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Bootights Review and Giveaway!

BoottightsI often joke that I have a winter uniform. And if you could see how I dress when I go out, you would know it’s true. A top, a skirt, tights and boots. If I were to have a signature style, I guess that would be it.

I look at tights the same way I look at my other accessories. A way to change up an outfit. I especially like patterned tights and tights with loose weaves. The only issues is that my feet don’t usually like them.

My toes often times get wedgies and the bottoms of my feet ache when walking around while wearing patterned tights.

Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to look nice, right? Well, that’s how I felt about my tights. That is, until I tried out my first pair of Bootights.

What are Bootights you ask? Let’s take a look…

Bootights sock

Bootights are part performance sock and part premium tights. An innovative design that allows you to be comfortable while wearing tights. The moisture-wicking sock keeps your feet dry and warm and has added arch support for a contoured fit.

There’s also a control top for a smooth silhouette and a soft Lycra waistband that won’t dig or bind.

No more feet slipping around in boots, no more toe wedgies and no more freezing cold feet during the winter. Fashion and comfort. Who would’ve thunk it?

Bootights come in all kinds of fantastic colors and patterns. So, you are sure to find the perfect pair for any outfit in your closet!

How would you like to win your choice of a pair of Bootights (ARV $30-$40)?

One lucky winner will be able to chose any pair from the current product line. To enter, head on over to Bootights and pick which ones you’d like to win. Then, come on back over here and leave a comment with the pair you’d like, your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Monday, March 4th 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

I received a free sample of Bootights to facilitate my review. This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Holy Hannah Melanie! You rock those tights! I would love a pair of the Halsted or Clark Gable for me and my honey!! Krista B, MD.

  2. I’m not very brave, so I’d likely choose Bootights® 1005 Chelan Sport Shaper Tights, although there are some super cute patterns! Cristyn H. from MA

  3. Seams to Me – Burgundy Back Seam
    Naomi S., Kansas

  4. I think the Draper Herringbone look like they’d be very flattering!
    Emily L, MA

  5. Madeline B. says:

    I’d love the Bootights® 673 Draper Herringbone. I’m from PA.

  6. Laurie W MA. I’m not very brave either! The sport shaper tig
    hts would be great. Many thanks

  7. Michelle B says:

    I like the 201 Semi-Opaque Ankle Tights in Jet Black.

  8. I love the Lincoln Park Tina D ,CT

  9. Margaret P. says:

    Margaret P. from NC

    I like the micro fishnet tights the best.

  10. The 105 Delta! These are really cute and a GREAT idea!!

    Chandrea S

  11. love the Lincoln Park that you’re wearing in your post! Lilly O., NC

  12. Bootights® 1005 Chelan Sport Shaper Tights

    Jean S. from MA

  13. Why can’t I be the one to execute these brilliant ideas?!?! Love them! I’d totally go for the draper herringbone.

    Brooke M from IA

  14. i’d go w/ the Halstead. We actually had a nice day for once, but it sounds like that e

  15. Whoa those are SEXY tights and such a genius idea!

    I’d try the Lincoln Park. ~Krista S from WA State

  16. Very cool idea! I like the herringbone ones!

    Jessica D, CT

  17. Ingrid M.
    Wow, what an amazing invention, makes me wish I had thought of it! I love the 120 Lincoln Park ones, they are beautiful. Thanks for your giveaways, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  18. The draper herringbone. These are such a great idea!!!

    Pam P. from KY

  19. There are such a great idea! I would love a pair of the halsted. Thanks!

    Noreen T

  20. Seana M-NY
    I really like the Clark Cable ones. Not too showy, not too plain.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  21. Hi Melanie –

    I don’t wear skirts that often because of the reasons you list – either that, or I wear socks on top of my tights, and then the boots are too tight! I just might start wearing skirts if I win these!

    I like the Halsted, or the one of the Core pairs. KathleenR, Ohio

  22. I like the Delta tights.

  23. I would love the 105 Delta. Thanks for the chance.

  24. That is an awesome idea. I like the Draper Herringbone ones.
    Sarah, RI

  25. Jennifer Mc says:

    I like the Draper Herringbone
    Jennifer Mc, North Carolina

  26. I would go with the 101 Classic Semi-Opaque Mid-Calf.
    Shawna S, PA

  27. I’d go with Semi-Opaque Mid-Calf Tights. Not very exciting but they would go with everything and keep my feet warm.
    Tamra B.

  28. 501 Clark Gable knit tights in black. Ranger S. from FL says these are such a good idea!

  29. I would definitely want the Delta! Megan G from SC

  30. The Clark Cable are great-those would be my first choice! Melanie N, WY

  31. I like the Chelan sport shapers. Kesha G, NC

  32. 673 Draper Herringbone
    Love this idea!!

    Nancy H

  33. I would love the 786 Calliope Argyle pair. Thanks! Kimberly F, New York

  34. Heidi Stone says:

    120 Lincoln Park
    Heidi S.
    Dallas, Texas

  35. I like the Lincoln Park!
    Alyssa H.
    Cypress, Tx

  36. Why am I not smart enough to think of these things? Lincoln park for me!

  37. OMG…………what a great idea !!!! I love the 673-draper herringbone. My kids would think I was a pretty hip Mom if I wore these.

  38. Wow – These really Rock!! Thanks for spreading the word. Way too many choices………….My first choice would be #1005 Chelan Sport Shaper Tights, 2nd #1001 Ankle Luxe & 3rd #104 Halsted Tights.

    Kat E., Enfield, CT


    You made my day!!!



  39. Hey! That’s cool! (I always wear a pair of socks under my pattern tights because I HATE when they go between my toes.) Lincoln Park, Herringbone, Delta, or the Sport Shaper are all calling my name. Thanks for the chance!

    Britt D

  40. What a genius idea! I could just kick myself when I see inventions like this and think “why couldn’t I have thought of that?”.
    I like the Delta pattern.

    Carla D. from MA

  41. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    I love the 1005 Chelan Sport Shaper Tights.

  42. Natalie F from Colorado. I’ve never seen these before–what fun! I love them all, but I think 120 Lincoln Park is may favorite. Thanks for the opportunity:)!

  43. Sara L – De

    These sound fantastic – I’d like to try the Delta!

  44. I wonder if these will fit over my baby bump? 🙂

    I like the Halstead!

    Aimee C., Quincy, MA

  45. Definitely love the Delta style! Chery H. From SD

  46. Katherine M says:

    Katherine M from NC

    I like them all, but I think I could get a lot of use out of the micro fishnet ones.

  47. I would LOVE the 120 Lincoln Park! Thanks for the chance.

    Amanda C., NY

  48. First I thought this was a really strange concept but then it’s true that when your socks slip down into your boots, it’s so annoying! It sounds perfect for New England winters!

  49. I would love to win the Chelan sport shapers, in black. these look so awesome.

  50. Draper Herringbone please!

    Amy S from IA

  51. I’m in love with argyle, so 105 Delta is a must-have for me. Thanks, Melanie!

    Lynne W.

  52. I’d love the 401 Grey Flannel bootights. Such a fantastic idea!
    Jessica M, NY

  53. I’d choose 1005 Chelan Sport Shaper or 673 Draper Herringbone. Sounds like you have a fab winter wardrobe! 🙂

  54. 1001 Ankle Lux in Jet would go awesomely with my new boots I just bought.

    Taylor Y

  55. I would like the halsted! So cute!!
    Tena N Utah

  56. I think the Delta are adorable, I have a thing for argyle! Julia M from NY

  57. Definitely Draper Herringbone. Props to Bootights for having “big girl” sizes too!!
    Jolene H. from Missouri

  58. Love the Herringbone!
    Regina H

  59. What a wonderful idea! (Why couldn’t I think of that??) the chelae sport shaper look like what I’d wear… Thx! Kym O from PA

  60. Lauren T.

  61. Christina S. says:

    Christina S from MO loves the Herringbone!

  62. I am LOVING Lincoln Park…Thanks for the chance to make them mine!

    Dorothy C, New Jersey

  63. I’d go with Calliope Argyle.

    Johanna H. from MA

  64. These look amazing. I hate how cute tights will hurt your feet by the end of the day. I would love the micro fishnet or halstead. Too hard to decide right now! Amy P. Michigan

  65. Love, love, love the Lincoln Park. They are adorable!

  66. Draper Herringbone or Halsted! Julia M., Massachusetts

  67. Cassie Sue says:

    Cassie S, California

    I love tights, hubby said they are matronly. But the 104 Halstedare pretty hot yet I could still wear them in the office. And i think the hubby would approve! 🙂

  68. Nicole G. says:

    I like the 105 Delta.
    Nicole G. from MA

  69. Cheryl P. says:

    Cheryl P.

    I like them all!!

  70. I like the draper herringbone or halstedare.

    Kristin Utah

  71. Monika P says:

    I like the Halsted
    Houston, TX

  72. I like 105 Delta
    Oxana H MN

  73. Kathy O. says:

    I would love the 105 Chelen Shaper black tights. What a great idea!

  74. I would love to win those.
    Linda in AL

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