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A Peek In My Target Cart

targetOh happy day. Target is having a sweetheart deal on cereal this week. Just when I was about to hit rock bottom with my cereal stockpile, Target saves my butt.

Don’t know anything about this deal? Then go here for the deal breakdown and links to the printable coupons. In a nutshell, for every five boxes of participating General Mills cereals that you buy, you get a $5 Target gift card. There are lots of printable coupons out right now. With some of the printables you can pay as little as .15 a box after you factor in the $5 Target gift card.

But if you run out of coupon prints, guess what? You get a $2/5 General Mills cereal coupon with each cereal transaction you make at Target. Woo hoo!

Just keep in mind, this coupon printed for each transaction of five boxes I purchased. I’m not sure if it will print for any other amount of boxes purchased.

target cerealI also scooped up some 70% off Valentine’s Day merchandise. I was hoping for M&M’s so that I could take advantage of my manufacturer’s coupons and the Target store coupons to get some free candy, but the only flavor they had left was cherry. I abhor cherry M&M’s. So, that took care of that.

I guess my scale will thank me for that in the coming days.

How about you? Are you going to stock up on cheap cereal this week? Any great deals at your stores this week?


  1. Thank you for the heads up on Target coupons this week Melanie! I am also running low on my cereal stock pile and this is perfect timing. I will be printing out these coupons and jumping on this sale. 🙂

  2. I am in need for cereal too! How did I miss that in my Target ad?

  3. I don’t go through it as quickly as you do obviously, so a box a week is more than enough for me!

  4. I also was running low on cereal for my son in the stockpile. The girl will eat just about any cereal I put in front of her. Have plenty of Apple Jacks and Pops for her in the stockpile. The boy only eats Trix. *shakes head* Plus I need to get some Chex cereals to make some Chex Mix soon.

    Kellee, it was on one of the last pages at the top right corner. I had even read about it in advance on a blog and still totally missed it in the ad.

  5. Love, love, LOVE this Target deal! It’s been a cereal deal desert for so long!
    My kids are happy, hubs is happy, I am stocking the pantry!
    We are supposed to have freezing rain/ice tonight and tomorrow. I have 20 boxes so far, will go get more after the weather clears.

  6. Nice! I went to Target last night to also do the cereal deal and check out the v-day clearance. The valentine stuff was marked down to 90% now, but it was pretty picked over. They also only had cherry M&M’s left, and I feel the same way you do 🙂 I also took advantage of the Chef Boyardee and Heinz ketchup coupons on the target website, so it wasn’t a bad trip!

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