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Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust Game Day Giveaway!

PB_HUBGUIDElevel_RecipeHERO_grilledsausageThe Super Bowl is fast approaching. Have you started to think about your game day menu? The folks at Pillsbury want to give you a hand. Check out the Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain….

PillsburyArtisanMade with 16 grams of whole grain, it’s a quick and easy option to make a healthful snack all of your guests can enjoy.

Quick, convenient and completely customizable, the new Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain will help you add that extra pizzazz to any football party.

Plus, with the health benefits of whole grain, it’s a guaranteed touchdown!

A veggie pizza, personal calzones or how about a make your own pizza station? Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain is a sure winner no matter who the victor is on game day! Pillsbury even has recipes to share with you to make your game day menu a real hit!

BigGamePrizePackThe folks at Pillsbury have a fun giveaway package for Melanie In The Middle readers. A free product coupon for a Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain, a pizza pan, cutter and the cutest football shaped cutting board I’ve ever seen.

To enter, comment on this post by leaving your first name, last initial, the state you are from and your favorite game day snack. Entries must be received by Wednesday, January 30th 11:59pm ET.

Be sure to visit Pillsbury for recipes and a high value coupon for Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain!

The product gift pack, information and additional prize pack for giveaway have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Super Bowl giveaway Melanie! I’ve always like chili on Super Bowl Sunday, chips and salsa is always popular sometimes with queso dip too. I like to have a veggie tray with ranch to offset some of the high calorie intake!! Krista B, MD.

  2. Katherine M says:

    Katherine M NC
    Queso dip is my favorite game day snack. I rarely make it but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it.

  3. Carmela C says:

    Carmela C, NJ
    Love Chips and Salsa or Nachos on Game Day.

  4. Pam R., CA
    My favorite game day snack is chips & salsa. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Elis B. CA

  6. My fave game day snack is WINGS! I make a molasses and chile-garlic paste sauce for them and I bake the wings. Delicious. ~Krista S. from WA

  7. Ooo! What isn’t my favorite game day snack? Chips and guac is always up there. I make these shrimp puffs that are awesome and it seems I always pull them out for the Super Bowl. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Jessie C. says:

    Love buffalo wings
    Jessie C. MN

  9. N'awlins Darlin' says:

    That’s the cutest cutting board! My favorite SB snack is cream cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos ala Pioneer Woman. It was a -really- tough year for us Saints fans, so hosting the game is really bittersweet. Guess I’ll root for the 49ers because Jim Harbaugh’s cute? =)

  10. Estera N from WA

    Loaded Nachos- best snack ever 🙂

  11. Jennifer B.

    Lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls!

  12. Holly S IL

    I tend to do the easy: salsa, guac, chips, veggies & ranch, pretzels for nibbles.
    Chilli w/fixins & baked potatoes for half time
    Brownies & lemon squares for dessert.

    All served w/a choice of libations.

  13. Seana M. NY
    Buffalo chicken wing dip is my favorite.

  14. Tammy S – New York
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Darrylin S. Florida
    Queso dip, chili, meatballs and chips.

  16. Love spicy BBQ wings. Yummy!

    Regina H, MO

  17. Mmm. Favorite snack: spinach artichoke dip!!! Cristyn H. From MA

  18. If I don’t have to make them, my favorite game day snack is potato skins. Mmmm.

    Lori M.

  19. Becky from TN

    Some sort of Skyline chili, a taste from my Cincinnati childhood home.

  20. Fav game-day snack is supreme nacho dip with cream cheese. I’ll be whipping this up soon.

    Nancy PA

  21. Cassie Sue says:

    Cassie S, California
    Buffalo Wings, yummy!!

  22. Maureen L. says:

    Favorite snack? Sausage bread made with pizza dough, sausage, peppers & onions & cheese.

  23. Maureen L. says:

    OOPS!! I forgot to add: Maureen L. from Massachusetts.

  24. Sherri K. from Florida

    Hard to pick one, we like to have snacks the whole afternoon. Things like chili, wings, and dips are always good.

  25. I love any kind of dip with mayo and sour cream, Also I love hot wings especially from Hooters. Carol F. IL

  26. What a great prize! And the cutting board is so cute!
    My favorite game day snack is buffalo wings.
    Carla D. from MA

  27. Jessica D says:

    Jessica D, CT
    My fav is good old fashioned chips and onion dip!

  28. Elise M


  29. Karen N, OH

    I love nachos!

  30. Johanna H. says:

    Nachos, definitely nachos!!

    Johanna H. from MA

  31. KathleenR says:

    KathleenR, Ohio
    My favorite football snack is — believe it or not — just chips and chip dip. I so rarely buy chips, much less dip, that that little splurge is something I look forward to!

  32. Jennifer B. says:

    Too funny that Jennifer B. from WA (currently comment #11) also listed what I was going to write as my favorite game day snack. I really like the Lil’ Smokies in crescent rolls (Pillsbury, of course). That’s about the only time of year I get to enjoy them!

    Jennifer B. from LA (as in Louisiana!)

  33. Candy J, FL
    My favorite football snack is corndogs. lol It makes me feel like a kid again when I eat them.

  34. Tortilla chips and guacamole.
    Tamra B

  35. Melanie N says:

    My favorite game day snack is an oldie but a goodie, classic 7 layer bean dip. I actually like any reason to have it! And, I love the football cutting board. I got a bread-shaped cutting board for my wedding (it’s from Rhodes, with a Rhodes dough recipe book). I use it at least once every day.

    Melanie N, WY

  36. Cindy B. CO
    My favorite snack is nachos.

  37. Melissa F. says:

    Love this giveaway, Melanie! One of our favorite game day snacks is buffalo chicken dip! It’s all of the yumminess of buffalo chicken wings with now of the messy orange fingers! Go Ravens!!!!!

  38. Tina H

  39. Julia M from NY
    My favorite snack is fresh guacamole with crisp chips!

  40. Valerie S says:

    pigs in a blanket, quac and chips, shrimp..
    Val S

  41. Therese S. says:

    Therese S.

    My favorite snack is my SIL’s (sister-in-law) salsa.

  42. Doreen C., Texas
    My favorite snack is pizza rolls – homemade!

  43. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    We love spicy buffalo wings.

  44. judith s from ma says:


  45. keshakeke says:

    My name is Kesha G from NC! My favorite game day food is Sausage and Cheese Dip with Chips and of coarse it wouldn’t be a Party without a BIG YUMMY Pizza! We always have pizza for our game parties! Would love to win this giveaway!

  46. Debbie M. says:

    Debbie M., Virginia
    Honey wings

  47. Taco dip! MMMMMMMM!!!!

  48. Def chips and dip! Queso, Salsa, 7 Layer dip, French Onion dip, Ranch dip, Guacamole – I LOVE all kinds 🙂

    Nancy H.

  49. Elaine Lund says:

    We like Nachos and pizza on game day!
    Elaine L. from Mass.

  50. Nice give-a-way! Our favorite super bowl game day snack is chili, hands down!

    Donna B.

  51. Ay chips and dip are a must for game day. And I do mean any…I could just eat chips and dip forever…that’s probably to a good thing.

    Sara R, Ca

  52. Danielle T says:

    i love eating spinach dip with rye bread on game day

    danielle t from virginia

  53. Amy Dougherty says:

    something sweet! maybe a brownie sundae
    New York

  54. Kim D from PA

    Chili usually wins.

  55. Mare P from GA

    Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

  56. How CUTE is that cutting board? I buy potato chips and make onion dip. I don’t usually buy potato chips but on Super Bowl game day, potato chips is a must!

    Angie H from CA

  57. 7 layer mexican dip and chips!

  58. pretzels

    jean s from ma

  59. Im from CT

  60. Always have nachos and pizza!

    Deann H. KS

  61. Jess P from MO
    Pigs in blankets

  62. Rachel W. from Indiana…on game day, I like spinach artichoke with salty chips! Or anything chocolate…like brownies

  63. My favorite snack is just plain potato chips.

    Linda from AL

  64. Brianna P NJ
    Buffalo Chicken Dip!

  65. Laurie W.–MA
    Anything with melted cheese! And anytime I hear the word “snack,” I’m always reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes’ strip where Calvin is enticing Hobbes to go with him on an adventure that Hobbes doesn’t want to go on so says he’ll have snacks. And Hobbes wants to know if they are “good snacks.” After all, there are snacks, and then there are GOOD snacks! Thanks for the offer!

  66. Heidi H,OR
    I love nachos, lots of cheese,guac,salsa.

  67. Kellee R. NC

    My favorite game day snack is wings and nachos! Can’t wait for the Super Bowl!

  68. Raelynn M, NY

    Kamaboko Dip with butter crackers

  69. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie W. IL
    Buffalo Chicken dip is the best!

  70. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie W. IL

    Buffalo Chicken Dip!

  71. Linda T. IL
    I love any kind of gameday snack-buffalo wings are scrumptious!

  72. Ann M. from KY… love wings on game day!

  73. Latanya T.
    nachos and dip

  74. zoopa M CT says:

    I love nachos!!!!

  75. I love spinach dip.
    Merideth S., Texas

  76. Heather T , NC
    chips and dip

  77. Jessica F says:

    Jessica F, IL
    I love spinach artichoke dip!

  78. We love Southwestern egg rolls.

    Lisa D, MA

  79. Angie S from Missouri and we love
    Mini Cheesecakes and seven layer dip

  80. Nachos, chips and guacamole, taco dip, chili, crackers and cheese/summer sausage. I don’t even like football, but the Super Bowl is a great excuse to eat!

    Karla H

  81. Katie G – Massachusetts
    I LOVE Buffalo chicken dip but I have never made it because I would eat it. All of it. With a spoon.

  82. Jen T in NH

    I’m not sure I have a favorite. My friend Mary’s Spinach dip and homemade pita chips could be it :). It’s amazing.

  83. Buffalo chicken wings or strips are my favorite.
    Maria from MA.

  84. Nicole G. says:

    Nicole G. from MA
    ripple chips and onion dip

  85. Michele S says:

    Michele S. from CO
    Love Queso for the Super Bowl!

  86. Patricia N. says:

    Patricia N. from MA
    Chili and hot boneless wings!

  87. Avril M. from NH….any kind of snack is yummy for Game Day – especially when shared with family and friends! :-0

  88. Cindy m. From Pennsylvania

    Chicken puffs are my favorite football snack!

  89. Chitra K from CA.
    Love chips and guacamole.

  90. Julie L Michigan buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese dressing

  91. Pattie Q. NJ
    My favorite is always pizza! But I’m dying to try your recipe from last year for the pepperoni pull apart bread.

  92. Colleen M, OR

  93. Angela D from Michigan. Chicken wings and salsa!

  94. Lee Ann Diehl says:

    Lee Ann D, Pennsylvania buffalo chicken wings with good chunky blue cheese dressing. Thanks.

  95. Crystal N from Iowa says:

    Our favorite is nachos.

  96. My favorite game day snack is homemade crab dip with toasted French bread rounds!

    Joy S. from North Carolina

  97. Home made guacamole and chips.

    Jackie z. From Fl

  98. Diane M – North California

    Big hoagie sammy made on a loaf of french bread and cut into serving pieces with chips and sodie pop.

  99. Kathy S WI Nachos

  100. Ingrid M.
    I love me some wings and pizza.

  101. Cheryl E. in PA…..i love extra chunky salsa (and the scoop chips that maximize the amount i can load up!)

  102. Hi i’m for oregon and my favorite game day snack is the chips and dips and the spinach dip in the sourdough bread bowl yummy.

  103. Carolyn G in NC and I love nachos

  104. Janell D. from OH and I love nachos~!!!

  105. Christine says:

    Chips & Salsa! Christine S. in N.H.

  106. Heidi A. New York, Boneless hot wings

  107. We love pizza rolls!
    Nicole B

  108. serena a.
    miami, fl

    (and chips and spinach dip and fish dip and hummus and… you get the idea…)

  109. Allison Downes says:

    Allison D. Albertville, AL

    I love Hot wings

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  110. Favorite snack pizza….Debbie b….nh

  111. Karin A. — MN

    I like to snack on pizza. Chips are a close second.

  112. Susan C from KS – we love Buffalo Chicken Dip

  113. Danielle K. – WI
    Nachos are always a favorite game day snack of mine!

  114. Kym Odonnell says:

    Kym O from PA (as I type, we are checking on with you from Jamaica) 🙂

  115. Shawn A from Minnesota. Favorite snack for game day snack is Pizza.

  116. Angela D from Michigan. My favorite snack is pizza! Yummy!!

  117. Judy R
    Guac and chips

  118. Autumn C. says:

    Autumn C.

    Hummus! Or honey bbq wings. MMMMMM!!!

  119. coley r
    chips and cream cheeses salsa dip

  120. Kayla S.
    Chips and queso!

  121. Kate F, NY
    I love spinach dip!

  122. I love this stuff!

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