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Saying No To The Elf

The world has gone elf crazy. The Elf On The Shelf. Have youΒ heard of it? For that one solitary reader who hasn’t heard of it, let me fill you in….

There’s a long winded official story, but I’m going to give you my take on what this is all about…

Santa stuffs a bunch of his elves into boxes which he sends to Target, Toys R Us and Amazon where they will hopefully be bought for around $29.95 unless you were lucky enough to find them cheaper on black Friday.

Parents who aren’t already stressed out and over burdened enough will purchase these elves so that they can hide them in fantastical places all over their home.

Those same parents will take photos of their elf staging ingenuity and plaster it all over Facebook so that the rest of us can feel like bad parents for:

Not being as creative

Forgetting to move the elf around


Not being a part of the elf madness to begin with

Once home and planted somewhere so amazing that you will have to share this with everyone on every social media platform you hang out on (if you need inspiration there are whole Pinterest boards dedicated to this), Β the elf will sit there and watch your children. (Have you seen the elf’s eyes? Shudder)

And at night while the kids sleep, the elf uses his magical powers to fly back to the North Pole and tell Santa whether or not Johnny or Sally were well behaved that day.

When the kids wake up the next morning, the elf will be in a clever new location if and only if their parents are the creative types.

Helpful Hint, if you’re not creative, just copy your Facebook friend’s elf statuses. The kids will never know.

Now, I know I’m putting myself in a vulnerable place bashing on this wildly popular relatively new holiday tradition. Much like the political realm, our country is divided on the elf. The pro-elves and anti-elves look at each other much the same way that democrats and republicans do.

But for me and my sanity I just say no to the elf. I’ll be honest with you, I have a hard time remembering to put money under the pillow when the kids lose a tooth. I often times have to say that the fairy broke a wing and that the gift is downstairs on the kitchen island. With that, I run down the stairs at lightning speed, rummage through my purse and throw a few dollars on the counter.

Our tooth fairy is very accident prone as she has broken her wings more times than I can count. With four kids, a fairy’s wing density Β can be greatly compromised, I’ve explained to the kids over the years. We have to be patient with the old gal.

Not to mention, the holidays are busy enough with all of the gift buying, cookie baking, tree decorating, holiday card sending, gingerbread house baking and all the other little things that make the holidays, er, well, stressful!

I don’t need an elf to make me feel even more pressured and stressed out. I’m already there. I have a hard enough time remembering if I shut the garage door at night let alone worry about moving an elf to a new location.

And I have a brilliant idea while I’m thinking about it. How about I just expect my kids to behave without the watchful eyes of an elf? How about they just behave because I tell them to? But I guess that’s just me being old fashioned.

I know that at least half of you are pro-elf. So, don’t be offended. I’m actually pro-choice elf. Everyone can choose for themselves if they will partake in the elf tradition. But for me, I’ll remain elf abstinent.

How about you? Are you pro-elf? Are you happy you started the tradition? Or are you like me and already have enough on your cookie plate this holiday season?


  1. Isn’t it even worse than that? Isn’t the elf supposed to be up to all sorts of mischief while you’re asleep? Aren’t you supposed to wake up and “find” the mess? Or did I just read about those escapades on the blogs of people who took this already insane thing way too far?

    I have a post half-written about this but I’m tempted to let it go and just send people to yours. Agree on all counts. Especially the creepy eyes.

    • So it seems that the elf is supposed to be mischievous too. We are supposed to be creative with them and make a mess after we spend all of our time cleaning up after our kids? Who came up with this idea? They are a sadist.

      • Stephanie F says:

        I know! And then, you have to clean the mess back up! What’s up with that?

      • Elizabeth Labanieh says:

        I bet whom ever came up with this crazy elf idea doesn’t even have children! Otherwise, what were they thinking?
        I agree with my child listening and doing as she is told because I say so! πŸ™‚ In today’s age there is nothing wrong with some old fashioned values, someone has to carry them on!

  2. I am definitely anti-elf. I don’t need one more thing to remember during the holidays. The tooth fairy is a total slacker in our home. I don’t need to add one more magical creature to the disappointment list.

    • I’m right there with you on the magical creature disappointment list. The only one I have down is feeding Santa the cookies. And that’s only because I get to eat them.

  3. I’m jewish, so I should be elf opinionless. BUT…The elf creeps me out. He looks like he is going to come alive and kill me, a la, one of those slasher movies. I just wish they would have made a less creepy looking elf. Otherwise, I have no opinion.

    • I’m half Jewish and I have enough opinions for the both of us. He’s like the Chuckie of Christmas toys. Scary.

      • My mother bought the elf for my daughter last year. His name is Chuckie because of those creepy eyes and that menacing smile. He has become our elf on the closet shelf! Horrid little thing.

    • My sister has one of these creepy things and I have told her the exact same thing! I want to sneak in her house and put it on her bed with a knife in its hand but maybe that is going to far. πŸ˜‰

  4. I am anti-elf because I think it’s used more as a manipulation tool on children than as a fun holiday decoration.

  5. *shudder* Creepy elf eyes.

    Thank goodness the kiddo is anti-elf-on-the-shelf.

    Keebler elves, though, that’s another thing entirely! πŸ˜‰

  6. Folks I know who do this have a $5 stuffed elf they picked up on sale somewhere – no one has the “name brand” elf. Most have kids that are older now but it’s just fun for the parents to come up with fun things for the elves to do. And some of the older kids are going in after the parents and night and finding even MORE crazy things for the elves to do πŸ˜‰ I think it’s fun but YMMV.

    • And that’s where the difference is. There are tons of people that think this is fun. Like I said, more power to them. I just don’t have enough time in my days to accomplish what’s necessary. The elf would be my tipping point.

  7. While I have had elf envy for a few years (as we are Jewish and I have no one to help me keep an eye on my kids) – you raise a good point. who has time?

    first time over at your blog and happy I came πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you stay. πŸ™‚ I too am Jewish. Well, halfway anyway. I’m what they call a messy Jew. (Messianic Jew)My mom is Christian and my father is Jewish. I was raised to honor both faiths. I just find this whole elf thing sort of absurd and stressful. It’s hard enough to keep them believing in Santa. A spying/flying elf is a hard sell. πŸ˜‰

  8. Momma Lioness Michele says:

    Pro-choice elf but elf-abstinent is exactly my position. Sharing your post on FB because it perfectly explains how I feel too!

  9. Sorry for my Jewish ignorance but this is actually a thing? An elf? This is cause for controversy? Fascinating!

  10. We have an elf. I have had him for a few years. I, like you, expect my son to behave so he is not there to check on my sons behavior. He is fun. My son can tell him what he wants for xmas, because he will get the message to santa, sometimes the Elf reminds me of things i need to do, like i put out cookie mix that i am suppose to make for school and have the elf sit on it and when my son see’s it he tells me the elf is reminding me. For us its about the elf being part of his holiday, not about teaching my child to behave. Our elf doesnt make a mess( because i have enough to clean). Its just a silly tradition in our house.

    • Like I said, I’m totally pro choice elf. As long as it doesn’t stress you out, I say go for it. You are more woman than me. πŸ™‚

  11. soooo happy to hear I’m not alone in my anti-elf beliefs!
    Melanie and you ladies rock!
    All my friends think I’m awful for keeping the elf from my kids. I think they’re crazy!

    • I watch them on Twitter and FB stressing over the fact that they forgot to move him the night before. I just sip my coffee and giggle. I have enough self imposed guilt, thank you very much. I am half Italian and half Jewish after all.

  12. Our elf is just for fun! I hate baking so an elf is easy! Sometimes he moves sometimes her doesn’t. Sometime he plays silly tricks (writes on the bathroom mirror) or brings a little treat (candy cane). Sometimes he’s still for days. He doesn’t tattle to Santa, he only shares good news with Santa. It makes my kids laugh and makes them happy so I make the time… when I remember! Lol!

    • You are a good mom Carrie. Deep down I want to be more like you. It’s sort of like scrapbooking. I tease my friends that take the time to labor over it, but deep down I wish I was that kind of mom that would do that for her family. I am not.

      • Opps! The Elf forgot to move last night, he was very very tired from his long trip to our house. Now scrapbooking, don’t even get me started! I don’t have strong feeling on the Elf either way but please don’t ever tell me I have to scrap. I know my kids would much prefer your baked yummies to our Elf lol! If I could bake like you they wouldn’t even notice an Elf if it were life sized.

  13. I’m with you. I think it’s creepy that Santa sends a scary-looking elf to check on my kids. Besides, when I was a kid Santa didn’t need anyone’s help. (He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake.) That being said, it is just one more thing to remember. Some days I’m happy if I remember to have my 3-yr-old brush her teeth in the morning and at night. πŸ™‚

  14. We have this little guy, http://www.imaginatives.com/ – he’s named Christopher Popinkins and he’s WAY cuter then that creepy elf on the shelf guy. He is not into mischief. He moves around to different locations and just sits there and the kids can’t touch him. If anyone touches him he gets “sick” and goes back to the North Pole for good. My girls LIVE to find him every morning. I will admit, we often forget to move him around too….geez…I barely remember my own kids names, and now I have to remember to move a silly little elfie guy? But the look in their eyes and the wonder of it really makes it worth while. I can totally get the anti elf thing though. Pro Choice all the way πŸ™‚

    • Oh no. Is he like Furby and if you neglect him he will die? That would be catastrophic. Not only would my kids be mad at me for not getting the right gift, I’d kill off Christopher Popkins. There were days when kids were happy to get an orange in their stocking. Can we go back to that? I can’t kill an orange.

  15. I considered getting an elf for our family this year, but then I realized we are busy enough. There are so many fun traditions out there, but I think I will leave this one to the more creative parents out there. I am glad to know I am not the only hold out.

  16. The elf just plain sucks. He doesn’t live with us.

  17. This is making me laugh so hard! My sister in law and I were just talking about this. Our kids are both 2 (a month apart!) We tried to take them for pictures yesterday and had a particularly rough time (maybe it was the full moon???)

    The rest of the day just got worse for both of us. It was really one of those days….She has been doing the elf for about a week now. I have one but he’s still in the box. My nephew is really in to him and named him and everything. I guess the book says something about Santa being happy or sad when he hears the “news of the day”. The read it every night and my nephew usually tells her that Santa will be happy but last night he said Santa was going to be sad! To this I responded that I better get my elf out and fast! LOL.

    I agree that it’s very time consuming to move and I know people are very creative about it, but I know upfront that I am not one of these people. He might not move at all this year, we shall see.

    Thanks for a good laugh, I hope you post this on facebook so I can share!!! Love your blog today and always πŸ™‚

    • Instead of cursing my kids with “I hope you have kids just like you someday”, I’m going to give each of my grandbabies an elf on the shelf. I think that’s sufficient payback. πŸ˜‰

      • Elizabeth Labanieh says:

        I love this !! I have already cursed my child with the “Children just like you” but the elf for grand babies would be great too. That said my mother in law better not give me one for her grandbaby!!

  18. I’m with you Melanie!! Pro-choice elf and completely elf abstinent!! Wait, wait; wait until you have grand babies and buy THEM the elf on the shelf as rewards for your children not behaving without a creepy elf watching over and tattling on them!! Yeah, I think that’s the plan!!

  19. Thank you!!! I am with you. There will be no elf in my house. First of all,I think he’s too creepy to see every day. Second, I just flat out don’t have the time or energy to be bothered with it. My youngest firmly believes that Santa can still see him morning, noon and night so he is an angel right now. My oldest is very helpful in reminding him of this too, so that helps.
    I’m pro-choice though, so if you want to have the elf… Go for it.

    • Sibling pressure is a wonderful thing. πŸ˜‰ Could they have made that elf scarier looking? I think not. His eyes. They are so spooky. No wonder kids are good when they think he’s watching. I’d be good too!

  20. We love our elf. He came to use last Thanksgiving and my then 5 year old daughter was so enamored with him. My older two kids aren’t really into him, but love how happy it makes their sister. I used a 50% coupon from Barnes & Noble last year so only spent $15 for it. Last night our elf got into our toilet paper stockpile and caused quite the mess! And pinterest has great ideas for the creatively-challenged!

    • All I can say Andi is that you are a lovely parent. Certainly more patient than myself. The world is a better place because of elf loving people like you. You balance the rest of us cynics out!!

  21. That Elf is my biggest regret. I thought it was going to be such a cute tradition to start and it has turned into a nightmare – I mean it I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because I forgot to move the blasted thing and if I get up the puppy (yep mistake #2) wakes up and thinks it’s playtime.

    And forget the cute little scenes, dear lord a mighty it is just too much.

    I have not put it out this year and my 10 year old runs around every morning looking for it and his sad face makes me feel bad but I will not be pressured into it. I was thinking that Santa may have to send a note telling my kids that he needs “Max” for another family. Oh I just don’t know, I tell everyone to not do it

  22. Elf free house and I couldn’t be happier. I have enough things to worry about during the holidays. Have you heard about People I Want To Punch In The Throat.com.com? She did a blog post last year on the Elf that made her practically a household name! I highly recommend, but be forewarned, she does use some pretty salty language! I can’t even look at the Elf without cracking up since reading Jen’s article!

    • Lol, yes I have read that blog. So freakin’ funny. BUT I haven’t read that particular post. I will check it out now….

  23. Finally…a post that will give me the courage to leave that pesky elf in the cedar chest this year! My sister gave us the elf 8 years ago when our oldest son was born, and I have been guilted into taking him out each year. Last year I think I moved him about 4 times during December- I just kept forgetting, what with a house of 3 busy boys, two cats and a dog to take care of. I felt guilty every day as I realized I forgot to move him again.

    So, thank you Melanie. This year I will stand my ground and just say no to that elf, and I won’t feel guilty. (ok, maybe I’ll bake a few extra cookies to make up for it)

  24. I was completely anti-elf till I saw Christopher Pop-in-Kins on sale after Christmas last year and got him for about $10. He’s way cuter than the Elf on the Shelf. My husband and I both work full time and we only have one baby so I try to cram traditions into a small amount of time. We’re not too big on the whole story of him watching her and reporting to Santa and not touching (I’m more worried she’ll love him to pieces if she gets a hold of him), he’s just a fun little guy that moves around and does funny things. In the morning Chris will be rocking the baby Jesus from our Little People nativity set cause I saw the idea on pinterest. She’s only two, but I’m pretty sure she knows Mommy moves Chris around each night and I’m okay with that. Have you heard of the website http://www.reindeercam.com where you can watch two of Santa’s reindeer 24/7? Santa comes out to feed them three times a day and does funny things, there’s no sound but you can see him grab his belly and do a ‘ho ho ho’. And sometimes the cute elf Wesley comes out too. It’s completely addicting and babygirl likes watching Santa feed the reindeer every night way more than finding the elf every morning. πŸ™‚

  25. Up until this year I had not idea what the “elf” was all about.
    Yes, I am anti-elf as well, I am plenty busy as it is and I don’t need Mr.Elf to keep me busy at night too. I like to sleep at night πŸ˜‰ lol

  26. I don’t even have kids yet and the thought of future elf responsibility already stresses me out. Lol. Glad to see people bucking this tradition!

  27. Have you seen the e-card? “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice…that creepy Elf on the Shelf is going to kill you one night while you’re sleeping”. That pretty much sums up my opinion!

  28. We are a pro-elf household simply as a tradition. I didn’t have many holiday or family traditions when I was growing up, and I vowed to myself during my younger years, that when I had a family of my own, I would create as many every day and holiday traditions for them as I could. I’m basically trying to give my children what I never got when I was younger.

  29. Don’t have kids but was aware of the Elf – I clicked on the link you had in your post and saw the limited edition “Couture” skirt on the girl elf.

    She was not sitting in a very ladylike manner if you ask me…

    The elf kind of has Norma Desmond eyes (from Sunset Boulevard – look it up). Major creepy…

    And one of the dogs would find the elf and it would not be pretty – so we are elf-less & shall remain so.


  30. I just don’t get the elf, I also don’t have children so mayb that has something to do with it πŸ™‚

  31. The elf makes me sad because it is yet another thing (in my opinion) to water down the true meaning of Christmas.

  32. We had an Elf when I was little….some 39 years or so ago. I don’t remember any sort of tradition or story to go with him. Ours looks just like the one’s that folks are paying so much $$ for these days. Sadly, we’re past the whole “the elf is watching you” or even the “Cookies for Santa” phase in our house. I don’t know that I would have done the whole Elf thing when she was little but gosh….the messes that I could have blamed the little guy for when I was a kid!!!

  33. This sounds like a very thoughtful campaign to get consumers to spend money. I think the elves belong at the North Pole, helping Santa, not skulking around the house, tattling. Santa knows all. No need for this tattling elf. Besides, who wants to make their children afraid to go to sleep?

  34. We used to have creepy looking elves like that when I was little. We couldn’t stand them. I remember the fun we had throwing them up on the roof. πŸ˜€

  35. Oh please ! I did not grow up with a elf. I never ever heard of it when my children were growing up. But having grandchildren now to see the excitement in their faces is darling. I see nothing wrong or even to get stressed about . One year when my two youngest boys were always at it, I told them Santa is watching they called my bluff. They kept it up and I made the hardest decision that Christmas. They walked out Christmas morning and the presents were all for their sister. They were nine and ten. Today they are thirty six and thirty seven. They still talk about it to this day. In a kind way. It might seem horrible and mean but it taught them and me a lesson. For them they did knock it off. Being more respestful to others and each other and me to hold my ground. When I say something, I follow through.

  36. We do the elf, but only because my daughter who is 11 really wanted to do it a few years ago and she is my last one and I figured if she wanted to keep up the game so would I. I had a really fun time with it last year. I do think its just one more thing to make you feel like a bad parent if you dont do it. I don’t like it though when people bad mouth those that do like to do it (not you melanie-opinions are just fine:)) TO each his own. If you enjoy doing it with your kids-go for it!

  37. I think I am in the minority here. If my boys were little, I would totally LOVE to do the elf thing!!! Of course, I also had 3-4 adventcalendars every Christmas too!!! Playmobile, Lego, a chocolate one and a wooden one from LL Bean with all of the little doors that I filled. Yes, I love, love the whole month of December and always did every fun thing I could think of. If I had ever heard of the elf, well, we would have had the elf too. I think the thing is, we all have things we do for our families and we should feel good about what we do. If hiding an elf is not your thing, dont do it, do what is your thing. Melanie you are an AMAZING baker. Your kids must love to come home to the treats you have made and the fancy dinners you have prepared. Baking/Cooking is so NOT my thing. I wish it was,but it is not. However, hiding an elf around the house, that would be right up my alley!!! To everyone, I say, do what you can and feel good about that, whether its hiding an elf, baking a special treat, playing carols, reading a Christmas story or just getting to snuggle with your child……whats fun for one,isnt for another!!!

  38. I came *this close* to buying an elf last year. We do an activity based advent (no goodies. Lots of fun stuff, crafts, and a bunch of charity work.) which is enough work as it is. I thought about having the elf hold the advent tag for that day. But then I read the book. Yeesh. Creeps me out. Plus I’ve been working so hard on getting my kids to NOT be tattle tales that I really don’t want to introduce what is, in essence, one big tattle tale! So I put the box back on the shelf and walked away. I am so happy with that decision. To those that love the elf: good on ya. But not for me thanks.

  39. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the money and all the work that comes with having a “Family Elf” BUT…when my 9 year old was excited when he saw it in the store (just as much as my 5 year old), my heart melted. The fact that he will “Believe in the magic” for another year is priceless to me. Most of his friends don’t believe in Santa anymore and so they discuss it in depth & he is starting to question it as well. This may be his last magical year….so we have adopted Toby, and this weekend after we put up our christmas tree, he will magically appear. And I am so fine with moving him around the house each night knowing that my 3 kids, even my 9 year old, will be searching for him every morning, with excitement πŸ™‚

  40. I am pro-elf πŸ™‚ My girls named thier’s Periwinkle and adore her. My girls are 3 and 4.5 and she is the perfect reminder to help them to remember their manners. My daughters search for her every morning and is just super excited. In turn any mess that as been made in corolation to our elf has been well worth seeing my girls’ faces. I have fun with it and we will continue it each year until the kids no longer want it.

    That said…when I got said elf in the mail I was shocked to find what she was made of….I could have bought a cheapo and doctored it up. I do have to say that my girls love reading the book though.

  41. Our Elf came to our house this evening, with in 2 hours our Elf has been renamed Santa2 and is now marrying Ballerina Barbie.

  42. Oh my goodness, Mel!! I’m sooooo relieved that you posted this elf expose’ and finally, finally somewhere I can vent about this elf madness. The elf has creeped me out since the very first day of his existence…whenever that was. There is no way on Earth I’m gonna sleep at night thinking about the Elf on the Shelf moving around in my house. And, if I know my youngest as well as I think I do, she would be all for the idea of the elf, but then sleeping in my bed for the month of December, making sure if the Elf gets somebody it is either me or the husband since she’ll be tucked away tightly right between us. The Chucky of Christmas is a perfect description as far as I’m concerned. You have no idea how relieved I am to discover I’m not the only one!!!! :):) LOL!

  43. I must be the one solitary reader who wasn’t tuned into the Elf On The Shelf mania so I have been educated on the topic and very amused with your post and the above dialogue. The Chucky of Christmas! Too funny! I think I’ll join the pro choice elf, elf abstinent group with you Melanie!

  44. The elf we treasure is one that was hand-crafted by my husband’s Aunt Edna. It is circa 50 years old. It has no onerous duties other than to dangle (this year from a floor lamp) in varied locations and remind us how fond we were (still are) of Aunt Edna and her hand-sewn gifts. Each year, she would tell us that the gift “wasn’t much” and we would urge her to believe that we loved the things she gave us. The only thing she wanted from us, and it never varied, was a large box of cream centered chocolates. I think it lasted her for a good, long time each year.

  45. I am somewhere in the middle…we got one of those elf’s three years ago. After the first year of great success moving him every night and the kids taking his presence very seriously, we lost him. We packed him up after Christmas, and couldn’t find him in any box. So I ordered a new one because my girls were beside themselves that he had not come back, and then of course, we found the old one…so now we have two. Yay me!

    I’m sure it’s my bitterness over having to buy TWO, that I now hate the obligation of it. I never remember to move the thing…and it just disappoints the kids. It’s a pain, but my kids love him, so that makes it worth it. By the way, I hated the traditional elf too…my mom has one from when I was a kid! It looks exactly the same, so it just reminds me of 1974…so we bought Christopher Popinkins. http://www.imaginatives.com/ I thought he was much cuter…the story is basically the same. The sucky thing is that when you lose him, you will have to order him on Amazon and wait for the package instead of hopping over to your local Hallmark/Target.

    Happy Elfstinence! I would if I could….

  46. I personally don’t have kids and never understood the elf on the shelf deal, honestly your post is the first time I’ve heard the reason people do it! Now that I understand, once I have children, I am not sure I’d be on board either. It’s a cute idea, but it just seems like a lot of money for an elf…maybe I’d just make my own elf, or just tell the kids the elfs around they just can’t ever seem to find his good hiding spot! ha I think I’d forget to change him too! It’s a cute idea none-the-less though!

  47. I’m pro choice elf too!

  48. We love our Elf. His name is Flakey and he is super silly. He arrived last year, when my 9yo son was maybe on the cusp of believing. My kids are 7 & 10, they are already anticipating his arrival and so are our FB friends. He did a lot of silly things but his messes are very contained (I don’t got time for that, sister!). Sometimes he was playing a game of candyland with our other toy friends in the morning and one night he did go so far as to decorate our tree with the kids’ underwear…he became a new tradition in a house for 2 kids that love Christmas, where the parents are afraid that the older child will soon find out the truth about Santa and some of the Christmas magic will start to fade a little for him…he’s a creative little guy so we thought either A) Flakey could help him hold onto the magic or B) He could help dream up Flakey adventures to keep his sister entertained…or maybe we’ll just keep Flakey going through the teen years for fun. Those baby and toddler and pre-school years FLEW by…still just trying to hold onto some magic here. And yes, I scrapped Flakey’s adventures :). Don’t hate me. My house is a mess and my hair is always in a ponytail.

  49. This is the funniest post! I actually have a huge collection of the little buggers, but they’re vintage! We had them when I was a kid. OK, vintage is maybe not the right word, since I am not. Vintage, that is. But I do love my elves! I have tiny ones and big ones – we had a dozen or so and we used to put them all over the house. On the hutch with the pewter collection, on the barnwood shelves in the family room – everywhere. One Christmas, after we’d moved to a new house, I caught my mom throwing them in the trash!

    I rescued them and from that point on, my collection grew…I find them every so often at estate sales or Goodwill and I snap them up. Red or green, I’m not prejudiced as to their color. πŸ™‚

    Today would have been my mom’s 73rd birthday. She passed away at age 50 of lung cancer. This was a good memory – and I still have the elves, they are in storage back in my hometown, awaiting my move back someday when I can find a job there again. Good memories. Whoever commercialized my elves and made them a nuisance should be shot. LOL


  51. For 10 years, I went with “elves are scared of big dogs”. Then my 75 yr old parents sent my kids one of our original family elves from the 70’s. Thankfully my husband stays up late and comes up with silly ideas for him – it is a neat way for my husband to get more I involved!

  52. I just googled “Am I the last mom to say ‘no’ to Elf on the Shelf?” and your post popped up…it was the only one. Please tell me you haven’t caved so I know there’s two of us out there.

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