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Brunch Featuring Eggland’s Best and an Eggcellent Giveaway!

eggland's best eggsI think I would love breakfast if it was later in the day. Matter of fact, I would like morning better if it was later in the day. That’s why I love brunch.

Brunch is relaxing. Brunch doesn’t care if you don’t eat it until 11am. Brunch does not make you stick with just breakfast foods. Want something savory? How about something sweet? Brunch is a pretty accepting meal.

The entire world should partake in brunch. I think it would be a more peaceful place if everyone started their day with a mimosa and a plate of some brunchy goodness. All after 11am.

crepes with strawberries and NutellaWhen the folks at Eggland’s Best asked if I would share some pics of a brunch featuring their eggs, I said sure thing. I love eggs. Eggs are easy and my kiddos love them too.

And while Eggland’s has all kinds of groovy recipes to inspire you with, I made my own special something for our brunch. Crepes filled with Nutella and strawberries. Chocolate anything in the morning is A-OK with me.

eggland breakfastCrepes filled with Nutella and strawberries makes everyone feel like they are celebrating something. And we are. We are celebrating only having to wash one sink full of dishes. Brunch is pretty wonderful that way too. Only two meals in one day to clean up after. Brunch rocks.

IMG_6729Crepes are so very easy to make. Don’t let the fancy French name fool you. It’s the same as making pancakes, just thinner. And you don’t need some fancy crepe pan no matter what your cookbook or favorite food blog tells you. Use your skillet. And make them big. The bigger they are, the more chocolate they will hold. Truth.

Crepes With Nutella and Strawberries

For the crepe batter:

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
2 Eggland’s Best Eggs
2 Tbsp water
1 1/2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp butter (for cooking crepes in)

1/2 cup Nutella
1/2 pound strawberries, sliced

Place all the ingredients for the crepe batter (except butter) in a food processor or blender and process just until smooth.

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add enough butter to coat the pan. Pour just enough batter in to coat the bottom of the pan. Cook for 30 seconds on each side.

Once all crepes are cooked, smear Nutella onto the surface of the crepe and top with strawberries. Fold over and serve.

IMG_6678And as decadent as my recipe is, it’s full of some pretty good stuff too. Eggland’s Best Eggs has ten times more vitamin E, double the amount of Omega-3’s, twice the amount of vitamin D and 25% less saturated fat than regular eggs. That’s one fine egg.

And if all of that wasn’t eggciting enough (sorry, couldn’t resist), Eggland’s Best is offering up a brunch giveaway gift package for one of my readers!

One reader will win the most adorable egg shaped cutting board, free Eggland’s Best product coupons, a large porcelain mixing bowl, whisk, reusable grocery bag, coffee mug and a handy dandy scraper.

To enter, comment on this post with your first name, last initial, the state you are from and your favorite egg dish. Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 17th 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

For more information on Eggland’s Best Eggs, you can visit their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

The Eggland’s Best coupon, information and gift pack for giveaway have been provided by Eggland’s Best. I have received no compensation for this post but they did send the same gift package to me in order to facilitate my post.


  1. Tina H

  2. Diane T from MA. Quiche!

  3. Sarah K from PA says:

    Thanks for the crepes recipe can’t wait to try it out! My favorite egg dish is scrambled eggs with onions.

  4. Pam P. from KY. I love huevos rancheros. I have a bunch of nutella so will be trying to make the creeps this weekend.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Melanie! Simple, yummy looking recipe and great giveaway! Believe it or not, I am not a ‘straight’ egg person but don’t mind wonderful breakfast creations or desserts made with eggs, go figure. Coincidentally, I would have to say my favorite ‘dish’ made with eggs is fried rice. This is why I loved the recipe you posted on A Beautiful Bite for that dish recently. I could live on fried rice, chicken one night, shrimp the next, beef the next, plain; they all work for me! Krista B, MD.

  6. I love breakfast casserole with eggs, sausage and tater tots……easy morning for lots of peeps. Donna l. Virginia

  7. Love a simple omelet with bubbly American cheese and garlic pepper

    Jean S. from MA

  8. Janell D. says:

    I reallylly like fried eggs on wheat toast with mayo:)
    Janell D, from Ohio

  9. Tracy B. from Minnesota–I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE French toast–eggs, milk, vanilla and powdered surgar and thick sliced bread…perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or BRUNCH! 🙂

  10. My college senior son runs the crepe stand at the restaurant where he works. He makes Nutella, or ham and swiss crepes. I haven’t attempted to make them because I’m unsure how they would turn out with gluten-free flour substitutions.

    Julie, MN

  11. Margaret P. says:

    Margaret P. from NC
    French toast with strawberries & powdered sugar

  12. My favorite egg dish is a western omelet.
    Jean C from CT

  13. Jennifer B. says:

    I’ve been using Eggland’s Best for a while now and love them. Definitely worth the little extra cost!

    I’m Jennifer B. in Louisiana and my favorite egg dish is a Mexican Quiche recipe we found last year that is great hot out of the oven, but also cold leftover!

  14. Kim B. Ohio
    My husband’s Sunday bacon, egg and cheese biscuits are my favorite egg creation!

  15. Sandy B. Maryland just plain ole scrambled with cheese and mushrooms !!!

  16. Dawn K – IL; My favorite egg dish is a “skillet” (potatoes, eggs, onion, spinach and cheese) = yum

  17. Cindy S. Nothing beats a good old fried egg to start my morning off! Egglands is the best, buy them all the time.

  18. Heather S. NY
    Eggs benedict 🙂

  19. Lynne Tretow says:

    Lynne T from Wisconsin….we llike good old scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese at our house especially when having breakfast for supper.

  20. Kimberly S. says:

    Kimberly S.
    My favorite egg dish is a tomato, spinach, ham, cheese, and onion omelet.

  21. Lana P

    Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa

  22. Patti L, GA – Love deviled eggs!!!!

  23. I love scrambled eggs
    LaTanya T

  24. Melissa H.
    I love hard boiled and scrambled and quiche! Wait, do cookies count? They have eggs! 🙂

  25. Brenda J Mansfield TX says:

    Love scrambled eggs with chunks of Ham. Yummy:)

  26. Cheryl E. — my brunch norm is an egg white omlette (i never liked yolks so it is an easy sub…and then i can get bacon ;P ) the fillings are usually lots of veggies (NO olives) and cheddar or feta depending on the details.

  27. Becky N. says:

    Becky N
    I just like plain scrambled eggs

  28. D SCHMIDT says:

    Dawn S, California and my favorite dish is Ham and Swiss Quiche

  29. Katherine M says:

    Katherine M fro NC

    My favorite thing to make at home with eggs is a bacon, egg, and cheese burrito. If we go out to a local brunch spot I love an omelette with bacon, onions, spicy collard greens and cheese.

  30. Jessie C. says:

    Jessie C. MN
    I like Tamagoyaki

  31. Jessica D says:

    Fav is sausage egg and cheese on a crossaint!!

    Cute cutting board!

    Jessica D, CT

  32. Holly S

    quiche, overnight cassarole w/bread, canned tomatoes & eggs

  33. Cynthia S
    Dighton, MA
    I love deviled eggs!

  34. My fav egg dish, which we enjoy regardless of time of day is quiche. And that’s something that you can easily whip up and put whatever ingredients in you desire. Last one we had was a “Mexican” quiche with salsa, cheese, olives and it was oh so yummy. It was around 3:00 pm that we ate it. Eggs are an important part of our household cooking as well. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway. Nancy (PA)

  35. Seana M. -NY
    Scrambled are my favorite. Simple.

  36. Pam W. fr MA. my fav egg dish is huevos rancheros. Yum!

  37. Lori R from Florida

    I love a great omelet. Thanks for the giveaway offer!!!

  38. I’m a sucker for a good sausage and cheese omlette. Still have not mastered making my own, so it is a treat when we go out for breakfast/brunch now.

    Lori M

  39. KathleenR says:

    My favorite egg dish is an egg burrito with sausage and cheese! My 7yr-old daughter loves to make scrambled eggs for herself – she can do it all!
    Kathleen R, Ohio

  40. Cheese souffle made with Egglands Best!
    Sharon V. – TN

  41. victoria s says:

    Vicki S. from RI
    yum! sounds delicious!

  42. Sherri K from Florida-Egg salad sandwiches are a favorite around our house.

  43. Dion F. OHIO
    Omlets are my favorites.

  44. I love egg salad. It’s so good on just plain white bread.

  45. Amy S from NC. Eggs Benedict!

  46. Kristin M.
    My favorite egg dish is scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage!

  47. Amy C.

    Your crepes look delicious! My favorite egg recipe is an omelet with spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and some cheese. Salivating just thinking about it 🙂

  48. Heidi S in MD. I just made some yummy spinach mushroom quiche this week!

  49. Kara S
    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to try those crepes! Yumm 🙂

  50. Nanci S.
    New York

    My favorite is an omelet with cheddar cheese and mushrooms!

  51. Eggs over easy with wheat toast. Yummy!

    Regina H

  52. Melissa T says:


    Eggs Benedict

  53. Shawna S. from PA says:

    French toast and it is the perfect addition to any brunch!

  54. Lynne W.
    My fave is a ham, cheese, and mushroom omelet…or pancakes. : )

  55. Mallory S.
    I really love quiche – it probably helps that I have a no-fail recipe! 🙂

  56. love the recipe!
    Angie B from VA

  57. Nada U.
    That prize package is fab! I am drooling over the mixing bowl. Love it!
    My new favorite to make at home is baked eggs – easy in a muffin pan!
    But, to go out – Eggs Benedict every time.
    XOXO ~ Sevenchickadees

  58. Tracy D. says:

    Tracy D., Utah
    My favorite way to eat eggs is sliced boiled egg on toast sandwich.

  59. Melody R says:

    Melody R from MA

    My favorite way to eat eggs is on Saturday morning after I’ve stayed in bed until past 7am (unheard of in this house!) and my husband is making them with bacon and pancakes on the skillet! They always taste better when I don’t have to cook them! Now if I could just get him to clean up afterwards….

  60. Johanna H. says:

    Our local breakfast restaurant makes the best egg, bacon and cheese croissant, yummy!!!

    Johanna H. from MA

  61. Mel J. from Pa. says:

    WhenI was young we would always visit my Aunt. She would make me an egg sandwich. It was a fried egg topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato on toast with a little mayo. I miss her so much and still can’t create those perfect sandwiches.

  62. My family would gladly eat eggs 3 meals a day (and sometimes do). My favorite is sunny side up (runny runny yolk!) layered over a big pile of corned beef hash. Ah breakfast, my delight! (Note: my waistline may not agree with this sentiment. :D)

  63. I like just scrambled eggs with cheese. They always taste better if someone cooks it for me though! LOL
    Nicole B

  64. Amy from NY LOVES eggs goldenrod

  65. I love eggs but I would say that my favorite is Eggs Benedict! Yummy!

  66. Pattie Q, NJ
    My favorite is egg salad!

  67. my favorite eggs are scrambled, with cheese on top !

  68. Love veggie frittata.

  69. Kayla S.
    My favorite egg dish is some simple scrambled eggs with some diced onions and tomatoes mixed in. Yum!

  70. I love Egg Curry (Indian Style) Yummy 🙂

    Alex H

  71. Cheryl P. says:

    Cheryl P.

    We love having egg burritos for dinner!

  72. Chitra.K from CA

    My favorite egg dish is egg masala that my MIL makes. It tastes wonderful.

  73. Melissa M. says:

    Omelettes are my go to egg favorite!

  74. Adrienne says:

    My favorite way to have eggs is scrambled with velveeta:-)
    Adrienne S of MA

  75. Stacy H from MO says:

    scrambled eggs with cheese for us, please:)

    Thank you!

    Stacy H – Missouri

  76. Karla H, Illinois

    Oven pancakes w/ strawberries

  77. Julia M from NY. My favorite egg dish is deviled eggs with just a bit of paprika.

  78. Lisa Brown says:

    My favorite way to eat eggs is scrambled with cheese and veggies or an omelet.
    Lisa B – California
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  79. Cheryl l. says:

    My favorite is eggs with a light sprinkle of cheese and spinach sautéed in the same iron skillet as the eggs.


  80. Emily L., MA. love an egg over easy on toast with hot sauce!

  81. Lee Ann Diehl says:

    Lee Ann D. PA.

    Those look delicious, might have to branch out and try those. My favorit receipe with eggs may sound strange but every once in awhile I like a fried egg sandwich for dinner. Over easy and kind of runny on fresh bread and a slice of good cheese. Super easy, everyone likes it including the kids and only one pan to clean up, which technically only gets rinsed with hot water as it is seasoned. It was my grandmothers egg pan and is used only to make fried eggs 🙂

  82. Patti S. from MS
    One of our favorite slow morning egg recipes is an omelet with whatever and anything we can find leftover in the fridge…depending on whose omelet it is 🙂
    LOVE eggs!!

  83. Christine says:

    Christine S. from NH. Favorite egg dish is French Toast!

  84. love ham and cheese quiche!
    coley r

  85. Kathleen says:

    Kathleen W.
    Friendly MN

    Throw anything in a crock pot with a few eggs and wake up in the morning to breakfast!

  86. Carmela C says:

    Carmela C, NJ

    My favorite is a Omelet with veggies and cheese.

  87. Diane M – North California – scrambled hard with cheese and whatever else is in the frig.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Jennifer H. FL. Western omelet 😉 Looking forward to trying those Nutella crepes! I just bought strawberries today.

  89. Melinda k. says:

    My favorite egg dish is French toast 🙂 Breakfast for dinner is a staple in my house!

  90. Melinda k. says:

    Melinda k. From MI.

    My favorite egg dish is French toast Breakfast for dinner is a staple in my house!

  91. Strawberry crepes are a family favorite. Add Nutella and everybody will want to get up EARLY!!!

    New York

  92. Rachel W. from Indiana … I love spinach quiche!

  93. Amanda Atkinson says:

    Amanda A from Jemison, Alabama. My favorite egg dish is plain ol egg salad!

  94. Maureen G in Illinois
    I make a spinach leek quiche I also make deviled eggs. Both are loved by my family.

  95. Susan C
    Sausage & Mushroom Quiche

  96. Jessica T. says:

    Sausage and egg casserole

    Jessica T. – VA

  97. Hope L OHIO
    I love a fritatta, especially in the summer with fresh garden veggies. I have recently discovered that I need to go gluten-free, so I imagine there are a LOT more eggs in my breakfast future. 🙂

  98. Nicole G. says:

    Nicole G. from MA
    Western Sandwich

  99. Helen T, FL

    Sunny side up

  100. Patricia N. says:

    That recipe for crepes with strawberries and Nutella is amazing. Have been making it for years. I first discovered it in a pillsbury brochure? I got through the mail years ago. It is featured again on their website this month. It has been a favorite of my son’s for years now, and sure beats watching him eat the Nutella out of the jar by the spoonful. I finally came by a recipe to make my own Nutella; no more paying an arm and a leg for it and I can put as much or as little sugar in it as I want.
    My favorite way to eat eggs? eggs Benedict on an English muffin with a side of steamed spinach.

  101. Carol Meedzan says:

    Carol M NH scrambled eggs with American cheese

  102. JACKIE Z. FL

  103. Joanne Beaulieu says:

    Joanne B. Maine
    I love a bacon and cheese omlet.

  104. Julie L Michigan my husband’s scrambled eggs thanks

  105. Christina Donovan says:

    Christina D. from CT

    I love Quiche!! (any kind)

  106. Nathalie C. from FL.
    Our family’s answer is that we love our Eggland’s Best Organic Eggs sunny side up with a side of crispy Applegate Farm Sunday Bacon. I guess we’re not too creative!
    Your crepe recipe sounds yummy, btw. We love crepes too!

  107. Michele S. says:

    Michele S. from CO
    Fried Egg sandwiches are my favorite hands down!

  108. Amanda Hoffman says:

    amanda h from oregon
    and i like deviled eggs

  109. Carolsue says:

    My favorite egg dish is a chile relleno casserole — lots of eggs in it.
    Carolsue A. from California

  110. Dawn Hecke says:

    Dawn H. from Illinois and I love peek a boo eggs!!

  111. Angela Yeremenko says:

    Angela Y from Missouri. I love bacon, egg and cheese omelette.

  112. Sarah Hall says:

    Sarah H. from Virginia loves to eat quiche.

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