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A Peek In My Cart

Even though I don’t write about the couponing life any longer, don’t think for one moment that I’m out of the game. It’s just been sort of quiet when it comes to couponing lately.

That said, Shaw’s put out four $1 doublers this week that’s been keeping me pretty busy stocking up on some pretty sweet deals. Orville Redenbacher has been super cheap with the buy one get one free sale and my $1/2 coupons. My kids love their kettle corn popcorn. So, I’ve been stocking up on that with the dollar doublers.

Also, 85% ground beef is part of the 4 packages for $20 dollars deal which is a damn good deal too. Especially considering each pack is almost four pounds of beef. This will be a welcome change for the family considering we’ve been eating turkey for awhile now. One can only eat so much turkey.

Actually, we had a lovely meal this evening. I made a killer pan full of carnitas in preparation for a blog post I’ll be sharing tomorrow afternoon on A Beautiful Bite. If you like carnitas, you might want to check it out! Did anyone notice I used one of my new Pyrex pieces in the post for the Curried Nuts With Honey?

I just adore the retro feel of these dishes.

Before you know it I’ll be sporting a poodle skirt and wearing my hair in a bouffant all while serving Swedish meatballs made with my 85% sale ground beef. It’s all coming together now….


  1. I totally notices your new dishes! I wish I wasn’t dependant on the shuttles and planes at Mixed so I could have done some shopping. No $1 doublers up here in Maine this week. Jealous!

    • I didn’t have much time either. I hit just one shop. Even still, the prices there weren’t thrift store amazing, so I’m glad I left the bowls behind. I’ve found much better prices in the local thrift shops. And what is with you not getting the doublers? That’s odd!

  2. Beautiful pic of Pyrex and the food doesn’t look bad either!

  3. Were the dollar doubler coupons in the flyer? I’m not finding them 🙁 Thanks!

  4. Never mind…saw on another website that they should be in the flyer…that is strange since I shop at the Plymouth, MA store

  5. Patricia N. says:

    Love the dishes; looks like my mother’s table when I was a kid. Wonder what happened to her old casserole bowls? My Dad probably threw them away years ago when she got her new Corning Ware bowls. Your bowls sure are pretty. They brighten up the table in a kind of subdued way. They make me want to go out and work in the fields before lunch. Or maybe put on a dress, high heels and an apron and start baking.

    • Patricia N. says:

      Almost forgot. I noticed a pomegranate in your cart. Thanks for reminding me that I have 3 -$1 pomegranate coupons to double. I love those things; so delicious. Time to can something with pomegranate in it.

    • It makes my tummy hurt to think that my parents and grandparents probably sold this stuff at a yard sale or gave it away. Ugh. And I agree. These bowls make me want to dress up too, lol.

  6. 4 – 4lbs packs for $20… Oh My – $1.25/lb?? That is amazing!!! The best sale around here was $2.29/lb… and dollar doublers to boot?? I am jealous!

  7. I can SO see you in a poodle skirt and bouffant !!!

  8. I’m jealous! Shaw’s here put a notice that the 4/$20 only included the 1-2 pound packs of hamburger. Bummer.

  9. Love the bowls and your carnitas look delicious!! I bet you would rock the poodle skirt and the 50s hairdo!

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