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Dealing With Chronic Pain

Recently I was involved in a discussion about chronic pain. As most of you know, in July of 2011 I was hit by a car which was followed by a lengthy recovery. So, I’m sort of familiar with the chronic pain topic.

I bet many of you are familiar with this topic too. The problem is that many of us don’t deal with our pain when we should. Us moms lead busy lives. We have so many people that depend on us that we usually put ourselves last. Even if we are in pain.

Did you know that more than 76 million people struggle with pain on a daily basis? And that instead of going to the doctor to discuss pain, 50% of us put that at the bottom of our priority list during the holiday season?

That’s an issue.

Chronic pain (pain that lasts longer than three months), seems to worsen during the winter months. People who suffer from inflammation are acutely aware of this. I can certainly verify that this is true. The only times I really struggle with any pain is when it’s very cold and damp.

Add in icy sidewalks, shoveling snow and dealing with freezing temperatures and you have a real problem if you suffer from chronic pain.

So, what can you do if chronic pain is an issue for you?

Check out this checklist at osteopathic.org and take the Living With Pain quiz. Think through the questions and bring a list of your own concerns to your doctor to see what can be done to help your situation.

Also consider visiting a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine).DO’s also go to 4 years of medical school, attend residency programs and take board certification tests. DO’s are similar to MD’s but they take a more comprehensive approach to treating the patient.

Whichever route you take, be sure to get yourself to a doctor if you are dealing with chronic pain. Don’t power through your pain because you feel like you aren’t the priority.

You owe it to yourself to put your health first.

This post is a sponsored post for The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Interesting post, Melanie. My friend Heather is a DO, but she’s in Philly and looking to move to Washington State. I used the link you posted and there are a few DOs in my area. Gonna check one out. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the info and the links Melanie. I’m always on the look out for options when it comes to pain management.

  3. Chronic pain is all too familiar to me. And, I take nothing for it.

  4. I have chronic pain, too, in my back, my neck/shoulders, hips, and I have fibromyalgia.

    • Fibromyalgia is a tough one to deal with. I’m so sorry that you struggle with that. Sending you healing thoughts.

  5. Hi Melanie. There’s some fantastic advice in this post. Extremely useful for anyone who’s suffering from issues with chronic pain.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes, Alex

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