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California Wine Club Giveaway!

As I shared with you last month, I’ve been enjoying a membership with The California Wine Club. A club that focuses on the very best bottles of wine produced by smaller family owned wineries.

Bruce and Pam Boring, the founders of The California Wine Club, started their business because they were frustrated with trying to figure out which bottles of wine were truly good amongst all of the pretty labels they saw on the shelves. And I have to admit, I’ve struggled with the same problem.

They much preferred receiving recommendations from friends which is a pretty reliable way to go. So, they set out to visit local wineries in California in order to find quality wines that they could confidently offer to their customers.

My latest shipment included two bottles of wine. One white and one red. Here’s a little bit of info on each..

Daniel Gehrs Chenin Blanc:

A dry white wine from Santa Barbara County, this multiple award winner Chenin Blanc exhibits the flavors of pear, quince, wild flowers and golden honey. A complex elixir that retains its refreshing vitality while gaining roundness and viscosity.

Daniel Gehrs Merlot 

This Merlot is distinguished by a smooth palate framed by easy tannins, a juicy fruit driven flavor and an aroma profile of black cherries, raspberries and warm tanned leather with hints of cranberry and blueberry. Delicious by itself or with most meat dishes, this wine can age in the bottle 4-5 years.

Earlier this week I enjoyed the Merlot. It was delicious. I’m not educated enough to pick out the fine notes of the assorted fruits, but I do recognize a good wine when I taste it. Usually I go for the wines that are heavy on the tannins, and while this wine was lighter, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s got a real full bodied taste that went really well with our meal of beef. I was sorry when it was gone.

I’m not a white drinker and I’m saving that bottle for when I have friends over who do enjoy white. The bottle has award winning stickers all over it which is a very good sign.

My wine club membership has been a really enjoyable experience. Receiving bottles of wine that have been carefully vetted out has taken the guess work out of the whole wine buying process.

The California Wine Club has several membership levels. If you enjoy wine, then I’d suggest checking it out. It would also be the perfect holiday gift for that someone in your life who is impossible to shop for.

How would you like to win two bottles of wine from The California Wine Club? In order to enter, you must be at least 21 years of age and this giveaway is void where prohibited. 

To enter, comment on this post with your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Friday, December 14th 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

This review opportunity was provided to me via Mom Spark Media. I was given a two month membership free of charge in order to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Mare P from GA

    MMmmmmm….wine. 😉

  2. Heidi V from PA

  3. Missy E. from NY 🙂

  4. Julia M., MA

  5. Johanna H. says:

    I couldn’t survive without wine!!
    Johanna H. from MA

  6. Judy D from MI

  7. Pam P. from KY

    This looks like a fabulous gift.

  8. Cristyn H. from MA. The hubs would love this!

  9. Tina D. Connecticut says:

    Tina D Connecticut

  10. Taylor P, MO

  11. Vaishali S., WA

  12. Cynthia S.
    Dighton, MA

  13. Kristen A. says:

    Kristen A. from PA!

  14. S. Dolan NY I love reds too!

  15. Emily L. from MA!

  16. Nicole W from Missouri

  17. Maureen Golden says:

    Maureen G, NH….Love wine…red AND white!!

  18. Michelle L. says:

    Michelle L. – Ohio
    Wine is good for the heart!

  19. Wine is awesome!

    Elise M

  20. Felicia J.

  21. Bethany P. from Maine says:

    Bethany P from Maine

  22. What an awesome giveaway! 🙂

    Kirsty S, NC

  23. Jess McCarthy says:

    Jessica M. Pennsylvania
    This would go directly to my mom’s house! 🙂

  24. Carmela C, NJ

  25. Nanci S. from NY

  26. Katie Y from Kentucky

  27. Cheryl E. in PA

    you should check out Bin Ends (http://www.binendswine.com/) sometime….down in Braintree, kinda “warehouse-y” with awesme prices and knowledgable staff. def miss it since we’re a bit limited here in PA

  28. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    Mel J. from Pa.

  29. Patti L, GA

  30. Heather S. NY

  31. Oxana H from Mn

  32. Carol F. , IL I love a good wine.

  33. Julie P from MN – fellow red wine consumer. Yay antioxidants!

  34. Kathy A. MN

  35. Jennifer B.

  36. Holly S IL

    I know I like Chenin Blanc, although I usually cannot afford it.

    I am trying to learn to like reds since I have friends & family who drink red. Your comment about the lower tannin level appeals to me.

  37. Rebecca A. from NC..

  38. This is an interesting way to choose US wines

    Jane L. NY

  39. Laurie W.–MA

  40. Melanie S from Michigan

  41. Sherri K from Fl. would love to have something like this and be able to appreciate wine more.

  42. Marge M

  43. seana m.-ny

  44. Debi W. MN Yummy wine! We belonged to a wine club ages ago and were just talking about joining one again!

  45. Genevieve from AZ says:

    Love red and white wine

  46. Robin A. Washington State says:

    Just retired and entertaining more. My guests would love this gift.

  47. Melissa O. from VA

  48. Teresa Perdue says:

    Teresa P.

  49. April Busby says:

    April B
    Asheville, NC

  50. Wow, the merlot sounds delicious!

  51. Jennifer Ryder says:

    My husband is usually more of a wine drinker than I am, so this would make him really happy!
    I’m WAY over 21.
    Jen R., NH

  52. Megan C from PA!

  53. Brooke R from GA

  54. God, I need a drink!
    Dorothy C NJ

  55. Maria from MA

  56. Megan G from SC!

  57. Kesha G from NC!

  58. Debbie S. The U.P. of Michigan

  59. Sheila Dolan says:

    Sheila D., NY

  60. Pam M of NY

  61. Great gift idea!
    Donna B.

  62. Krystle w from tx! 🙂

  63. Britt D of SD – perfect for the Holidays! Thanks for the chance!

  64. I love all wine!!!!

  65. Michelle R. says:

    I could use some wine right about now 🙂
    Michelle R
    Las Vegas, NV

  66. Linda D from Alabama

  67. Cheryl P. says:

    Isn’t wine one of the food groups?? 🙂

    Cheryl P.

  68. I’d love to win the wine!

  69. Jessica D says:

    Ohhhh fun! I’d love to win!

    Jessica D, CT

  70. Kimberly G says:

    Nothing beats a good merlot or pinot!
    Kimberly G, Stamford CT

  71. Chandrea S. says:

    Chandrea S

    Fraser, MI

  72. Janet F. aka Muffintopmommy
    Live Free or Die NH, baby!

    I am the opposite—white wine all the way. Reds give me horrendous migraines, sad to say. Except for Chianti. How random is that?

  73. Tamra B.

  74. Melanie N., Wyoming. I’m a white wine girl, we could easily split an order!

  75. Carolyn Klein says:

    Carol K
    New Jersey

    Perfect for the holidays.

  76. Amy C. from CT. yay wine!

  77. Andrea C.
    I am really crossing my fingers for this one;)

  78. Therese S. says:

    Therese S.

  79. Cheryl P. who lives in Texas.

  80. Heather Q. says:

    Heather Q.
    Baltimore, MD

  81. Tina T. from TX

    This would be a great win!

  82. Sherry Lykins says:

    Sherry L. from Ohio!

  83. Valerie S
    I love this.

  84. Noelle Cagle says:

    noelle c.

    Hanford, CA

  85. Meryl S. – NC

  86. Louis S. from NC

  87. Teri Z from NY -thank you

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