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Got Milk Breakfast Blitz and a Giveaway!

Breakfast-Blitz-logo_thumbMy kids start each day with a healthy breakfast and a glass of milk. As you know, milk does the body good. But not all kids start their day with a nutritious breakfast. The Got Milk folks are working towards changing that.

Every milk purchase* you make up until February 17th will help support breakfast programs at local schools when you enter your milk UPC code at the Breakfast Blitz website. For each entry you make, you can vote for a local school breakfast program. The top 250 schools that receive valid votes will receive a $1,000 Fuel Up To Play 60 grant to use towards school breakfast programs.

Not only that, but by entering your milk UPC code you are also entering to win tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII amongst other prizes like free milk for a year and a $200 NFL.com gift card!

BB Giveaway image Final-1 (2)But that’s not all! The Got Milk folks are also offering a giveaway for my readers. A gift basket full of cool prizes which include:

    • A super cute spilt milk bowl
    • Spoon straw
    • Tackle your day challenge chart
    • Milk mustache magnet
    • Cow slippers
    • Milk mustache glasses
    • Breakfast Project recipe cards

To enter, comment on this post by leaving your first name, last initial and the state you are from. Entries must be received by Friday, February 22nd 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

* No milk purchase necessary. See rules for official details and enter here.

This is a sponsored post for The Motherhood on behalf of Got Milk. All opinions are my own.


  1. Tina H

  2. Barbara Rogers says:

    Barbara R., from CA

  3. Lynne W

  4. Johanna H. says:

    Johanna H. from MA

  5. Todd S

  6. Too cute! I want those slippers!! 🙂 Krista B, MD.

  7. Sharon Z

  8. TOO CUTE!!! And what a great way to help your local school. So many kids are not able to get nutritional breakfast or any breakfast for that matter. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Angie H.
    Sunny California

  9. Those milk mustache glasses are adorable!
    Pattie Q. NJ

  10. What a cute giveaway.

    Stacey H. NH

  11. Too cute! Those bedroom shoes are sweet!
    Kesha G. Pikeville,NC

  12. Livivua C

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

  13. Jaime P.

    Thanks!! My kids would love this 🙂

  14. How adorable is that bowl!

    Sherri K. from Florida

  15. Michele S from CO
    Love the slippers!

  16. Jennifer B. says:

    What a cute package! I love those cow slippers, but am guessing they might be a bit small for my feet.

    Jennifer B. in Louisiana

  17. Jenny N.

  18. Doreen C., Texas

  19. Dorothy C NJ

  20. Heidi H, OR. My daughter would love to eat her cereal out of that bowl, what a fun giveaway!

  21. Laurie W.–MA
    I’m wondering if a school/school nurse would enjoy this gift.

  22. Nina Bartling says:

    Nina B

  23. Emily L, MA

  24. Carmela C, NJ

  25. Oxana H from MN

  26. Jean S. from MA

  27. Jennifer H, FL.

  28. Marisa D, IA

  29. Lori M

  30. Donna L
    Hampton, VA

  31. Cheryl P.

  32. Mel J. from Pa.

  33. Ooh this looks so fun! We go through sooo much milk in our home, I have considered buying a cow multiple times!
    Marie T.

  34. Joy S. from North Carolina

  35. Jennifer B.

  36. Patricia N. says:

    Patricia N. From MA
    What a great idea. I have two UPC codes to enter, too.

  37. Madeline B. says:

    Madeline B from PA. I love the milk bowl!

  38. Nicole G. from MA
    Granddaughter of a milkman!

  39. Carol W, CA. Seriously hoping those cow slippers are adult sized.

  40. Estera N- from WA

  41. Mare P~ Georgia

  42. Fun!

    Britt D

  43. Dianne B.

  44. Tim L

  45. Kristen R

  46. David L

  47. Katie G

  48. Lori A from CA

  49. Jessica T. says:

    Too cute!

    Jessica T. from VA

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