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Go Daddy Kisses Consumers Goodbye with Super Bowl 2013 Ad

How about that Super Bowl last night? That was something wasn’t it? My team wasn’t playing, but we still gathered as a family and watched while munching on some seriously delicious appetizers. That’s what us “my team didn’t make it into the big game people” do. That and check out the commercials. That’s one of the highlights of the game, isn’t it?

Some ads were hysterical like the Kia Space Babies. I could watch that baby’s cheeks shake a thousand times and it will always make me giggle.

And then there were the ads like the Jeep commercial that reduced me to a puddle of tears. Thank God for my stockpile of tissues.

There were also the dumb ads that made you wonder what the point of the ad even was. That Coke commercial in my opinion was just a downright waste of advertising dollars. I wish they would go back to what they’re good at. Fuzzy polar bears. So much better than showgirls in pink feathers.

It wouldn’t be a proper Super Bowl without one highly offensive ad and the winner of the worst ad of the year goes to Go Daddy for their Sexy Meets Smart. This spot stars the super model Bar Refaeli and some exceedingly young, not so very attractive male who’s supposed to personify all things geekdom.

The two share the longest most disgusting kiss known to mankind. Seriously, it made me nauseous. Wet lips smacking together as if they were simultaneously eating a gloppy ruben sandwich. Hurl.

To think that this was even remotely appropriate for family viewing is laughable if not appalling. Shame on Go Daddy and CBS for even allowing it to air.

Did you know that CBS declined earlier versions of this ad due to indecency? Makes you wonder what those could’ve possibly been like? Maybe they sealed the deal at the end? It’s the only thing that could make this ad any more uncomfortable to watch.

Also, did you know that they had to shoot this ad 45 times to get what they wanted? Makes you glad you weren’t on the film crew, right?

Go Daddy certainly got people’s attention with this ad. But for this girl, the only thing I’m going to think about when I hear about Go Daddy is puke. Way to brand yourself Go Daddy.

What do you think? Any thoughts on the best and worst ads from this year’s Super Bowl? Are you offended by the Go Daddy ad or do you think it’s harmless fun?


  1. Anonymous says:

    My team didn’t make the big game but like 111 million others (pregame estimates) I did watch the game and caught most of the commercials. Love the ‘where babies come from commercial’ and yes, the baby on re-entry is too cute. Thankfully I missed the Go Daddy commercial, but it works from the standpoint that we are all talking about it. The Coke one…? I appeared to be Hidalgo meets The Road Warrior but then the Vegas showgirls drove in, weird.

    • Did Go Daddy run an effective campaign that got us all talking? Sure. If that’s their final goal, then they accomplished it. BUT when my domain comes up for renewal, will I be renewing with Go Daddy? Hell no.

  2. I thought the ads were pretty unremarkable this year. I didn’t love the Go Daddy commercial either. However, my favorite was the Calvin Klein underwear ad. It wasn’t the ad, but the comment from one of the husbands watching the game. The women were joking about covering our eyes when he said, ” You need to keep your eyes open because you won’t be seeing that again.” Since we’re all in our 50’s, he’s probably right!

  3. that Go Daddy commercial grossed me and my husband out. like to the point of when they kept it on the close up of them kissing he changed the channel.

  4. I agree. Poor taste. My seven year old son asked why they were trying to eat each others faces and said if that is what married people do then he doesn’t want a wife.

  5. I was so disgusted with that GoDaddy commercial, I was halfway decided to switch now. But I’m current throught 2014…sigh…

  6. The worst part of that Go Daddy ad was the sounds. OH THE SOUNDS. Couldn’t handle it.

    My favorite ad was the Budweiser clydesdale one. That got me all choked up.

  7. The absolute best hands down ad of the superbowl was the Dodge commercial – God made a Farmer!

  8. GoDaddy always takes the low road and goes for the sleaze.
    Last night’s ad was terrible.
    Are we talking about it? Yes. But all it did was remind me to never do business with them.

    My favorite ads were the Jeep military service, the Ram farmer and the Budweiser Clydesdale.
    All three were thoughtful, heartwarming, moving and told a story.
    – Lee

  9. I thought the Go Daddy commercial was inappropriate, but I’m not surprised. Every year I dread their commercials. I did love the Jeep commercial, way more my style.

    • I’m not sure they can get any worse for 2014. But then again, they continually surprise and horrify me. At least they are consistent.

  10. The Go Daddy ad was a bit too much! I told my 7 year old son to close his eyes and cover his ears! My favorite commerical was Jeep; I was teary-eyed after that!

    Overall the Super Bowl was great! From the Sandy Hook Chorus to Beyonce to the Power Outage…loved every minute!

    • I’m not even a Beyonce fan and I was so impressed. Sure, I wish she had on a little more fabric, but damn can that girl sing and dance. There’s a lot of talent in that woman.

  11. Johanna H. says:

    When I first saw the GoDaddy commercial, I was too disgusted to do anything, I just stared at my TV. The second time it came on, I covered my face with a blanket and stuck my fingers into my ears. I don’t mind seeing kissing but OMG, that was something else…
    I was waiting that Walking Dead commercial but it never came on in our area. Luckily I found it online! It was hilarious. Just perfect for all Daryl fans 😉
    My daughter loved the Gangnam style nut cracking commercial 😀

    • There’s kissing and then there’s….well, I’m not even sure what to call it. Just nasty. I’m all for a good romantic stuff your tongue down each other’s throats kind of kiss, but this was something else entirely. I have no words for it.

  12. The Dodge Ram commercial was the best – EVER!!! We are first generation farmers in Virginia and it has made me tear up every time I have watched it.

  13. I may be talking about the Godaddy commercial, BUT, they will NEVER get my business after that! If the face chewing didn’t make you sick enough, the sounds effects would finish you off!

  14. Yes, the kissing and sounds were gross. BUT, would everyone had felt this way if she was kissing a beautiful man? That’s my question.

  15. Definitely the Ram truck farmer tribute was my absolute fav and I liked the Jeep one as well as the Budweiser. Overall, I thought most of the ads weren’t worth watching and that Go Daddy one was totally inappropriate, gross, and all things representative of what SHOULDN’T be a family television time commercial…or any time for that matter…YUK!

    • They should respect that kids watch the Super Bowl as a family activity. And with that in mind, reject ads such as this. BUT unfortunately that’s the type of stuff that sells. I still wonder what the ad they rejected looked like. Can you even imagine?

  16. I am SO glad to hear I am not the only one taken back by that commercial. Horrible judgement call on their part! When are we going to say enough !!!

    • Good question. I hope enough people complain and that CBS will make better choices down the road. Here’s to hoping anyway.

  17. Funny thing about Jeep… they were attempting to position themselves as patriotic and making Jeeps in the US BUT they are moving manufacturing to CHINA so I say shame on them. I am really tired of being lied to. Here’s a article on Jeeps being made in China.

    My favorite commercial was the Budweiser Horse – very well done.

    • I didn’t know they were doing that. Ugh. And we wonder why American can’t find work. Loved the Budweiser commercial too.

  18. Cheryl l. says:

    Go Daddy ad was DISGUSTING! I think my fav was the Ram farmer commercial. I used to love listening to Paul Harvey on the radio.

    • How I missed the farmer commercial is beyond me. That should’ve been in my line up of good ads. It was very moving.

  19. I thought most of the commercials were lame. Go Daddy was gross, Audi…ugh…a high schooler speeding off to the prom kissing some girl and speeding home with a black eye, and the one with the one night stand fuzzy hand cuffs. My boys are watching this c**p and I’m having to jump on the remote to flip channels.

  20. Oh darn – I already transferred all my domains away from godaddy two weeks ago! 😉 To all those who think they’re locked in: you can transfer your domain just about any time you want to, except if you had just transferred your domain recently. Even if your renewal date is a few years out, your new registrar will just extend your current expiration date out 1 year. All DNS settings transfer with the domain. My hosting was elsewhere, so I didn’t even have to do anything.

  21. Patricia N. says:

    The Clydesdale commercial took my breath away. I think I’ll go visit the Lakeville farm and see them up close. I can’t believe I’ve never done that. Such beautiful horses.
    As for GoDaddy–Yuck. 45 takes, that poor girl.

    • Patricia N. says:

      Forgot to ad, imagine all the lip balm they would need after to handle all the chapping? I would have said that poor guy, too, but I’m sure he didn’t mind chapped lips in return for that disgusting kiss.

  22. The Go Daddy ad grossed me out..I will remember it, but not in a good way. I adored the Dodge and Jeep ads as well as the Clydsedale…those are the family friendly ads that should be on when kiddos are around in my humble opinion. 🙂

  23. Stevie Nanstad says:

    I am not sure on both ads CBS declined but one of them is on GoDaddys website..you think the tv one was bad? Oh my. Only one word for the ad on their website: TONGUE! Ahh Seriously it is so disgusting. I posted my opinion on their FB page but many things are being deleted. I also have them now and will be switching once my domain expires. The only good thing about the commercial is that it’s shown me more people have class than I thought because their page is being blown up with angry people.

    In case you want to see how really gross GoDaddy is go here and click on the unrated version–> http://www.godaddy.com/?playvideo=perfectmatchio&iphoneview=1&product25

  24. Briana LaForte says:

    My favorite was the Dodge Ram Farmer commercial! I come from farmers and ranchers and it brought tears to my eyes. As for the worst I completely agree with you on the Go daddy one! I am about to start a blog and was looking at purchasing my domain name from them, but not anymore! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one disgusted by their ad.

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