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Holiday Clearance Shopping Part Two!

clearance christmas shoppingI think I’m finished with my holiday clearance shopping. And even though I only had a few items on my list this year, I still managed to find some things that weren’t.

clearanceIt’s really, really hard to resist adorable cupcake liners. Especially when they are .25 a package. Resistance is futile.

The same thing holds true for cookie cutters. I really didn’t need another holiday cutter, but those comfort grip Wilton’s cutters are pretty awesome. Once again, the .25 price tag is mighty appealing.

mint m&m'sI told myself that there would be no more candy no matter what the price tag said, but I wasn’t planning on stumbling across 70% off mint M&M’s.

peppermint white chocolate m&m'sAnd I certainly didn’t expect to find white chocolate peppermint M&M’s. Who comes up with these flavors? So much better than those cherry M&M’s that languish on the clearance end caps because few people seem to like that flavor.

But mint? Unfortunately I like that flavor an awful lot.

clearance cake standMy favorite find? This cake stand that was marked down to $5.97. I’ve been looking for a white cake stand , but they are quite pricey. This clearanced stand is exactly what I needed and for the right price too. Score!

Of course I found the wrapping paper, bows and other holiday essentials. I also scooped up a ton of baking gift boxes, but they are already packed away for next year.

How about you? Did you find what you were looking for? Did any of you notice that Target is already marking down many toys to 50% off or more? That’s a great sign of things to come!


  1. I bought the white chocolate peppermint M&M’s (one bag) and now I’m wishing I’d bought the green bag too! Dang you! I wonder if they’re still there.

    • There were scads of them at my stores. Scoot on over and find out. Buy enough to last through spring. 😉

  2. Nice! I love those white chocolate peppermint M&Ms too! I made out great in the Target Christmas sale section! I’m so prepared for next year!

    • Hooray! I was so bummed this year when I had nothing to work with. Luckily I hit the sales right and got what I needed. Next year I’ll be just fine. 🙂

  3. N'awlins Darlin' says:

    I hunted those White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s (which were exclusive to Target) DOWN when I saw them mentioned on a food review blog I read. I made dark chocolate cookies with them and brought them to a party – they were gone almost before I set them down on the table. People freaked! I used this King Arthur Flour recipe and omitted the espresso powder/cinnamon if you want to try them: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/double-dark-mocha-drops-recipe
    Is it bad that I’m in England for the holidays, but am now REALLY homesick because I’m missing the Target holiday clearance??

    • Amazing tip. Thank you!!! I didn’t realize they were exclusive to Target. I think I need to get some more, lol. And enjoy England!! You lucky girl. Eat some Cadbury instead. 🙂

  4. My Target this morning still had toys for 30%. Hopefully it’ll be better later in the week. My kids would love some of the toys I saw today!

    • I’m chomping at the bit to restock the toy closet. I think the stock will be good this year. The shelves were overflowing at my store!

  5. Melanie, you’re going to love those White Chocolate Peppermint M & M’s! My sister introduced them to me at Christmas and our family devoured the entire bag!

    Looks like I need to make a Target run…I’d love to find the cookie cutters! Thanks for sharing your goodies!

    • They are delicious. I hope there are some bags left when it hits 90%. The candy is always last to hit 90%. I guess they know we’ll pay for it, lol.

  6. where did you find the cake stand? <3 it!

  7. We don’t have all those M&M flavors up here in Canada – so sad…..

    I have tasted the mint ones though – guess I picked some up when I was stateside – I wouldn’t have left them there either…..

  8. Johanna H. says:

    I stocked up those green bag M&M’s too. They are so yummy! And if you happen to buy too much of those (can that really happen???), you can always freeze them. My daughter loves her frozen Christmas M&M’s at summertime 😉

    • I don’t think they will make it past February, lol. No freezing necessary when you have two teen sons. Maybe I could bury them underneath the Brussel sprouts. 🙂

  9. Melanie, don’t forget the $10 NFL shop GC wyb (3) Mars products. You’re boys will thank you.

  10. oops typo, your boys. LOL

  11. I love the cake plate I bought the same one! I also grabbed the 6 little sauce type dishes with spoons and a bamboo tray that matches for 5.97 too. I have sworn off the M& Ms my husband only bought candy the times he went looking for bargains I can’t fit any more in my pantry. I can’t wait to make my next cake.

    • Lucky you! I didn’t see the matching set. I’m impressed with the quality of the stand. That bamboo accent is very nice!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love, love those white chocolate peppermint M&Ms!! I am heading to Target tomorrow!! Great grabs and I like that cake plate too!

  13. I found a pair of Christmas Story lounge pants in the men’s section. They were marked $16.99 but when I scanned them they were $1.69! (And they are for me!)

    Everything else I scanned had not been marked down past 50% – 70%. All the amazing deals that I have seen online were totally absent in my store.

    The only exception in good deals was that the delivery man was putting out the rest of the holiday Oreos that were 29 cents and I just tried to get away as fast as I could before I got caught in the stampede!


  14. I actually took Monday off of work and plan to head to Target then. If I go on the weekend, I inevitably take the kids and never have time to “browse” and hunt for clearance.

  15. Patricia N. says:

    I didn’t buy the M&Ms. My husband put his foot down about too much candy in the house. We are still eating Lindt truffles from the outlet store.
    I did go to CVS, though, and got a Sunbeam mini sewing machine for $5. It works great and means that I don’t have to take out the big machine for little craft jobs. They also had clothing steamers for $7.50 and queen size air mattresses with the foot pump for $7.50. Wasn’t able to score those, though. Some lady had all of them in her carriage. There were also some cake pop makers and mini pie makers for $5 each. All the Christmas gift items were marked down to 75% off as was all the Christmas stuff.
    I think I will go back to Target and get the M&M mints. I can always hide them way in the back of the freezer.
    Shaw’s had pumpkin pie filling on clearance 2/$5 and there were $1/1 coupons on each can. You can’t $1.50 for a can of pie filling.

  16. I have the same disease. I bought a few things with my husband after Christmas. Then, of course, I had to go back in 🙂 . My biggest score was Target for gift bags – 50 for way under $5. I ran out this year and refused to even buy them at the dollar store. Score!
    That cake plate will look perfect on one of your new “tables” with a vintage placemat!!!!

  17. Patricia N. says:

    Just thought you might like to know that The Paper Store still has really nice Christmas stuff and it is all 75% off. I went to Derby Street yesterday and snagged some awesome Christmas items.

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