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Weekend In New England

shannon and dog on beachDay two of my weekend at Christy’s has been deliciously mellow. And tonight was one of the most spectacular nights of the summer. The weather was just so pleasant and the air was beautifully still. The perfect evening for a walk on the beach with the kids.

On the way out the door for our walk I grabbed my camera. I don’t usually use my big girl camera to take pictures of people. I really purchased it to photograph food for A Beautiful Bite. And because it was a serious financial investment, I usually don’t take it places where something could happen to it. Like the beach. Sand and water can be lethal for a camera. But I decided to live on the edge and bring it along.

I’d like to learn more about taking pictures of people. I’m much better with food. Food doesn’t blink or run away from you when you are trying to photograph it. Except ice cream. Yeah, ice cream can be a real pain in the tush to shoot. That whole melting thing and all. But other than that, food is pretty darn cooperative.

Kids? They are unpredictable little creatures. Trying to keep up with them to take natural shots left me breathless at times. In the end it was worth it because I think I caught some sweet moments…

girls on beach

Christy's son

Christy's daughter

Shannon and dog


beach sunsetI’m definitely bummed that we are heading home tomorrow. Just spending time in this serene setting has done me a world of good. I know that you can tell that I’ve been out of sorts lately. And it’s true, I really have been. I especially feel bad for my friends as I’ve not been my shiny self with them lately.

Stress has a way of brining out the worst in me. And when I get stressed I have a tendency to lash out at the people I care about the most. But luckily for me I have really good friends. Friends who understand that my heart is usually in the right place even if my words make me seem a little psychotic sometimes.

I guess that’s one of the downfalls about being a passionate person. The highs are really high but the lows can be pretty deep.

But as of today, I’m feeling much like my normal self again. And as they say, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Well I think that all of those people pictures look pretty darn good, and it looks like the people were having a pretty darn good time too. As for food being more cooperative, my camera tells me that my cakes and my flowers are blinking all the time. The number of times a cake has blinked is amazing!

  2. Jessica D says:

    Don’t you just love Maine? One if my FAV places in the world! We are hoping one day to buy a tiny house there, but alas right now we can’t afford it. Instead we go up every year for a week during my birthday – we leave in 2 weeks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good morning Melanie. You take beautiful pix of food and people! The whole series from Maine have been wonderful shots. I especially like the ones of your girls on Saturday playing and walking in the wet sand. I hope you are recharged and have a safe journey home today.

  4. I think everyone needs a good “get away” once in a while :)Love the photos

  5. I actually dropped one of my first big girl cameras at the beach once…but I didn’t even care. The pics, the memories…well worth it. I love, love, love the natural shots. And, my favorite pics of my girls are the ones where they have such happy faces 🙂 All will be well, Mel…we have to remember to take time for ourselves 🙂 Safe travels home 🙂

  6. Valerie S says:

    your photos are well done, beautifully framed, great lighting, good composition. I’m glad that you had this lovely break.

  7. You have some serious talent when it comes to photography. I’m sure it helps when you have such beautiful subject to photograph. Sorry that you have been through a rough time lately. I can completely relate to how important it is to be able to just get away, even if only for a little while. I hope things look up for you soon.

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