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Redemption Through Baked Goods

IMG_0789You might think that I’m sharing this picture of the kids frolicking in the snow because of the historic snowstorm that hit New England last weekend. No, not really. It’s for another historic event. All of the kids got along for a few hours. I had to get a picture of that to remind them that it is indeed possible.

IMG_0840I have to admit, I felt really bad about not being home when the storm hit. So, to make up for it (or at least try to) while the kids were playing outside I whipped up a batch of homemade baked donuts.

Months ago I bought a donut pan but I haven’t had much luck finding a decent recipe. But yesterday I stumbled across this recipe that I had great success with. If you have a donut pan collecting dust then wipe it off. These came out pretty darn good.

IMG_0844I think if I had dipped the donuts in a little butter and dusted them with cinnamon sugar it would’ve made them even more wonderful, but cinnamon sugar and mittens are not good bedfellows.

Speaking of wonderful recipes, I posted something crazy yummy on A Beautiful Bite last night. Something you might want to whip up for your Valentine. Just be sure to make something minty for dessert. You’re going to need it if you expect to be kissed after dinner.


  1. Nemo aftermath donuts!! I daresay that the donuts were wonderful but I love the look of surprise and joy on the girl’s faces when you opened the door and revealed the treat you had created. It looks like they are prepared to defend the house with that snow fortress they built!

  2. Johanna H. says:

    Awesome pics! I love the girls’ faces too, priceless! You didn’t lose power, did you? We survived without any bigger problems here in Central Mass.

  3. Love the look on your older daughter’s face at the window seeing the plate!

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