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Seems Like Old Times

20130223_142911I’m going to start this post with a big apology for the crappier than usual cell phone photos. I’m still trying to figure out my new cell phone camera. Clearly with little success.

At any rate, this week has been a great week for Stop & Shop customers. They finally seem to have the gas points program sort of back. Well, halfway back at least. And I’ve been very busy filling my stockpile shelves with free after gas points Quaker oatmeal.

Between Target’s cereal sale last week and the Quaker deal at Stop & Shop this week, finding something for breakfast in this house will be pretty easy for months to come.

Besides free oatmeal, Stop & Shop is also having a killer freezer sale. Spend $20 on participating products and get $10 off. That’s pretty amazing when you look at what’s included…

Eggo Waffles, Friendly’s Ice Cream, Mama Rosie’s Pasta, Birds Eye, Ore-Ida. The list goes on and on. For my family, I’m stocking up on Eggo, Ore-Ida and various frozen treats because HOLY HECK, have you seen the price of ice cream lately?

20130223_142933-1So, it’s not the most nutritionally balanced cart around, but $1.25 for Friendly’s ice cream and $1.75 for Talenti? I’ll take the funny stares, thank you very much. It’s not like we would eat it all in one week. My hope is that it will take us straight through til summer.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to make a couponer happy, there’s more. Barilla for .50/box, $1.50 for Marzetti’s Simply Salad Dressing, .99 Cheezits, all after doubled coupons. And I bet you thought I wasn’t couponing anymore. Pssshaw. Once a couponer, always a couponer.

20130223_140444There’s also a Nabisco sale going on, but I didn’t need a single participating item. But for kicks, I checked to see if they had the springtime Oreos on the shelves yet. I have a baking project coming up that calls for them. While checking I found something very interesting.

See the package of Oreos above? They are a regular package at 15.35 ounces priced at $3.49 which comes to roughly .22 per ounce. Let’s look at the next package….

20130223_140412The family size Oreos that weigh in at 19 ounes at a cost of $4.99 (normal price) or about .26 per ounce. Interesting yes? Much like the marriage penalty with taxes, there’s a price penalty with family sized Oreos too.

Not to mention, how is an extra 3 ounces family sized? They clearly haven’t met my family or any other family for that matter. But it gets even more interesting…

20130224_135047At Market Basket the family sized Oreos weigh in at 1 lb 10 ounces for $3.99! Making these Oreos around .15 per ounce. That’s a much better deal and certainly fits the term family sized much better. Don’t you think? It’s crazy what you pick up on when you pay attention to the packaging and price per ounce stickers.

Sometimes the bigger packages aren’t a better deal. Sometimes they are. You have to read the packages and shelves to be sure. It doesn’t help that Oreo has “family sized” packages at varying weights.

So, the rest of this week I’ll be working on Stop & Shop. I made a quick run to CVS today even though there wasn’t anything spectacular in the sales ad. That silly red coupon spitter at CVS has been giving me $10/50 coupons left and right that make so-so sales pretty darn good.

How about you? What are you excited about this week?


  1. I found Perdue Perfect Portions (1.5 lb pkgs) on clearance for $1.99 each at Shaws in Barrington, RI last week.

    I did a double and then triple take at the sign that stated the clearance price. As typical per Shaws, the items scanned in at the full priced $10.49/ea price. I argued with the cashier who sent another cashier (who was so gosh darn rude) to check the price. The runner insisted I was making up a story and that it simply wasn’t possible for the Perdue to be that cheap. Boy was she quiet when she came back with her head hung low because I was right!

    6 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast for $8 total. Not too shabby in my book!

    • That is a spectacular price for that brand. You done good! Chicken Parm for the whole neighborhood! 😉

    • Cassie Sue says:

      That is am amazing deal! I thought I did good with 4lbs for $8 in my neck of the woods.

      Speaking of rude cashiers, I had a leaking gallon of milk after I checked out. I took it to customer service to exchange it (before it went into my car and leaked everywhere) and the girl was a total jerk to me. I stayed polite and brought up a new one and a second cashier that I go to a lot goes “I wanted to apologize for that other girl, I told her you always come here and you are very nice. So I told her ‘i don’t care what this customer wants to exchange, or for what reason, you give her what she wants!!'” It made me feel good for not losing my cool, and made me feel really appreciated for being a good customer.

  2. Hello Coupon Goddess! Oh, sorry, Melanie in the Middle Girl! Great post and I am very disappointed in Nabisco the the ‘Family Penalty’ exists. When they throw out advertisements like that you expect it would be a better value and not a penalty. Wow, sucks if you don’t pay attention! Great finds and bargains this weekend girl! Thank you!

  3. $1.75 for Talenti? I would have filled my entire cart! We are on school vacation this week, I could have eaten my way through quite a few containers. Good thing we don’t have a Stop & Shop around here, my bathing suit would never fit come summer!

    • I know, right? Talenti is the cat’s meow. And for $1.75, I’m going to shove as much of it as I can into the freezer. I’m not a big ice cream person, but that is one that I like. Now, I just have to make sure the kids don’t find it. Maybe I’ll hide it under the frozen spinach. Also, I have to promise myself ten miles of walking for every carton purchased. 🙂

  4. This week doesn’t look very good but last week I was able to get Breyer’s ice cream for $1.99 a gallon. So much better than the $6.29 regular price. It was on sale for $2.99 but Kroger had a $1 ecoupon that you could use 5 times in the same transaction. I am hoping they keep the multiple ecoupons up on a regular basis.

    • I don’t understand the high prices of ice cream. Especially with the ever shrinking packaging. It blows my mind. That’s why I’m going a little nuts with this sale. It’s not often that we pay $1.25 for a carton of ice cream anymore. Those ecoupons are a nice little feature. Too bad we don’t have Kroger out here. They have some good sales. Do they still double coupons? I think I heard they stopped that, right?

      • My Kroger still doubles coupons (only .50 and below). Some of the other regions have stopped double coupons. The really good sales are becoming farther and fewer but I do stockpile to help us get through. Kroger is my only option unless I want to shop superwalmart (which I am not fond of). I would love to have more choices but I live in a smallish town that is also in an economically depressed area. I really wish I had a whole foods!!!

  5. Johanna H. says:

    Yes, S&S rocks this week! I’m going to score some “Awesome Mom” points with all that cheap ice cream!! I’m going to stock up on Magnum ice cream, so yummy and can’t beat the price.

  6. I seem to always be able to figure out something at some store each week, even if it’s just the drug stores. I have to say, after four and a half years of couponing, I never need panic and there’s always food here to whip up. Most times my freezers are packed to capacity, and just when I start making some room, they seem to get full again to the point of, in my husband’s words, “And where do you think we’re going to put all that?” But I always make room…somehow, someway. The cereal deals at our local Weis and the one at Target last week, I’m making a huge delivery to our church food pantry because even though my kids pound cereal down, there’s no way they’ll go through all the boxes I have before expiration dates. That’s the fun part…my kids have all they could handle and then some, and on top of that, we get to donate with the wish that other kids’ bellies are full too 🙂

    • That is the best feeling. The couponing life takes work, but the benefits are huge. When the accident happened it was a huge help to have all we needed in the stockpile. It was one less thing to worry about. And just so you know, I get the “where are we going to put that?” lecture too. 🙂

  7. Did you notice if you could only buy 10 of each item for the gas points? Does that make sense, I know you need to buy in multiples of 7 but it says limit of 10 I think? What does that mean?

  8. We don’t have this market here. Crap! I spied the Talenti before I even read your post. Don’t tell me it was the salted caramel. That is my fav! Nice shopping trip!

  9. Thanks alot, now I want oreo cookies!!

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