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On Food Writing and Staying Healthy

photo-576Can I tell you how hard it is to make healthy eating decisions when you are immersed in the food writing world? You see, this past week I had a task that required that I research food writers from Latin America. And as I was researching countless blogs and cook books, it made me really hungry. There are some good vittles in those cultures.

During my “down time”, I’ve been reading other books on food photography and composition that’s also not helping my cause very much. Or maybe it’s because I’m not attracted to vegetarian and low fat cook books. Yes, I think that’s more of the issue.

Right now I’m reading What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davies. Katie is a food blogger/photographer/author extraordinaire. Not only are her recipes amazing, her photography is breathtaking. If you love good food, then you will want to check out her blog and certainly purchase her cook book.

photo-577So, what’s Melanie eating? The gal who’s got some major events coming up that require her to fit into her dress slacks? The ones with the button, not the stretchy waist band. Not that working in yoga pants doesn’t appeal to me. It does. I just don’t think the companies that I work with and represent would appreciate that much.

Truffle fries. Thick slices of hand cut potatoes deep fried and sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Cause that’s how I roll. Or how I will be rolling if I eat too many of them. But Lord have mercy were they good. To my credit I only ate three of them because of the whole button vs. elastic waist thing. But truth be told, I wanted to eat the whole damn bucket.

This particular restaurant serves up hearty fare, and I was there to write a review. It only made sense to try the truffle fries. That’s my story anyway.

photo-578While dining at said yummy restaurant today, I was the only diner. I came at a very off hour and had the place to myself.

Just me and my dining partner Canon. As in the camera of course. I felt very weird dining alone and taking pictures of my food. I’m sure they thought I was nuts and that I have 25 cats at home. I might be nuts but there are no cats here. Four kids are very similar to 25 cats though.

My plans for the weekend include many miles on the treadmill and more cooking/photo taking. It’s a never ending cycle. Which leads me to wonder about cooks like Giada De Laurentiis. How the hell does she stay so thin? Do you think she really eats the food she makes? She must spend a crap ton of hours on the treadmill.


  1. i found a great food blogger…she talks about how she takes pictures for her blog…kayotic kitchen..she is in denmark ..i found her blog by accident…hope u like it…

  2. Mel, this has to be one of the most “awesomest” posts that you’ve ever written. I am absolutely smiling and absolutely happy. Your questions echo many of mine. And those fries…I wouldn’t have been able to stop at three, which is probably the majority of my problems with working out vs. the just saying no thing. I love, love, love the way you wrote this. Anyway, I just deleted a whole paragraph that I typed because it just didn’t read right to me, but I have to say, this is one of the most talented posts, in my humble opinion, that you’ve ever written or that I’ve ever read. I love it. In all its simplicity, it generates so much.

    • You are the sweetest. Always finding the best in what I have to say. I really appreciate you finding worth in what I share. 🙂

  3. I have to add a PS to my post. I just showed my daughter this pic of the fries. She thinks they look as good as I think they do. Obviously, it’s a great pic because for her to say they look so yummy (she’s 15 1/2 so very critical), that definitely means something. And I think it’s all in the photography. Guess I’ll be peeling and slicing potatoes tomorrow. 🙂

  4. I used to write a food blog back in 2007-2009 ish while also trying to lose weight. It sucked. I feel you!

    Those fries, even though I can’t stand the smell or taste of truffles/oil, look AMAZING. Like I want to reach right through this screen and have one. Oh who am I kidding? I want the whole damn bucket! And an extra dipper of tartar sauce or whatever that yummy looking stuff is! =)

    • You know Krista, I’m not a huge truffle lover either. But these were so incredibly good. I tasted more Parmesan than anything else. And that dip was a pesto/mayo thing. Freakin’ deadly delicious.

  5. Hmmm… Your pic of the Truffle Fries is definitely one of the things that make me go Hmmm! They certainly do look and sound yummy! I scrolled through Katie’s blog per your suggestion and I think your pix are just as good and some of yours are better. I’m just saying. Anyway, Katie does have some very appealing recipes. Can’t wait to hear about the viticulture adventure you are researching! Sounds very interesting Melanie! Happy Ground Hog Day!

    • Thank you for saying such lovely things about my photography. I appreciate it. But if I ever become half as good of a photographer as Katie I will be a very happy woman.

  6. Ok I have to say that I am in love with your camera strap! I must have one of those…yes I know you show great food and I notice the pink flowered strap.

    • Amazon Adrienne! Look up Capturing Couture. They are the makers. You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on that strap.

  7. I’ll let Bob know that you enjoyed his Truffle Fries. Thanks so much for coming to our event at Common Ground in Allston, MA. Glad it was worth a second trip!

  8. What a treat to read this morning! You are a good girl in not devouring those fries…they look divine! As for Giada..she must be some sort of an anomaly. 🙂

  9. I feel your pain. I was at the gym on the stationary bike and I was watching how slowly the calorie counter was going up – 7 calories burnt after 10 minutes of vigorous cycling – WTH?

  10. I read an interview with Giada once where she said she walks on the beach A LOT, for something like 2 hours every day? The interviewer asked her why she didn’t just run and her answer was that her boobs are too big for running, HA!

  11. I do reviews for local restaurants and I am in HEAVEN now that I have my new phone. it’s got an 8mpixal camera on it, so I can snap awesome pictures of my food without looking like a crazy person anymore lol. ps. those truffle fries sounds amazing!!

  12. I would know those truffle fries anywhere (Common Ground) and I definitely would not have the self control to stop at three which means I would have eaten the rest of the basket…no question.

  13. I LOVE skinnytaste blogger. Her recipes are to die for and she puts the WW points and the calories. Everything I have attempted has been a HUGE success with family and friends!!

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