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A Peek Into My Holiday Clearance Cart

clearanceOk, so this post is entirely premature. My real clearance shopping usually starts when Target goes full-on 75% off, but I did do a little shopping the day after Christmas. So, why not share what I found?

Of course my first stop was Target. I was really hoping for clearance paper towels, but sadly there were none to be found. Instead, I found some 50% off Goldfish Crackers, Glad containers and Dunkie’s coffee. And that’s something to be happy about.

stacy's gingerbreadBefore the holidays I stumbled across these gingerbread pita chips made by Stacy’s. I LOVE gingerbread and Stacy’s are my chips of choice. So, I figured this would equate to the best snack product EVER, but I was sadly mistaken. They were terrible. Sniff. A tragic snacking error.

Finding the regular Stacy’s pita chips at 50% off made me feel a little better. Interestingly, there were cases of the gingerbread flavor still on the shelves. I think they will remain until the 90% off phase.

peppermint snapsBut do you want to know what’s splendidly delicious and also on sale? Williams Sonoma Peppermint Snaps. 60% off too! My all time favorite Christmas candy which normally retails for $24.95. Too rich for my blood, but at 60% off I’ll take them.

Chocolate filled peppermints. Genius. And they came just in time to mask the garlic from this delectable meal I served up today. Mints are certainly required before kissing anyone after this dish. Whoa baby.

That wraps up my clearance shopping thus far. My real clearance shopping is yet to come. I’m sort of a Christmas clearance buzzard. Swooping in here and there to get the goods when they are rock bottom.

On my list of items to hunt for are Christmas gift wrap, tags, bows and packages for baked goods. I suspect that in just a few more days many of these things will hit rock bottom pricing.

How about you? Did you find anything awesome? Are you holding out for Target to drop even further? What’s on your clearance wish list?


  1. jinglebells says:

    Speaking of wishes,looking at the contents of your cart makes me long for the good,old goldfish crackers.
    Like the ones we used to know,that were smaller, deliciously cheesy,crispy and didn’t have faces.
    I just haven’t ever gotten on board with the new kind. They don’t taste the same. Wish,wish,wish.

  2. I went to Pet Smart hoping to get our new puppy some toys (dogs don’t care if they are Christmas toys right?) but I still didn’t want to pay the price at 50% off. Since I was close I went to Walmart and they still had tons of stuff at 50% off. I am not a big Walmart shopper (really do not like the place at all) so I decide to just wait and see what I could get at Target. I am hoping that everyone hasn’t swooped in and bought all the good clearance. I am definitely in need of wrapping paper and tags for next year. If I can get the stuff for baking that will be a major victory for me.

    • I’m with you. Walmart is not my favorite place to shop. It’s sort of a joyless experience. Fingers crossed for you finding what you need!! And some stuff for your pup too! 🙂

  3. I was in Target on 26 Dec also, not really impressed with the selection, but you’re right, most was still 50% off and it might be more appealing when it hits 75% or even 90% off! I love those chocolate filled peppermints!! If you had your Spaghetti with Spinach and Olive Oil I saw on A Beautiful Bite; then yes, these candies would be a good treat that also freshens your breathe. Always a good combination.

  4. Kathy Baker says:

    I love Target at 90% off, but it’s a risk, there isn’t always a lot left….. I’m thinking Jan 6th maybe? Rite Aid sometimes has great clearance too. I love Rite Aid clearance, great place to get new lights!

    • You’re right. It’s such a gamble. I’ll check every couple of days and see what’s up. With the price of gas as high as it is, I can’t be going up daily. Rite Aid clearance is pretty great. I just wish we had more of them closer by!

  5. I was at my target yesterday and really didn’t pick up much. I did overhear employees talking about when they would be setting up valentines day merchandise. They said they would be stocking it in three weeks. I’m not sure but this could be a way to track the percentage of the clearance.

  6. I found just one box of holiday parchment paper for $1.49 at Target. And wouldn’t you know I had a $1 off coupon. Score!

  7. On no! I bought some of those pita chips and was hoping they would be yummy! I’m scared to try them now. You just need to come up with a great recipe using them as the crush or something. :o) That would help me out a lot. LOL

    I moved this year into an apartment from a house and without a lot of room, I decided not to try and decorate, so I didn’t really have anything to go after at the sales. I might skim through Target again at some point, but mostly I’m after discounted candy to use in the dish I keep on my desk at work to share with co-workers.

    • Oh, never mind me. I’m just fussy. You might love them. Let me know what you think. Now I’m curious to see if I’m the only one!! I’m trying to stay away from the discounted candy. Not that it’s working. 🙂

  8. I like going the day after, but I haven’t done it the last couple of years. I need to do the rock bottom buying like you are though in the next few days!

    Miss you!

    • Miss you too chica. Spent time on your blog entering your wonderful giveaways today. I especially like the ones that have to do with cooking. 🙂 Happy New Years my friend. I hope to see you soon!

  9. Patricia N. says:

    I look for the holiday cook books and decorating books. I got 3 at Christmas Tree Shop and they are great. Original prices were $25-$35, and I paid $5.50 each after the 50% off. They even had the Nigella Lawson book for $5.50, and I got to use my $10 off $40 coupon.
    I also go to the drug stores after Christmas. Walgreen has the best candy deals if you wait long enough.

  10. Hit Target today and did quite well! Found lots of stuff in the regular aisles! I love me a good clearance treasure hunt at Target!

  11. My Target still had a lot of stuff left this morning despite going 70/50 yesterday. I got a block of Hickory Farms jalapeno and cheddar cheese for 1.50, eight bags of Naked Pita Chips for .89! each (they were on an endcap with the gingerbread ones–the bag just said something about holiday on it, but they’re sell by April 2013), and a couple of other odds and ends.

    By the way, if anyone’s looking for Justin Beiber wrapping paper, my store had a lot left. Hehe. 🙂

    I got my daughter a pair of Carter’s Christmas pajamas (for next year) for 5.98 at Macy’s today and her My First Christmas Lenox ornament for $13. Much better than the sticker price of $60! She’ll grow up to learn her mother is thrifty and that’s why her first Christmas ornament wasn’t on the tree until her second Christmas. We won’t add that mom had a giftcard so didn’t pay anything out of pocket bc she still finds $13 crazy for an ornament.

    You know we need an update if you’ve been back out. 🙂

  12. I did a bit o’ damage to my Target credit card today… darn that store is dangerous!!
    Holiday is 70% off here in Miami and Candy is 50% off… although some food items are 70.
    I hit 2 stores and spent too much money and should have stayed away from the candy.
    OH Target… why must you tease me!!
    ps.. I like those Stacey’s gingerbread pita chips….
    pss… I won’t even walk into Walmart…. yuck!!

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