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Spirit of Boston 80′s Cruise Recap

Spirit of BostonSo do you remember the giveaway I ran a few weeks ago for that 80′s cruise on the Spirit of Boston? Yeah, well the cruise was this past Thursday. Two of my readers plus a guest joined me for a cruise down memory lane. And let me tell you, people really got into character for this cruise.

There were popped collars, lots of neon, very big hair and tons of off the shoulder sweatshirts. Now, let me be frank…

The 80′s wasn’t my decade. I daresay that I’ve rocked the last two decades far better than that one.

Sure, I wore parachute pants, my fair share of leopard print spandex and I’m pretty sure I bathed in Love’s Baby Soft. But I no longer wear spandex and last I checked, parachute pants are no longer in stores.

So I sort of skipped the dressing up bit although I did wear boots that could represent the Metallica set that I hung out with during the 80′s. So I sort of participated. Kind of.

Spirit of Boston 80's CruiseBut the rest of the cruisers? Oh yeah, they got their 80′s on. I was nearly blinded by the light. The neon light, anyway. It was so much fun to see everyone’s interpretation of the 80′s….

Spirit of Boston 80's costume winners

Spirit of Boston CruiseAnd while the DJ was the same age as my oldest son (choke), he did a good job getting us all out onto the dance floor. Such a fun night. I have to tell you, getting the opportunity to meet my readers is such a gift. I feel really lucky that I get these opportunities.

Sure, having a nice meal on a harbor cruise is fantastic and all (thank you Entertainment Cruises), but really the very best part is getting to meet my readers.

I thought I’d close this post with one of my favorite 80′s songs, Voices Carry by ‘Til Tuesday.  I asked the DJ if he knew the song, but he just blinked at me. I think this means I’m officially vintage.

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  1. Good afternoon Melanie. What a fun time! I love that song too! The guy in that couple pic looks like a combo character of Rod Stewart hair, Elton John glasses and Don Johnson’s jacket from Miami Vice. All 80′s icons. You rock those boots girl! Thanks for sharing the cruise info too.

  2. Jen from Quincy says:

    It was great night! So glad I got a chance to meet you!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I love your boots. xx

    • Thanks Amy! It was really a fun night out. Those boots deserve a blog post all to themselves. You can see them better in my pins list on the right side of the blog. Amongst the food pics, lol.

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