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A Very Important PSA

Once again, my New Year’s post will have to wait. I have something that is much more important to share with you.

A long time ago a relative told me about a neighbor who had a young child that was killed when the toddler tried to climb on top of their dresser. At the time I was horrified by the thought of it, but I was just a teen and not a mom myself yet. So, that terrible thought dulled with time and I truthfully hadn’t thought about that story again until today.

Today I read about this happening again to another child. A beautiful cherubic three year old named Meggie. If you have a child and any furniture in your home, you need to read this.

Let me take that one step further. If you don’t have kids, but have little ones who visit your home, you need to read this.

If you don’t have kids or kids that visit your home, then forward the link to this tragic post to anyone you know who has kids so that parents know how important it is to secure their furnishings.

Such a simple step in safeguarding your most precious valuables. Your kids.

I don’t know the blogger who wrote the post. It doesn’t even matter. I remember what it was like to hold my baby for those brief moments before they took her away to the morgue. I remember receiving the footprints and lock of curly black hair that I can only handle looking at once a year on the anniversary of her death. And while I didn’t have my daughter for as long as this mother, I understand her grief.

So, please please think about her story. I think it would honor Meggie’s memory if we shared this story with others with the hope of preventing future tragedies.

For Meggie. For all of the kids.


  1. I promise you, I am forwarding this on!

    As always, sending you my love for your loss.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this Public Service Announcement Melanie. I was in tears for the entire read. I left her this comment; “I came here via a link from someone who has spread your message and also suffered the loss of a child. I am looking around my apartment now assessing the risks. I am sorry for your loss and I am sure your efforts on behalf of other children has saved lives. God bless you and be with you always.” I have no idea what the statistics are but you figure it has to have happened more than once. I’ve never heard of it happening but I can see how it can happen. I do believe her safety awareness campaign may have saved a life already and continued awareness will save more. Just as in the case of Meggie, if that dresser had been secure they would have never known she was at risk that morning because nothing would have happened when she climbed up the drawers.

    • I know. Her post had me on my knees. Such a horrible tragedy. I can’t even fathom the guilt she has carried and the struggles she’s faced. I pray that others learn from this. Sigh.

  3. Speechless…but thank you..I will pass it on.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. Forwarded to my family members with little ones.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Passed it on as well.

  6. I too know the danger of not securing furniture. Earlier this year my cousin’s son climbed up their dresser. It had a very heavy tv on top of it. He had to be life flighted to the next state for treatment. Doctors were not sure if he would make it. He sustained serious head injuries. Praise God he is fine and completely healed. But yes, this is a very important psa!

    • Yes, thank God he is fine. What a tremendous second chance he received. I’m so glad it ended well for him.

  7. thank you for sharing … i am passing it on as well.
    I was in tears .. sobbing… my friend lost her 16 year old son 8 months ago – he took his own life…
    and this story of loss opens that wound again. Yet… with this tragic story being shared, so many similar tragedies can be prevented.
    as Mamas we share in the deep loss and we feel it in our very souls.
    sending love to you
    and to all those whose precious babies are no longer in their arms… but always in our hearts <3

  8. I can’t thank you enough, Melanie. I will pass this on. Timing is great, our son now has a bed and now he’s free in his room. It reassures me that I was right when I told my husband that we need to secure everything to the wall.

  9. I read this story last night when I was looking through different blogs. I don’t have children yet, but I hurt for this mother and family. 🙁 Such a sad thing. I can’t imagine the pain. I told Thomas last night that we are bolting everything to the walls and the floor when we have children.

  10. Stephonie says:

    Our toddler was never one for climbing. Probably because the only thing really climbable was the book shelf. We have an old lath and plaster house. Securing the bookshelf would mean not being able to move the bookshelf to another place if we decided to rearrange the living room. So when she showed interest in climbing it we moved the love seat in front of the bookshelf. The worst she could do was pull a few books off.

  11. I couldn’t read it all, Mel…I had to skim. But I will forward and I will take immediate steps to secure a particular shelf stacked on a shelf in my husband’s “man cave” where my 9 year old loves to watch tv. Thanks for this…keeping this mother and you as always in my prayers.

  12. Great reminder. Our kids have pulled out their drawers such that it’s crashed down. Luckily, their dressers are not that huge or heavy but it scared us enough to bolt their dresser to the wall. Good safety tip my dear!

  13. Melanie,
    Meggie’s mom here. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I’m so sorry for your loss, as well.

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