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The Pyrex That Got Away

While in Virginia for the Mixed conference, I did a little bit of antique shopping. Just one store, really. I had little time to work with.

I’ve been on the hunt for some vintage flatware to use over on A Beautiful Bite. I have to say that I’ve been pretty unsuccessful in my flatware quest. Apparently people don’t part with their flatware. Ever.

Still, I found some items of interest. And if I had been driving instead of flying home, I’d be the proud owner of some inexpensive blue Ball canning jars. But I’m not. Drat.

I’d also be filling up my new vintage Tupperware pitcher with juice. I swear this is the same pitcher my mother used when I was a kid. I can almost taste the Kool- Aid.

But my biggest regret? Leaving this vintage pink Gooseberry Pyrex mixing bowl set behind. Had I known last week how hot this stuff is on eBay, I would’ve left my Duff Goldman cake in Virginia and brought this as my carry on. Sorry Duff. I can always bake another cake. Especially if I had this set to mix it in.

How did the stuff from our childhood become retro? It used to be that a walk through an antiques store was a walk through the history books. But now it’s like a window into my childhood. Very surreal.

At any rate, ever since I came home I’ve been lamenting over not buying that darn Pyrex set. It was making me nuts. So, I went on eBay and found something similar in a style called Amish Butterprint. Even though it’s not pink, it’s still that 50’s retro style that I adore. Merry Christmas to me.

I’ll be sure to bore you with pictures when it arrives.

How about you? Do you remember those bowls from your childhood? Do you collect any vintage kitchenware?


  1. Hello Melanie, I so remember the rubbermaid products from my childhood seeing that pitcher really brought me back.My mom and aunt both had them. Your 2 sites are amazing I am so impressed with you, an awsome writer, cook etc. I do not know how you do it all, 4 kids a hubby and 2 blogs wow you are very inspiring.Wishing you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

  2. i found myself similarly startled when shows i watched in my youth showed up on “Nick at Nite”

  3. Once you start buying Pyrex, watch out, you could easily develop Pyrexia!!

    The pink Gooseberry is a coveted piece for collectors, really anything pink is!!

  4. The second I saw the tupperware pitcher I swear I could taste the raspberry juice we used to have/make in the summer.

    I have a set of the solid colored nesting bowls, my hubbies great aunt passed and no one wanted them. I don’t use them anymore since I saw how much a complete set in great condition goes for. I figure when the kids are less clumsy they will go back into rotation.

    Enjoy your Christmas gift.

  5. My mom still has that pitcher. One in brown for tea and the orange one is for any other drink. She’s so retro. 😉

  6. My heart stopped when I saw the Pyrex. I’ve never seen that color before. I’m in la la la la love. If, by chance, you have clear Ball Jars sitting at home, I know an easy way to tint them blue. I do it all the time. Clearly I need more hobbies.

  7. My mom made my sister and I Kool-aid in that pitcher as well except it was brown. We would drink Kool-aid from canning jars! They still have those jars too 🙂

  8. Melanie –

    I actually own that pink Gooseberry Pyrex set, it was passed down to me from my grandmother. After using this set as my go to baking set, I decided I needed more and have started a Pyrex collection of sorts if you will. I own three complete mixing bowl sets and use them endlessly during the holiday season for cookies that don’t require my kitchenaid. I now search high and low for different Pyrex pieces at thrift stores due to the rising costs on Ebay. I would recommend searching the hashtags on Instagram #pyrexlove #pyrex and #pyrexporn. Yes I said #pyrexpornm, everytime I write that I giggle. A lot of people display their pieces on these hashtags and there are women that often sell Pyrex pieces relatively cheap compared to Ebay. Good Luck if you decide to hunt more pieces. There are some wonderful sets to choose from.

  9. those jars are so pretty. my grandma has a huge set of the old fashioned mixing bowls that are the only ones i will use when i am at her house. its like they make better food for some reason 🙂

  10. Stephanie says:

    Call them maybe they can ship it to you!!!!!

  11. Nicole G. says:

    I don’t have to remember those tupperware pitchers and pyrex dishes. All I have to do is walk into my 92 year old grandmother’s kitchen and see them fill her cabinets.

  12. Most antique stores will ship stuff home for ya…I’m just sayin’ (sorry!)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow, flashback central Melanie! Yes! I remember all those Tupperware pieces and those Pyrex mixing bowls as well as the Pyrex casseroles. My Mom and my Grandmas all used them. Who knew they would become retro collectibles!! Enjoy your Christmas gift to yourself! I hope they arrive in time to take part in your holiday baking!

  14. Kim T. @kimworld says:

    OK. So that Tupperware pitcher had a kid’s pitcher set that was identical only tiny, and I LOVED that thing. Totally hear on the kool-aid. 🙂

  15. I have pieces from the pink gooseberry set. I have my great grandmas original bowl and found one for my mom to keep too. Love, love, love them!

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