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Felix Doolittle, An Exquisite Giveaway!

felix dolittleI have a secret addiction. Want to know what it is? Beautiful writing paper. There is something very luxurious about quality writing paper. It makes me happy.

It also makes me want to write more often. Far too often I find myself relying on email to communicate with my family and friends. That said, I truly feel that taking the extra time to write out your thoughts on paper, tucking it into an envelope and sticking a stamp on it makes any message that much more beautiful. Don’t you agree?

Enter Felix Doolittle.

Felix Doolittle is a Massachusetts based luxury stationer. What makes their paper so special? It’s all in the details. Heavy weight paper, gorgeous whimsical designs and exquisite packaging. All the things I love about fine stationery.

Recently I had the opportunity to tour their facility and I also had the chance to meet Felix. Felix is the artist behind the lovely graphics that make Felix Doolittle designs so special. He took me on a tour from design to finished product and I was amazed at how much care they take with each and every step of production.

Having been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and The Martha Stewart Show (just to name a few), Felix Doolittle is being recognized for producing a quality product. A product that has people hunting for their favorite ballpoint pens and blowing dust off their rolls of stamps.

Felix Doolittle has graciously offered a lovely giveaway for my readers. A box of their Petite Love Notes and a box of Personal Calling Cards.

The Petite Love Notes make wonderful Valentines, but they are also perfect tucked into your child’s lunchbox or your honey’s coat pocket. The perfect way to make sure your loved ones feel even a little more special any day of the year. Love notes make everyone happy.

felix doolittleThe Personal Calling Cards are in my opinion statement cards. When you pass these out to a new acquaintance, they are going to remember you. With many designs to choose from, you can customize the cards to speak to who you are. As you can see, I think I’m a macaron. And I am totally happy with that.

To enter this giveaway, go on over to the Felix Doolittle website and tell me which design you’d choose for your own Personal Calling Cards. Comment on this post with your favorite design, your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Friday, February 15th 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

Felix Doolittle is offering my readers a 15% discount site wide. Be sure to enter the code MIDDLE15 at checkout to receive your discount.

This is not a sponsored post. Felix Doolittle did send me the products you see above to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the Sapphire Orchid design. Purple is my favorite color… and who wouldn’t want to be described as “exotic” like the lovely orchid flower? 😉

    Amanda P. in California

  2. Love the macaroon and the whisk. But the macaroon may be my favorite.
    Merideth S., Texas

  3. I would pick the roses in the tin container.
    Marcia M. From OH

  4. Traveller is perfect for me
    Lauren T. from Texas

  5. Oh, these cards are gorgeous. I love, love, love the Vintage Typewriter. Perfect for this “emotional storyteller”.
    Nikki M. from MA

  6. Cheryl E. in PA. in college, and a bit in grad school, i’d leave random notes to cheer folks up. it’s more than 10 years but i’d love to do so again.

  7. I like “Let’s see” (the mouse reading a book).

  8. Oops! I’m Jane V., from Illinois.

  9. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    I had such a hard time choosing. I am an avid gardener and love the Meadow Bouquet.

  10. Macaroons and whisk!
    Vaishali S from WA

  11. Jennifer Davis-Fearn says:

    I really liked the peach tree!
    Jennifer D. in California

  12. “Real Simple” or “Magic Wand” both are wonderful!

  13. Laurie W.–MA
    So many gorgeous designs to choose from! I’m a sucker for birds, flowers and books. But I think my first choice is the sea glass. Will have to “pin” his site for future gift giving!

  14. Good morning Melanie! You were up late working on your post last night! So many wonderful choices… I think I am going to have to go with Florence Morning as my best choice. I have always wanted to go to Italy for a special holiday and these elegant cards would be special to me and anyone I chose to present one. These cards would be a wonderful gift too. Krista B, MD.

  15. Seana M.-NY
    I like the teacup with pink flowers. It’s hard to choose from so many pretty designs.

  16. Wow, so many beautiful choices. I like Dutch Beauties. Cristyn H. from MA.

  17. I liked the window box full of bloom! Spring is coming…

  18. LAILA speaks to me! Love cats…………….Absolutely beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing this fantastic resource!!

    Kat E., Enfield, CT

  19. Sue R., NH
    I love the “Resting Dinghy”. All of the designs are gorgeous. I am drooling over the products.

  20. Johanna H. says:

    Those are all very lovely! I might go with the simple black kitty design “Laila”.
    Johanna H. from MA

  21. They are all beautiful, but being a travel agent, I would have to pick the luggage. Very cute!

    Sherri K. from Florida

  22. Love the sapphire orchid. What a beautiful artist.

    Lisa K. from Massachusetts

  23. OMG the Gnome riding the frog is so cute. I would totally pick that one.
    Candy J from Florida

  24. There was a little white dog called “Bow Wow” that I adored! Looks like my little white dog might look if I gave her a bath!! And I loved the “pink wisteria” honestly, I loved them all!

    Maria D. from Connecticut

  25. I was hoping there was a cupcake however, I didn’t see one. I really like Magic Wand, Macaroons or Real Simple, they all are really beautiful so, it’s hard to choose just one.

    Tammy S from NY

  26. Kara S from Ohio says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been looking for something to do with my chickens! I would love the “Coup De Jour”

  27. Hard to pick a favorite, but probably the Sea Glass.

  28. I would love Laila (the black cat). If I were getting this for my office, probably the one with the vintage phone and the books.

    Julia M from NY

  29. Therese S. says:

    Soooo many beautiful ones to choose from…but if I had to pick one it would be “Pretty in Pink”
    Therese S.

  30. I would choose the Macaroons for my Personal Calling Cards.
    Kesha G. NC

  31. For me it would be a toss up between the “nuts for reading” and the “meadow bouquet”. The written word is my passion, but wildflowers in a jar speaks to my heart. All of the designs are gorgeous!
    Melanie N, WY

  32. I would probably get the macrons or the whisk!
    Angie B from VA

  33. Lori A from CA. They are all beautiful, I would choose the Resting Dinghy.

  34. I would have to go with Pretty in Pink! So beautiful!
    Megan G from SC

  35. I would choose the two story house or maybe the window box with colorful flowers.
    They are just lovely!

    Nancy H

  36. Peony Coast – I love peonies. They smell so sweet. The artwork is exquisite.
    Donna B.,, MA

  37. Judith S from MA says:

    Love, love the Cerulean Blue, of course I am from Cape Cod!

  38. Nuts for Reading would be my choice.

    Pam P. from KY

  39. Kial Conway says:

    “Delightful” is my favorite. Kial C. from MA
    (I always leave your petit love notes in my little one’s lunch box – he loves them <3)

  40. I love the Real Simple. Think it would be a neat idea to include this with your recipe when a friend asks for a copy.

    These cards are beautiful. Loved lots of them 🙂

  41. the black cat, Laila, is my favorite so far but also Pretty in Pink, so many choices! Just gorgeous and wonderful.
    Valerie S

  42. Thank you for sharing this wonderful site! I love that these cards seem very personal and warm. I would pick the 4 leaf clover – I spent hours collecting them and my husband is Irish.

    Angie H from CA

  43. So many great choices, I kept changing my mind. But I had have to go with the sea shells!

  44. Maureen L. says:

    Cerulean Blue- my favorite color and flower.

    Maureen L. Massachusetts

  45. That was hard to choose, I would go w/ the Jasmine Tea.
    Sherry L. from CA

  46. I love the Sapphire Orchid cards

  47. It’s a toss up between the black cat and beautiful peacock.

  48. I also love the feel of writing on good paper made cards. But I also have to have the right pen also that just slides on my writing. I love any of them with flowers on them.
    LInda T from Illinois

  49. Gosh – I don’t see how you can expect me to choose just ONE! I am leaving towards “How Lucky “or the “Heart Shaped Stone”. I think these would make a wonderful gift for a HS or college graduate, networking with class, maybe?

    The problem I have with handwritten notes is that if my handwriting isn’t flowing as beautifully as the paper implies, then I start over. I promise, I have gone through at least 10 cards once because I could not come close to the paper’s elegance!

  50. Gosh – I don’t see how you can expect me to choose just ONE! I am leaving towards “How Lucky “or the “Heart Shaped Stone”. I think these would make a wonderful gift for a HS or college graduate, networking with class, maybe?

    The problem I have with handwritten notes is that if my handwriting isn’t flowing as beautifully as the paper implies, then I start over. I promise, I have gone through at least 10 cards once because I could not come close to the paper’s elegance!

    Alyssa H.
    Cypress, Tx

  51. Jennifer Ryder says:

    Wow, beautiful cards!! I would choose Dutch Beauties because I love tulips.
    Jen R., NH

  52. Love coral display.
    Renee K. MA

  53. They are all SO pretty! I love the Whisk (Magic Wand) and the Macaroons!
    Lynda M.

  54. I love Orchard Blossoms…
    Christine MA

  55. Lindsay T. says:

    I love the sea glass cards on page 3!

  56. I would love to win this for my daughter and g-daughter!
    Linda in AL

  57. The calling card with the humming bird and the poppy is beautiful.

    Taylor Y.

  58. I love peonies so the peony box would be a favorite. Adrienne S. of Ma

  59. I’m undecided between Snack Time and Vintage Typewriter!

  60. OOps, I forgot to say Sara H from CA. That’s “Snack Time” or “Vintage Typewriter”. My family loves Squirrels so “Snack Time” is going on my list of gift ideas!

  61. Oh my goodness, everything is so beautiful and adorable! My first choice would be Sea Glass.

    Amanda C. from NY

  62. Wowsa. I love the bike…no the wheel barrow…no! the clover…but wait! The butterfly! Goodness. Such beautiful choices (I do wish they had either Brownie (camera) or a quilt. Those are probably MOST me.) Thanks for the chance!

    Britt D from SD

  63. I love Laila the black cat! Lilly O., North Carolina.

  64. It’s so hard to decide! Vintage typewriter.

  65. gina ferranti says:

    I too have an addiction to quality cards and paper. Nothing except ice cream comes close to it – so I love Triple Treat! Gina F., Ferndale, WA.

  66. Wow, it is hard to decide since all of them are so beautiful. I think I have it narrowed down to Red Hummingbird!

  67. Good pears!

    Sara L – DE

  68. Love “Let’s See”
    I will hope for the best and let’s see if I am lucky enough to win….fingers crossed.
    Thank you!

    Dorothy C – NJ

  69. sarah yost says:

    It’s really hard to choice but I would probably go with either the suitcases (something I hope to put to use one day soon) or the black cat as I have two black and white cats and two tabbiesso cats play an important part in my life.

    sarah y on the beautiful oregon coast

  70. Michele S. from CO
    These are great…Love the Meadow Bouquet and many others!

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