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World Vision Gifting and a Giveaway!

This holiday season World Vision invites you to look past gifting fruit cakes and cookies, and consider sending a gift from the World Vision Gift Catalog that will support children and families in the United States and around the world.

Do you have someone on your gift giving list that is impossible to shop for? The person who already has everything? Consider donating in that person’s name through World Vision.

World Vision gives you the option of gifting much needed fruit trees, drought resistant seeds, farm animals and even fresh water that will make a difference for struggling families and villages.

World Vision also offers Maximum Impact Fund gifts that are used where resources are most desperately needed. With a financial contribution, the gift giver can select one of 36 items that can be given to a loved one and at the same time help a person in need.

These gorgeous serving spoons are an example of a Maximum Impact Fund gift. This Hand Carved Spoon Set is sold for $65 and is made to benefit the orphans of the Kamba tribe of Kenya.

I received the Hand Carved Serving Spoon Set you see  above in order to write this review and I have to tell you, I’m so pleased with the craftsmanship of these serving pieces. The quality is superb and the wood working is exquisite. Anyone who appreciates kitchen tools would be thrilled to receive this gift. And you can feel good knowing that your gift is also helping people in need.

World Vision would like to offer a giveaway of a set of Hand Carved Serving Spoons to one of my readers. To enter, comment on this post by leaving your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Thursday, December 6th 11:59 pm ET.

For more information on gifting through World Vision, be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.


  1. Rosanne A in VA
    The serving spoons are beautiful!

  2. Wow those are beautiful! Would love a set : )
    Jennifer C. Tennessee

  3. Carmela C, NJ
    Great giveaway!

  4. Brenda Adams says:

    Brenda A. from Ohio

  5. Gorgeous is all i can say Angie s. From Missouri

  6. abbey y, california <3

  7. Would love them!

    Jessica D, CT

  8. Cynthia S.
    Dighton, MA

  9. Beautiful servers!
    Jessica A, MA

  10. Lisa K from PA!

  11. Debbie C.. Maine
    Those are beautiful!

  12. What a good cause! And those spoons are gorgeous!

    Elise M

  13. This sounds like a win win organization. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Becky V. from TN

  14. Tina D. Connecticut says:

    Tina D. Connecticut What beautiful spoons and such a worthy cause.

  15. Beautiful servers and a wonderful cause to raise awareness of the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of helping others. Sign me up please! Krista B, MD.

  16. Johanna H. says:

    Beautiful spoons and a good cause.

    Johanna H. from MA

  17. Cristyn H from MA

  18. Seana M.-NY
    Such a beautiful set and a wonderful cause.

  19. Kimberly G says:

    These look gorgeous!

  20. Chandrea S. says:

    Chandrea S from MI

  21. Amy C. CT

    lovely !!

  22. Lynne W.

    What a wonderful cause!

  23. Lorraine Ferguson - Arkansas says:

    The spoons are beautiful!

  24. Elizabeth T. from MI

  25. What a great idea for gifts that also help others!

  26. Beautiful set, would love to give them to my mom!
    Kellie G.
    Houston, TX

  27. Barb W. from Manassas, VA

    The set is beautiful! My church actually donates money to World Vision as one of our Missions funds. Excellent organization.

  28. The wood is just beautiful Genevieve S from Tucson Az

  29. Tina H.


  30. Vaishali S from WA. Thanks!

  31. rebecca absher says:

    Awesome giveaway…Rebecca A…..from NC

  32. Kim L. from Indiana! My mother & father in law got me a gift through this organization last year and I loved it! They bought a rabbit for a family on my behalf- this is what the season is truly about!!

  33. Angela D from Michigan – wow what a great giveaway! These are beauties!

  34. Dion F. from Ohio
    They are beautiful!

  35. Thanks for another great giveaway.
    Tamra B.

  36. Love them!!
    Tena N Utah

  37. Krystle W. TX
    Those serving spoons are lovely & would great in my Asian inspired kitchen!

  38. Laurie W.--MA says:

    Laurie W.–MA
    Checked out their website. A little difficult to find the link to the catalog of gifts to purchase like the spoons. Good thing you mentioned “Maximum Impact.”

  39. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    I love this idea. I am heading there now to look at gift ideas.

  40. Love the spoons. Mia W from Massachusetts.

  41. Beautiful set! AND — the organization is great! We gave a goat in my grandfather’s name (he was an old goat!!) a few years back.

    Kathy P. in California

  42. Therese S. says:

    Therese S

    AWESOME ideas!!

  43. Beautiful. Martha L from SoCal

  44. Beautiful!
    Merideth S., Texas

  45. MaryAnn K from MA. Gorgeous set!

  46. Very beautiful salad serving spoon set. Love the intricate design
    Diana L from New Hampshire

  47. jan k from TN~what a beautiful gift idea. Have a friend in mind who would love this, must check out the catalog.

  48. We just started a child sponsorship in October. We have also given gifts of animals in the past. What a great organization!

    Tammy, SD

  49. cheryl e. in pa

  50. Cheryl P. says:

    Cheryl P. who lives in Texas

  51. Trisha K in Florida.
    Great giveaway, am going to use this for gift for my sister this year

  52. Jenny H. From Wa State

  53. They are lovely.
    Maria from MA

  54. Courtney M in Florida

  55. Those are gorgeous! Jackie B, California

  56. Ranger S., from FL, says these are beautiful.

  57. Cheryl P. says:

    WOW! Beautiful….that’s all I can say!

    Cheryl P.

  58. We sell these where I work. They may be different companies, ours are from Acacia Creations, from fallen olive trees by disadvantaged individuals in Kenya! Such a fun giveaway Melanie!

    Nicole B

  59. Patricia N. says:

    Those serving spoons are incredible. I would hang them on the wall for everyone to see their beauty.
    Patricia N.

  60. Sharla B. says:

    These are beutiful!
    Sharla B.

  61. Katherine M says:

    Katherine M from NC

    They are beautiful!

  62. Kesha G., NC
    What a beautiful set!

  63. Heather S

  64. This set is beautiful…I love the intertwined handles!
    Kym O from PA

  65. Diane M – North California

  66. Really beautiful!
    Becky N.
    from Ohio

  67. Nicole G. says:

    Nicole G. from MA

  68. Kathy A from MN
    Thanks for posts like this!

  69. Love them!

    Dorothy C, NJ

  70. Cassie Sue says:

    Cassie S. in California

    Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  71. Michele S. says:

    Michele S. from Colorado

  72. Nice Giveaway! Christine S. from N.H.

  73. Great gift idea – beautiful spoon set!
    Donna B.

  74. Jess P from MO

  75. Cindy B. Colorado
    Would love these.

  76. Yvonne G. says:

    Yvonne G. from ND
    These are gorgeous!

  77. Danielle K. – WI
    Those are adorable! I have JUST the friend that would LOVE them!!

  78. JoAnn V from NJ

  79. Katrina T from Florida

  80. Christy W from Georgia

  81. Marie N from WA

  82. Hi Melanie, thanks for being so supportive of World Vision US and the gifts catalougue. If you have any UK readers who would love to give a charity gift this year (they also make great last minute prezzies!) they can visit http://www.musthavegifts.org. Happy Christmas!

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