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Holiday Baking and Other Foibles

crockThis past week has been a little on the crazy side. So, you’ll have to forgive me for the use of crappy iPhone photos in this post. I’ve been sort of living on the fly and it wasn’t the kind of week for toting a big girl camera around.

No real thrifting for me this week. I did however stop at a consignment store last week which is where I found the gorgeous crock you see above. It’s between 80-100 years old and was languishing on the shelf because it had a hairline crack in the back.

So, they slashed the price down to $17 to get rid of it. The moment I laid eyes on it I knew it would be perfect for my out of control utensil collection. Isn’t it amazing? The crock of course. Not the utensils.

nipple cookiesI got a real late start this week with my holiday baking. It started on Wednesday night when Aidan decided to bake cookies for his friends and teachers which he was going to pair with a Starbucks gift card.

He started this project while I was out running errands. When I got home around 9:00pm, he was taking his first batch out of the oven. He asked me to take the first taste. Bless his heart, but he must’ve done something very wrong because they tasted like plaster.

At that point I sent him to bed and started from scratch. Three hours later he had edible cookies for his friends and teachers. The crap we parents do, I tell you.

Thursday night I started my baking for the rest of the kid’s teachers. I started with the no fail peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies. Sort of a holiday favorite, right? And easy too! Usually.

Forgive me for what I’m about to say, but it’s the truth. Crass but true. My cookies came out of the oven looking like nipples. Cookie nipples. You know how when you get pregnant and your skin changes color and darkens in certain areas? Yeah, that’s what these cookies looked like to me.

I was horrified. I’ve baked some pretty complicated cookies in my time and they came out just fine. The one time I choose something simple they come out looking like this. Who wants to give teachers cookies that look like pregnant nipples? Gah.

giftsThe rest of my baking turned out just fine. I was especially proud of this recipe. I think it’s going to be a real hit. Who doesn’t love a good truffle?

I got really lucky and scooped up a ton of adorable Martha Stewart baked goods gift boxes at Jo Ann Fabrics for 70% off. If you are still baking and packaging gifts, you might want to make a quick run over to Jo Anns and see if they have any left. I just love the gingerbread house treat boxes. So stinkin’ cute.

Today I finish baking for the family and I haven’t even started wrapping gifts yet. Who started that tradition anyway?

How about you? Are you ready for the holidays? Did you do any baking? Distract me so I don’t have to wrap gifts.


  1. Yeah, kids are so last minute. When my daughter was in 4th grade she came home after school and informed me she volunteered to bring in chocolate covered strawberries for her teacher’s 40th birthday the next day. Yup, went to the market and spent my time making them as you for your son at 9pm. I feel your pain. She’s now 18 and still last minute. It kills me.
    Enjoy Christmas with your family Melanie 🙂

  2. The cookie nipples look awesome! teehee =)

    I love the treat boxes…really a nice touch. I also love the blue dipped, snowflake adorned balls. (Gosh, this comment is probably going straight to spam with these words! LOL)

  3. Those cookies look delicious!

    I haven’t wrapped a single present, nor have I finished my Christmas shopping. ooops

  4. LOL, I like the cookie nipples too! Merry Christmas Goddess!

  5. Jennifer B. says:

    I’ve found that unless I wrap presents a bit early, I actually resent wrapping them, knowing the paper will be on them less than 24 hours! Bah humbug, right?!?

    So I guess my comment would be to drop things in bags (gift sacks, paper or plastic store sacks, whatever!) so you don’t spend energy wrapping. I’m pretty sure, though, you’ll end up wrapping every single present — beautifully — even if it means zero sleep for you!

    P.S. I’m guessing the preganacy-looking cookies didn’t make your photos here. These are shots of the “redos,” right? I hope so, because this is how mine always look!

  6. I make peanut cluster candy for my husband’s employees (and for a select few other people). This year I made some sweet & spicy nuts to add into the tins. I had to make another batch of nuts for my husband today.

    Our car mechanic always gets a tin of goodies as he takes such good care of us.

    I love the crock – it is just so neat to have vintage items to surround you! Some things in stores just speak to you – OK – they speak to me.

    If you have any thrift shops that support local animal shelters in your area I have found them to have some pretty good items donated and priced reasonably as well (at least they are in my area).

    I love the cookies! I could make some lame comment about the nipples being cold – but – oh wait – I just did…..

    We don’t have children and very little family so we have a pretty uncomplicated holiday season.

    We always go eat Chinese on Christmas (usually Christmas eve) like in the movie Christmas Story.

    And I hope you & your family have a lovely Christmas!


  7. I just made gluten free peanut butter cookies for the first time yesterday. I thought that I would make them into something akin to peanut butter blossoms by adding chocolate melts to the top. I didn’t realize that they would spread like they did, and I also got a cookie sheet full of boobs!!! There was a lot of giggling going on in my kitchen last night 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way!

  8. The only reason I have all the presents wrapped is my husband is a slave driver. We both stayed awake until 1-2 a.m. two nights last week to get them all done. Thank goodness for him though, or I’d be doing it all tonight with my procrastination skills.

    My holiday baking was scattered and unorganized this year as well. Next year I am planning ahead and getting all my supplies at once, instead of a batch or two at a time. My Christmas Graham Cracker Cookies didn’t turn out right because the chocolate chips were too big, too cold, and milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet. However, the tray I took to the family Christmas party on Saturday was wiped clean in about 30 minutes. So they couldn’t have been that bad. Just looked like it to me, same with your Peanut Butter Nipple cookies there.

    I have also been struggling with starting a new family tradition on Christmas Eve. We always do one present (pajamas) after dinner and then head out to check the Christmas Lights around town. I wanted to start a Christmas Eve dinner tradition, but wasn’t sure what to do. I decided yesterday that on Christmas Eve each year, we will have one of my late mother’s favorite dishes. This year is Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and biscuits. Thank goodness I get done work slightly early today.

    I also have one last batch of cookies to bake for my son, Aidan. He does not like chocolate, so usually the overabundance of chocolate based treats this time of year bums him out. I decided to make Reese’s Pieces cookies along the lines of M & M cookies. Mixed the batter up last night and we will be baking this evening.

  9. Maureen L. says:

    I haven’t wrapped a thing yet and it’s Christmas Eve! I still have 1 more batch of cookies to bake. The batter is done, just need to get them in the oven. Every year I promise to be done early, never happens. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Wasn’t expecting to read that, but it totally made me laugh. I wouldn’t have thought that at all until it was mentioned. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

  11. What a beautiful crock Melanie!! I zoomed in to be able to read the logo, Red Wing Stoneware, correct? It looks like it is a wonderful and utilitarian counter top piece to store and display all your kitchen utensils. I too wait until the last minute to get everything finished but I do love your nipple cookies and blue balls!! Too funny!!

  12. I don’t bake, but I do make cheeseballs every year & if I decided not to my family would riot!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your’s Melanie! I hope you have a wonderful day and actually get to enjoy all those delicious looking cookies!

  14. Cookie nipples made my day 🙂 Really did. I was ready for Christmas about two weeks ago thankfully. I hope that y’all had a great Christmas!

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