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A Holiday Visit to the Boston Ronald McDonald House

Boston RMHToday was a very special day. I got to play Santa for the Boston Ronald McDonald House. You know all of those toys I purchased at Target the week after Christmas last year? Well, I knew they would come in handy. And today I got to take those toys up to the house and give them all to some really worthy kids.

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t really sure I’d be able to pull it off. I wasn’t feeling at all well and wasn’t certain if I was going to be able to get the toys up to the house. But as luck would have it, Aidan’s classes were cancelled this morning. When he got home from school I informed him that he was going to be an elf and I stuffed him into the car.

Toys for RMHC

Melanie RMHCBy the time we arrived at the house, I was feeling a bit better. It’s funny how doing something good for others can have that effect on you.

Aidan RMHCOnce we arrived we were greeted by Peg, Amanda, Caitlin and Dawn. These ladies are responsible for everything that goes on at the house. Things wouldn’t work if they weren’t there. A fine bunch of women who do so much good for so many.

Boston Ronald McDonald HouseAnd here I am with three of those wonderful women. Speaking of wonderful people, I’d be remiss not to mention a couple of other people who weren’t in attendance but still a huge help.

My buddy Brian from Options 153 Real Estate along with my friend Lisa and myself contributed a $400 check that the house can use towards their holiday dinner. Not a huge donation, but every bit helps. And it felt really nice to be able to do that for them.

I’ve really enjoyed this role as ambassador for RMHC. Meeting women like Peg and her staff who do so many great things on a daily basis is really inspiring. And I never would’ve met these people if I wasn’t serving in this role. How lucky am I? How lucky are we all that there are good people in this world?

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  1. Thank you so much Melanie, Aidan, Brian and Lisa! We hope you all receive the kindness and generosity you have shown the children and families at the Boston Ronald McDonald House. Wishing you health, peace and joy in the new year.

  2. Good morning Melanie. You were up late posting about this wonderful gift of giving. Yes, helping others takes your mind off of your problems and after it is all said and done, they give more to you and your heart and soul than what you gave them. Win, win! I see that Peg and her staff have already commented this morning and thanked you and your generous supporters. I also applaud you and your efforts and I truly appreciate wonderful people like Peg, Amanda, Caitlin and Dawn that serve others so wholeheartedly. Because it takes a lot of hearts full of love to serve families in such times of need and strife. The toys and a nice holiday meal can make all the difference to brighten a day under such circumstances. Thank you for serving as such a willing ambassador and sharing this cause with us. I hope you, your family and anyone at the RMHs around the world over the holidays have a safe and joyous Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. What a blessing it is that you have become involved with such a great place. Both a blessing to those at the house as well as for yourself.

  4. How lovely that you got to play Santa (with your elf helper of course!) I am sure that your visit and what you bought with you will be so appreciated. You are doing such great work for RMHC and you deserve a big pat on the back for that. I hope that you are not feeling too icky and that your visit helped you too. xx

  5. All I have to say to this post is AMEN! Thank God for good people in the world. And I always try to remember that there really are more good than bad people in the world. Truly this is the spirit of the season, to give of ourselves in whatever way we could. God bless everyone out there who is in need of help as well as those that give help to those in need.

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