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Blick Art Room Aid Helps Teachers and Students

blickAs I’ve mentioned before, I’m working with my son Michael’s art teacher on a project utilizing Blick Art Room Aid. And I have to tell you, I’m pretty excited about this project!

We all know that schools are cutting back, if not eliminating, many programs that deal with the arts. This is a big concern for both myself and my son because the art program is a huge part of my son’s life.

IMG_9658Budgets are indeed being slashed, but  Blick has come up with an ingenious idea that could greatly help teachers and students acquire the materials they need to continue on with their art projects.

Blick’s Art Room Aid is a place where teachers can go and create wish lists of art supplies they need for various projects. Once the list is created, anyone can go onto the wish list and purchase/donate materials to the classroom. Genius!

The thing that’s super cool about this idea is that people in the community who appreciate the arts can support young artists via Art Room Aid. You don’t need to have a child in the schools to contribute!

IMG_9666My son’s art teacher used Art Room Aid to set up a project for their oil painting studio. Parents and people in the community can donate a set dollar amount or actually order the supplies off of the list. It’s pretty cool to see what the kids are using and what projects are coming up. A very useful program indeed!

IMG_9636Michael is particularly keen on painting with oils. Right now the kids are working on pencil sketches, but he’s pretty excited about getting his hands on tubes of paint!

Blick Art Room Aid is an amazing resource that I highly suggest telling your schools about. There is no cost to sign up for the program and the wish list can easily be shared. For more information on the program, be sure to check out the Art Room Aid Website.

I am working with Blick Art Room Aid and The Motherhood to spread the word about the Art Room Aid program. In exchange for my working with them, my son’s school is receiving art supplies from Blick. I am being compensated for writing this post BUT I’m donating half of my compensation back to the school so that they can purchase more supplies.


  1. Good morning Melanie. I like this idea of setting up easy tools to take care of specific arts programs and cut out all the middle men and target exactly what your chosen school’s art program really needs and wants. Good stuff in the face of all the uncertainties right now about the government budget. I’m sure school districts will feel the squeeze if congress allows us to go over the fiscal cliff!! Good luck!

  2. I love this idea of donating what your teachers need and want. And who doesn’t want to support art in the schools? Count me in!

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