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My Weekend

photo-562I know things have been a little quiet around here. Sorry about that. I’d like to say that it was because I was so busy over my birthday weekend but that wouldn’t be true. I was just lazy.

photo-563Not that my birthday weekend wasn’t great. It was. In our house we have a tradition where the birthday boy/girl gets to choose where they’d like to go out for dinner. But this year I didn’t want to do that.

I had a hankering for mussels and that’s sort of a crap shootΒ in restaurants. Sometime they’re great, but sometimes they’re disappointing. I wanted amazing, so I made them myself. If you are a mussels fan, you can check out my recipe which is pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself.

musselsOther than enjoying one of my favorite meals, I did blissfully nothing. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I watched eight episodes of Downton Abbey which means I’m finally caught up to the current season. And this is not a good thing because I’m thoroughly addicted and I have no patience to wait for new episodes.

So, that leads me to my question for you. Do you have a favorite series? Can you recommend one? I need something to occupy my time until the next Downton Abbey episode.


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    I never thought I would like it…but I enjoy the walking dead. You can see season one and two on Netflix. the boys will like it..send the girls out.

    • Is it scary? I don’t handle blood or death very well, lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        You will not like the walking dead since you don’t do blood or death very well!

      • I very much dislike blood and gore. But my lands! Do I every love the Walking Dead. I just can’t explain it. It is captivating. And I also love me some Breaking Bad.
        If you knew me me in real life you would NEVER in a million years suspect I watch those 2 shows. But the writing and acting are wonderful!
        I totally recommend both.

        • Well, there are certainly a bunch of readers who agree with you! There must be something to it! Is it a vampire type thing? I’ll admit to having liked the Twilight saga.

  2. You’re quite the woman, making your own birthday meal! Happy birthday. πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes to a VERY special and inspiring woman!
    My FAVE show is Mike and Molly on Monday night at 9:30. I laugh my sides off and I need all the humor I can get.

  4. Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ If you have Netflix and can pull up Drop Dead Diva, watch it! I am in love with that show.

    • Cassie Sue says:

      That show is fun! I enjoyed that one. I also recommend Warehouse 13 (a little sci-fi, but totally fun) and Eureka (if you can get past the first few episodes which are slightly weird). All of those are on netflix, and warehouse 13 my two kids (10 and 12) love it too.

      Happy Birthday Melanie!

      • Thanks Cassie. I like sci-fi too! I really enjoyed the X-Files when that was in its hey day.

        • Cassie Sue says:

          Then you would probably like Warehouse 13, the first episode is a little scary (because of a scary mask and a little blood, it might frighten kids), but the rest of them are more suspenseful than scary. It has a x-files vibe to it, but doesn’t usually take itself as seriously.

          It’s hard to find something we all can watch as a family and we really enjoyed this show. Even my Dad ended up getting into this show (10 years old to 60 is a pretty good demographic) And we loved that it has some strong female characters on it.

    • Thanks Angie. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m glad you had a good birthday. I HIGHLY recommend Parenthood (NBC)..that show is sooo good! I believe Season 4 in on right now, actually the season finale is on tomorrow night. My Grandma, my Mom & I all watch it. They hit a lot of hard & current issues, like cancer, abortion, autism/aspergers, adoption, alcoholism etc. It’s an amazing show!

  6. I to vote for walking dead. I was surprised I liked it that kind of thing is usually not for me. It did take 3 episodes for me to really get into it. And another great series is homeland. I love love homeland. Oh and also weeds.

  7. If you didn’t watch Friday Night Lights when it was on the first time, it’s now available on Netflix. Beware, all of the seasons are available, so more than likely it will occupy more than just a weekend. πŸ™‚
    I also caught up on Parenthood via Netflix in time for the start of this season.
    Happy Birthday!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday! I got suckered into Army Wives on Netflix. It’s a terrible thing when you get hooked on a show πŸ™‚

    • It is terrible because when you get all caught up to the current season you have nothing left to watch, lol. And that you for the birthday wishes. πŸ™‚

  9. Johanna H. says:

    Happy Birthday Melanie!
    I have to vote for The Walking Dead too. I got my best friend hooked on it too and she’s not really a zombie person πŸ˜‰
    Do you like Kevin Bacon? He’s starring in a new show, The Following, that starts today on Fox. I’m planning on checking that out. Who knows if it’s any good?

  10. Happy Birthday Melanie! I am a reality tv fan! I love to watch Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker on Monday nights. They make some awesome cakes on that show! You will enjoy it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Melanie! Ya gotta love Michael’s card for you. Do not go into the light!! Kids. Remember what Bill Cosby said years ago; “I brought you into this world and I can take you out and make another one just like you!” He delivered much funnier when I first heard it. Anyway, I’m old school on TV too. I recommend the 24 series, House, CSI and even NCIS.

  12. Heather A says:

    I am addicted to Downton Abbey as well! Our other favorite shows are Parenthood, Modern Family and The Middle.

    • You have great taste. πŸ˜‰ Downton Abbey is so incredible. The acting is so good and the storyline so clever. Just a great piece of television!

  13. Sounds like a perfect birthday! We are catching up on Downton Abbey too! I am now finally into Season 3!

  14. After Abbey, my faves are Once Upon a Time and Army Wives. Those are my 2 must see shows. Once took up most of my Saturday. It was truly pathetic. πŸ™‚

    • Cassie Sue says:

      Oh I forgot about Once Upon a Time, that show is fun too. Even my hubby enjoyed it and got a few of his friends into it.

    • I started watching Once Upon A Time when it first came out. Maybe I’ll start that one back up again. It was good.

  15. If you love Downton Abbey, keep watching BBC shows! If you haven’t watched Upstairs Downstairs (the current version- not the one from the 80’s) you absolutely need to. It is my second favorite series next to Downton Abbey. It has a very similar feel to Downton Abbey and the acting is wonderful. Also, my new favorite show is Call the Midwife. Season 1 just aired on PBS and season 2 is coming in March. It takes place in 1950’s london and I can’t say enough good things about it.
    Please let me know if you get a chance to watch them. I would love to know what you think!

    • I saw Upstairs Downstairs listed on Amazon which is where I watched the Downton Abbey episodes. It’s free for Prime members. I do love me some BBC! I’ll let you know what I think. πŸ™‚

  16. Stacey H. says:

    Happy Belated Birthday….You should try Homeland….it’s great.

  17. Jennifer Ryder says:

    Happy Birthday Melanie!! Mine was a few days – and quite a few years – before yours. We finally took a ride to the Stonewall Kitchen warehouse store and found lots of yummy bargains.
    We were big 24 fans and haven’t found anything to take its place, but that’s okay. We watch random episodes of Hawaii 50 when we think of it. Hubs and I lived there the first few years of our married life so we love seeing familiar scenery. Aloha!
    Jen R., NH

    • Happy birthday lady!! Love love love Stonewall Kitchen. So much fun! What did you pick up? Did you stuff yourself silly on the free samples??

      • Jennifer Ryder says:

        We bought several mustards, buffalo wing sauce, black bean salsa, candy cane truffles, peppermint hot chocolate mix and a jar of caramel sea salt sauce. I only tried one or two things but my husband went to town. They have a 10-day sale starting on either the 14th or 15th of February – an additional 25% off of all sale items. Looks like we’ll be making another trip there soon.

  18. Kathy Baker says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!! So glad you’ve gotten into Downton Abbey, we enjoy it also. Hmmmm how about Merlin, lot’s of seasons there and Tin Man is a cool mini series spin off of The Wizard of Oz. We also found some old Alfred Hitchcock Presents that are great. The old Twilight Zone is pretty neat too, can you guess we watch too much TV. I hope you find something!

  19. Happy Birthday! This won’t be too much help right this minute, but Call the Midwife is pretty darn good. PBS picked up the second season and it is supposed to start after Downton Abbey is over. The only other series I watch regularly is Emily Owens, MD.

    • Thank you Susan! Other people also suggested The Midwife. I actually wanted to be a midwife when I was younger. Then I birthed a bunch of them and said to heck with that!

  20. Hi Melanie! I think you and I are a lot alike. At least I tell myself that because almost every post of yours resonates with me. Add to that the fact that I own at least two of the same shirts as you (they look better on you btw)! So if it’s true and if our tv interests happen to be the same as well, you should definitely check out Revenge! It’s a guilty pleasure but it’s oh so good. I also LOVE Parenthood and Downton Abbey. If you get bored with the first couple of episodes of Downton, don’t give up on it. It’s wonderful! I tried watching Homeland but my ears and eyes were burning during the first episode and I couldn’t take it anymore (full view of naked woman’s chest, the F word… it definitely lives up to it’s TV-MA rating). The Good Wife and Castle are good too but I’m not as loyal to them as I am to the three I mentioned above. Good luck finding something you enjoy!

  21. Laurie W.--MA says:

    Getting the kleenex out! Not surprised that you raised a son with a sense of humor and the kindness to take the time to pick out just the right card for his mom and add his own personal touch. Thought I never wanted to see my own kids grow up, but love to be with them (and get their bday cards!) even more as adults (tho. mind you, those teen/college years weren’t a walk in the park!) Michael’s card shows that he is turning into that “bright light” at the end of the parenting tunnel. Not sure if “Parenthood” is for me–child of “Leave It To Beaver,” “Danny Thomas Show,” Donna Reed, and “Father Knows Best.” But so many have recommended and will try.

  22. I also recommend Revenge as a guilty pleasure! It’s on regular TV so language and graphic violence are typical for regular TV. Netflix has them.

  23. I just started my addiction to Downton Abbey about 2 weeks ago- breezed through 2 seasons in nothing flat and am now all caught up to the current season, which is sad in a way. My last big Netflix run was Medium and before that 24. Also like Raising Hope, The Middle, and Modern Family!!

  24. Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ I am all about being lazy when I can, because it rarely happens anymore. I too, have become a recent fan of Downton Abbey. All my friends were raving about it so I decided to drink the Kool-ade. I watched the first two seasons via Netflix and Hulu Plus and just started season 3. Lucky for me, they have all the episodes that have aired so far On Demand. I will be sad when I have to wait a week for an episode. I am spoiled after watching two or three a day!!

  25. Happy Birthday Melanie !!

  26. Did you have Canadian mussels from Prince Edward Island? The Island blues are one of the provinces great exports!

  27. The only show that immediately came to mind was Revenge…great show. I’ve never bought any of the TV/DVD whole season discs in my life; however, this past year I HAD to have that one. It is one of those edge-of-your-seat, can’t-wait-until-next-week type of show. I only wish there was a book series first – love to read great stuff like this and think it would have been better told via books first. That’s just my preference I guess.
    I do recommend watching it though. I don’t think you’d be disappointed. And Happy B-day again. Cute card by the way.

  28. Happy birthday! If you’re a fan of Downton, try The Forsyte Saga.

  29. Melanie,
    Happy Birthday!
    I don’t watch much tv – no free time, but I am getting ready to start the Dr. Who series. My oldest daughter loves it, so I’m gonna give it a whirl from the library!

    Have a wonderful week!

  30. I must recommend the ITV / PBS “Foyle’s War”. A police Detective Superintendent named Foyle solves mysteries and fights crime in Southern England during World War II. They are always good stories, set deeply into those challenging times. I cannot handle blood, gore and scary. These have some violence associated with crimes and they do have suspense. But the way the team works together with honor, kindness, warmth and a true moral compass is a delight.
    Keep enjoying your Birthday Month!
    – Lee

  31. Valerie S says:

    I love Parks and Rec, a really great show. Very funny. Start at the begining and watch all of them. Also, a tad crude but Bob’s Burgers is hysterical. not for your younger children at all. Dr Who is a really great series and depending on which “Dr” you are watching at the time, it’s very well done.
    Happy Birthday!

  32. I am a HUGE Downton fan. Isn’t that Matthew something? Lol. Once again, Happy belated birthday! That card (the stick figure drawing) was too funny! πŸ™‚

  33. If you have Hulu plus, check out Eli Stone. Can’t believe I missed it when it was on network t.v. (I don’t actually own a t.v. so that might be why…) but I managed to watch both seasons over the course of a week and two weekends.

    Very uplifting show – enjoyed it thoroughly!

    • Also enjoyed October Road, on Hulu, too – and I guess the DVD version of the last season adds a happy ending to it so I may have to pick up the DVD when I gather enough Swagbucks!

      • OK, and Revenge is great, and Scandal is one I just discovered, all on Hulu. And I’ll second the Warehouse 13 – awesome series, not sure if it’s on hiatus or what, new episodes are really sporadic – and Eureka, Haven, Hart of Dixie is darlin’ (especially since I”m temporarily living in South Carolina – it’s a hoot!), Bones, Modern Family, Glee, Nashville (my guilty pleasure…), Spy (a British bloke who mistakenly becomes a spy, hilarious), and if you liked Quantum Leap, Being Erica is a QL goes to therapy series that is thoroughly enjoyable. I love love love Hulu – Hulu plus for $7.99 is tons cheaper than cable or dish. I don’t watch much but I can leave it streaming on the computer while I’m cooking, sewing, knitting or otherwise occupied and if I miss too much, just back it up! Wonderful invention, these computers.

        Happy Birthday – being 43 is pretty wonderful, I turned it in November!

        My latest fine is all the seasons of Numb3rs – I used to watch it hit-or-miss but seeing them all in a row has really made me appreciate the Epps family so much more than I had.

  34. Call the Midwife is another PBS show that I like. Also Damages on Netflix. I think there are 3 seasons of it.

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