes. Our son became a vegetarian this summer so I was thinking of stuffed squash with quinoa, cranberries and pine nuts for him.

  26. Felicia J Nebraska, I will be making candied yams and green beans.

  27. When our family gets together for holidays we always have green beans with cheese melted over the top. Everyone, young and old loves it. Peggy R from Nebraska

  28. Tammy s from NY. Pretty boring but we usually have two sides which include corn and broccoli.

  29. Sweet potato casserole for sure!

  30. THose potatoes look so delicious!
    Jessica A, MA

  31. Brocolli is our go to on Thanksgiving Angie S. from Missouri

  32. Jennifer B.

    green beans with bacon and onion

  33. Alex H – OH

    Green Bean Casserole is a must!

  34. Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes…saving room for pecan pie!

    Michele S from CO

  35. Mashed cauliflower!

  36. Patricia N. says:

    I already make that green bean casserole. I guess great minds think alike. It is my oldest son’s favorite. However, I will make your potatoes; they look divine.

    Patricia N. MA

  37. Seana M.-NY
    Definitely the green beans!

  38. Green beans with almonds is a huge hit at Thanksgiving with my family! Adding the cranberries is a great and yummy idea!

    Melissa F. from MD

  39. Amy Dougherty says:

    Amy D in NY always has plain old mashed potatoes! There would be mutiny without them

  40. Jennifer S. says:

    Jennifer S. from Ma.
    We serve green bean casserole.

  41. Sherri K from Florida- We will have pole beans, corn, and mashed potatoes!

  42. Tina Evans says:

    We always have green bean casserole as this is favorite of ALL of my kids. However, this year I will be adding roasted brussel sprouts!

    Tina E.

  43. I really love roasted butternut squash, parsnips and carrots. Color, flavor and yum.

  44. oops, not enough coffee this morning.
    Roasted butternut squash, carrots and parsnips.
    Valerie S

  45. Linda L-RI
    I will be serving roasted carrots with fresh dill weed.. Yum!!

  46. Tiffany S, Wyoming
    Brussels Sprouts

  47. Deirdre T, CA
    Roasted asparagus! MMM!

  48. The beautiful state of Wasington
    Green bean casserole of course. Taking the ‘Turkey Show to our son so they can start their own traditions. Who know maybe they’ll have tacos next year. lol

  49. I think I’m gonna try your maple bacon Brussel sprouts!
    Sara R, CA

  50. I’m required to bring Cornbread Casserole to my mil’s house for Thanksgiving each year!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Mel!

    Lori M

  51. I discovered a Yellow Squash casserole last year that was a hit, so I’ll be making that again http://butterybooks.com/vegetables-sides/yellow-squash-casserole-recip/
    I also make Green Bean Bundles (green beans wrapped in bacon with a sauce on top) that one of my nephews eats like there’s no tomorrow so that has to stay as well. But, I love your Green Bean recipe as well. I so love fresh green beans!!
    Sounds like I also need to check out your Brussel Sprout recipe πŸ™‚
    Patti R, MS

  52. Oh gosh the green beans for sure!
    How much more simple can you get ~
    Kathleen W
    Friendly Minnesota

  53. I’m going to try the green bean with cranberries and almonds

    Cindy B

  54. Shannon downer says:

    Sweet potatoes. Shannon d, flordia

  55. Green beans!

    Elise M from FL

  56. Angie Hong says:

    Angie from CA.

    I make my mom’s sweet potato casserole with Country Crock (My mom loves this stuff and the container), brown sugar and marshmallow on top!

  57. Jen T in NH

    I’ll be trying the green bean recipe, as well as making baked squash. This may also be our first Thanksgiving with fried rice. Our new son is a fried rice fanatic, so if everyone else gets favorites at Thanksgiving, so does he.

  58. Laurie W.--MA says:

    I’ll make whatever my sweet son and daughter-in-law want me to make, since they are hosting Thanksgiving for mostly my and a couple of my husband’s families. And there will be a bottle (or two) of wine in the basket, too!

  59. This is the first year, in a long time that I am NOT hosting. It is kind of nice not being the host! However, for my husbands sake…green bean casserole. It is his favorite!

    Marie T. CA

  60. We love the standard green bean casserole! Thanks!
    Janell D. from Ohio

  61. Donna Benoit says:

    Donna B., Massachusetts, I’m trying the green beans and cranberries, can’t live in New England and not eat cranberries on Thanksgiving!

  62. We will be having green beans as well, usually a green bean casserolle. Those green beans look delicious though, so maybe we will need 2 green bean dishes!
    Jenni B from Kansas

  63. Shannon S. from Texas. I will always serve the classic green bean casserole! Love it!

  64. I like Brussel Sprouts with butter
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    Louis H (from CA)
    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  65. Your beans look delicious but what exactly is Country Crock anyway? Is it margarine?

  66. Bethany P. from Maine says:

    Mashed Potatoes:) What can I say I live in Northern Maine!

  67. Sweet potatoes and green bean casserole! Yummy!

  68. CHERYL L., IL
    Roasted green beans or perhaps a roasted veggie assortment: beans, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots!

  69. Rose B. from California

    We usually have a green bean casserole, and on the lighter side a waldorf salad. Your potatoes look so good you should put that recipe on A Beautiful Bite.

  70. Deb B., MA

    I’ll be making a sweet potato dish!

  71. Green Bean Casserole.

  72. Kym W., California says:

    The classic, of course, green bean casserole!

  73. LaTanya T.
    mashed potatoes with gravy

  74. Michele B. from Illinois says:

    We always have “cheesy potato casserole” but that Au Gratin recipe looks like it could kick our “cheesy potato casserole” recipe right in the spuds. I think we’ll give that a try.

  75. Andi T Pennsylvania
    I am going to try to do a spicy root vegetable side dish this year, as well as the standards, mashed potatoes, sweetened carrots, and green bean casserole.

  76. Ooo! That potato gratin looks fabulous! I don’t know what I’m serving yet. We have a rule: no repeat recipes. (This goes along with a 5 course meal with adult beverages for each course. It’s So.Much.Fun.) I’m thinking brussel sprouts for sure. Thanks for the chance!
    Britt D

  77. We like asparagus as a side dish!
    Amanda C. from NY

  78. Sweet potato casserole will be my side dish!

    For one of my upcoming dinners I will make your potatoes au gratin to use up remaining potatoes & milk- cant wait!

    Ellen K. From California

  79. Maureen L. says:

    Roasted brussels sprouts, creamed onions, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

  80. We’ll definitely have Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the giveaway – Tshanina P from TN

  81. Green bean casserole is a requirement around here.

    Andrea A from OK

  82. Tricia G. of MA

    Your green bean/cranberry recipe is right up my alley for Thanksgiving, four ingredients – couldn’t be easier!

  83. I am thinking of taking the old corn side dish and making a corn and cheese chowder. Fingers crossed it comes out well.

    Ashley L., OH

  84. Noreen Tobin says:

    Noreen T of MA

    Sweet potatoes are on our menu this year. i need to try something new!

  85. sweet potatoe casserole, for sure.

    Dimie D, TX

  86. Ingrid M.
    Definitely green bean casserole, more jazzed up than some recipes but its the only way my family will eat it πŸ™‚

  87. Cassie Sue says:

    Cassie S, in CA
    Brussel Sprouts with bacon, yum!!

  88. Kym O. From PA. I’ll be serving some smashed sweet potatoes, as my family doesn’t care too much for anything green.

  89. Candice G., Utah- I’m still deciding what kind of starch (potatoes) to make… right now I’m thinking twice baked potatoes may win out!

  90. Love the green beans recipe as a change of pace!
    Doreen C., Texas

  91. I’ll be serving corn pudding.

  92. Broccoli and cheese casserole, Yum- O!

  93. I always make broccoli and rice casserole.
    I would love to make your brussel sprout recipe this year as well!
    Nancy H

  94. Our favorite side dish is good old mashed potatoes – except we do a twice-baked version with lots of sour cream and cream cheese!
    Kathleen R, Ohio

  95. Green bean casserole is a favorite at Thanksgiving.

    Stacey H. NH

  96. Lorraine Ferguson says:

    I am making mashed potatos and gravy for about 40!

    Lorraine Ferguson, Arkansas

  97. Stephanie Peterson says:

    Stephanie P, Arizona
    We always make the traditional green bean casserole, however, I might have to try out your green bean recipe…green beans, cranberries and almonds…three of my favorites in one! YUM!

  98. I plan on making glazed brown sugar carrots. That recipe you made looks great!! Angela D from Michigan

  99. Sue W., Texas Looking forward to trying the Onion & Chive Au Gratin Potatoes. Thank-you for the recipe!

  100. Danielle K. , WI – I’m definitely going to try the Onion & Chive Au Gratin Potatoes, they sound so yummy!

  101. Cheryl E from PA….travelling, not cooking, but love me my veggies and tend to fill my plate with them! will have to mark the grren beans for the future though since it sounds like it still tastes like veggies but is also a bit different than just simply the basics

  102. Our family tradition includes steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce.

    Melanie N, Wyoming

  103. I would love to try the green beans with cranberries this year. My mother always makes the green bean casserole but that is so not healthy. This will be an excellent addition!

  104. domestic diva says:

    green beans with almonds.

  105. Elizabeth Labanieh says:

    Elizabeth L, CA
    I want to try a new pot roast recipe in it!

  106. Christin V., CA
    Our favorite veggie side dish is a corn dish!

  107. Jayne P. Minnesota
    Green beans look so good I will have to try them. Also do a sweet potato

  108. Sherri Carnes says:

    I can’t wait to try the green beans! I love cranberries and almonds… never thought to put the three together!

  109. I think I will make both dishes this Thanksgiving holiday!

  110. I plan on making both the Green Beans with Cranberries and Almonds and the Onion and Chive Au Gratin Potatoes. They will both be a nice change from the traditional beans and mashed potatoes. Thanks for the great recipes. My family is going to LOVE them!

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