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A Peek In My Cart

photo-559Last week I didn’t really have my act together. So, this post is really a peek into two different sale cycles. Not that it really matters because there wasn’t all that much that floated my boat last week anyway.

What you see above is some cereal that was a pretty good deal at .80 to $1.10 a box at Stop & Shop after doubled coupons. I’m still grieving over their changes to the gas points program which pretty much renders it useless. So, I’m only shopping there now when there is a great deal with coupons.

Besides the cereal, there’s some juice that was pretty reasonable with $1/1 coupons and the store brand oatmeal had $1/1 peelie coupons on them making them $1 a box. My kids really like hot oatmeal and the price of Quaker has been pretty outrageous lately. Thank God there were some Quaker coupons in the paper today. I’ll be stocking up on that big time when a sale comes around.

Also, there are the fixin’s for a killer stuffed shells dish in the cart. You’ll have to check out A Beautiful Bite tomorrow for that recipe. If you like stuffed shells and are tired of red sauce, you’ll be quite happy with what I came up with.

photo-558And then this cart pic is from today’s shopping trip at Market Basket. It’s just my usual MB items. Produce, deli meats, bread and a few game day odds and ends. Today the Pats played (and won), which explains the soda. We don’t usually drink soda, but we make an exception for holidays and special occasions. A play off game is considered a special occasion in this house.

Nothing too earth shattering. I’m working on clearing out my freezer a bit. Those thirteen turkeys take up way too much space. Make that twelve. I cooked one tonight. That eighteen pound bird will feed us for days. Hot open faced turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey pot pie, pilgrim sandwiches. Turkey. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

And this is a very good thing because I’ve gotten hooked on the Downton Abbey series. I started watching it several days ago and I’m already into the second season. By the end of the week I should be caught up to the current season. Who has time to cook when you can be watching that bit of acting genius?

Back to shopping and such. I was pretty delighted with the coupons that came out in the paper last week and this week’s was pretty good too. It looks like things are perking up on the coupon front.

How about you? What sales are you excited about this week? Are you feeling energized with couponing now that there are some decent coupons in the paper? More importantly, are you hooked on Downton Abbey too?


  1. Kroger has been lately. There has been a lot of items sold out at my stores. Downton Abbey is great!!! My girls and I should catch up to the present season after next weekend. The school week is just too hectic. There is a lot more work in high school than I remember.

    • Boy do I hear you. Matter of fact, there’s more homework in elementary school these days too. It makes me batty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never watched Downton Abbey, Googled it to see what all the fuss is about. I may check it out if I get a chance. I was just wishing I had some good coupon deals to cash in on but alas, no. Congratulations on your team winning today!

    • You know, I’m not much of a tv girl. That said, I figured I’d watch just one episode to see what all the fuss was about. And that was it for me. Addicted. I should be watching an episode now.

  3. I started on Downton Abbey about a week ago and I’ve nearly caught up to real-time. I’m so sad! I’m going to have to start watching them as they come out now instead of just streaming them online. =P Just like Pinterest, I finally drank the Kool-aid and now where am I? Glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Yes!! It’s a total time suck just like Pinterest. But this one is a hole I don’t really want to climb out of. I love it!! I’m sort of dreading catching up because waiting a week for each episode is going to be painful. And the break between seasons will probably kill me, lol.

  4. Downton Abbey is a good introduction to Masterpiece Theatre, which has been my favorite adult PBS seeries for many years. What a fabulous Sunday we enjoyed at our house with excellent football and excellent drama! I also made spaghetti carbonara using the leftovers from a very good ham I bought on sale at Stop & Shop for $18. Better and heartier than panchetta. A cheap, delicious
    Sunday lunch on a day we reached over 50 degrees near Boston!

  5. Melissa T says:

    Shaw’s has been having some good sales the past couple weeks. This past weekend I did a shopping trip of $280.00 worth of groceries for $72.00. I got PB for $.50/jar, Special K for $.48/box, free bandaids, frozen pizza for $2.50, 59oz OJ for $1.29, 1 free cantelope and a 50 oz. bottle of Purex detergent for $.29. Oh and 4 free yogurt. It has been along time since I have excited about couponing, last April to bee exact. I know Shaw’s just sold, but I look forward to this Friday’s sale!

  6. Yes, I’ve been much happier on the coupon front lately! Our local grocery store is doing $3 doubles this week. Thankfully there was a pretty decent amount of things left at 9 am yesterday, as I was still in bed at 6 am. I know they’re going to restock during the sale so no need to waste beauty sleep! 🙂

    They have Met-RX bars Buy 2 Get 1 free, which after the doubled coupon works out to .33 each. A very good price considering they’re 2.50 PER bar. My husband is very happy this week.

    Switching stores, have you noticed Target’s registers are limiting the amount of like coupons you can use? It’s not the P&G ones that limit 4 per visit, but the register is cutting off taking any coupons at 4 like coupons. They have Jimmy Dean De-Lights bowls for $2.37, so .37 after coupon. I only got 4 instead of 5 due to the coupon issue. So I’ll be seeing the inside of Target a bit this week. That, with the great Gerber formula deal. They had a $6 off Target coupon, then a $3 off manufacturers coupon and I was lucky enough to have two 10.95 formula checks AND the formula is on sale for $2 less than usual. Two 1 lb cans of formula for under $5 total. I’m still smiling!

  7. I just started season 2 of Downton Abbey. Love, love, love it. I’ll be a bit sad when I catch up and can only watch it weekly. I’m not much of a TV girl either, but Downton Abbey has me hooked.

  8. Gertrude E. says:

    I love the peek in your carts! Would you ever consider doing a stockpile tour kind of post?
    (I admit, I’m a weirdo — but it gives me great ideas on new foods to get my picky boys to try! and it gives me a food storage goal to work towards! 🙂 )

  9. Watched them all back to back from the library.
    I think I want Matthew …

  10. I haven’t been in the couponing and shopping mode lately. A lot going on that keeps me from it. I do however like to peek in the papers to check out the sales and come up with a plan just to keep me going. I love Downton Abbey! Got caught up in it several weeks back and watched it all.

  11. I’ve been in a coupon funk for a bit. But perked back up last week on a good deal. Did you pick up any of the Finish tabs for the dishwasher??? They put out $2.15 off 20 pack coupons and they were on sale for 3.49. So I think it was like $1.34 for 20. Woohoo. I picked up 8. ( over a few days of course—coupon states 2 per shopping trip) 🙂 love getting Re-excited about coupons.

  12. funny you mentioned Downton Abbey. Just finished season1,2 & 3 (on kindle) & tv last night. very addictive. thought it was just me!

  13. Yay! I love the peek in my cart posts. I miss the Coupon Goddess.
    Is Stop and Shop done with the buy X items get 200 points deals? Yikes, I’ll miss those:(
    Do you have any other bloggers (full cup etc. are too busy for me and don’t do S&S or Shaws very well) that do what the Coupon Goddess used to do?

  14. Stacey H. says:

    As a matter of fact, I had been home for the past 6 weeks due to surgery and Downton Abbey caught my eye. I started watching it online and in less than 2 weeks watched the first 3 seasons. It is an excellent show and I am hooked.

  15. Everyone is talking about that show! I have to travel next week, maybe I’ll have to check it out then! Have you watched Homeland???? Wow! You will get hooked!

  16. I love, love Downton Abbey! I’ve been hooked since the first episode!

  17. Patricia N says:

    Have not watched Downton Abbey yet. Might give it a try. We gave dvds of the first 3 seasons to my mother-in-law who is so very hooked on it.
    My current favorite is Lost. I don’t watch a lot of tv series because I, too, ‘hate the wait’. My husband and son talked me into watching Lost and now I am hooked. This past weekend I did a Lost marathon with dvds from the library. Season 3 just came in so I am off to the library today. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
    You should try Lark Rise to Candleford. This show was one of the only series that I actually watched weekly. I went crazy waiting for the next installment. It was such a lesson in history and was based on a woman’s autobiography.
    Shopped at Shaw’s this week and last and got some very good deals.

  18. shannah r says:

    Rasberry sounds yummy~

  19. You can make your own “pouches” of instant email, with flavoring and everything. Much cheaper – just google it!

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