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My New Addiction

SherlockI’m not sure if I’ve ever shared with you my thoughts on television. I know I’ve mentioned that I’m a Downton Abbey fan, but other than that I don’t think I’ve ever talked tv on the blog.

That would be because I almost never watch it. Well, that was the case until I discovered Downton Abbey. Prior to that highly addicting show, the extent of my tv watching was the occasional Food Network show, some political stuff and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Seriously. That’s about it.

And that’s the way I’ve always been. I never watched Friends. Nor have I watched Seinfeld. And I missed all of Sex and the City which I kind of wish I hadn’t cause supposedly it was quite educational.

I have watched Charlie and Lola, Bear in the Big Blue House, Spongebob (God help me), Barney and more episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine than I care to remember, but those don’t count. It wasn’t by choice.

But as of late, that’s all changing. I’m actually starting to really enjoy tv.

It all started with Downton Abbey which I totally blame on peer pressure because everyone I know was going on and on about how awesome it was. Matter of fact, they wouldn’t shut up about it. It was all over Facebook, Twitter and even on Pinterest. Did you know there are Pinterest boards dedicated to Downton Abbey? Tis true.

So it’s like I didn’t even have a choice. Everyone was doing it. It was time to drink the Kool-Aid and it was the sweetest drink ever.

And then my treadmill arrived and at that point I was totally caught up on Downton Abbey. Time to find something new to help me walk away the miles without losing my mind.

Enter the HBO series Girls. Another series that I devoured. It took me only three days to watch the first two seasons and I’m already up to date with the third. I might have a slightly addictive kind of personality. Maybe.

Totally caught up on two shows and still committed to doing my hamster wheel dance on the treadmill, I started another series tonight. Sherlock, a BBC show,which Β just might be my biggest addiction yet. Have you seen it? So fast paced and brilliantly written. I foresee polishing this off within the next few days.

Which leads me to my question. What the heck am I going to watch after this? What have I missed that is a not to be missed show?


  1. Nicole G. says:

    I am probably one of only a few who has not seen Downton Abbey, but what I have seen on PBS and really like is Call the Midwife. I am waiting for season three to start at the end of March. I just wish the seasons were not so short.

    • Call the Midwife is definitely on my list of shows to watch. I’ve heard very good things. And you want to talk short seasons? Sherlock is only 3 episodes per season. Ack!

  2. Lena Dunham made a VERY funny appearance at Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash the other night. (Did I mention I was there? Oh, OK. Just checking.) (I haven’t watched “Girls” yet.)

    Have you seen “Breaking Bad”? One of the greatest shows of all time. Bryan Cranston made an appearance at Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash the other night. (I did tell you I was there, right? Oh, that’s right. Sorry.)

    You MUST watch “Seinfeld.” To this day, the funniest half-hour sitcom of all time. (Jerry recorded a video that was shown at Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash the other night. I know this because I was there. Did I tell you that already? My bad.)

    Latest show I binge-watched and LOVED: HBO’s “Newsroom” starring Jeff Daniels. Written by Aaron Sorkin. The dialogue is pure gold, I tell you. (No Howard Stern tie-in whatsoever. Just a great show.)

    • I am so jealous. I followed your tweets. It looked like a blast! Must go check to see if you did a blog post recap.

      Haven’t seen Breaking Bad. Will check it out. Lots of people talking about that one.

      Love Sorkin. A Few Good Men is one of my favorite movies. Matter of fact, I think he produced Charlie Wilson’s War which was amazing too. Will check out Newsroom.

      And did I hear you met Bill Clinton? I’m sure there’s a story behind that. (which I hope doesn’t include Howard)

      • Well, “met Bill Clinton” would be a bit of a stretch … but he was dining a few tables over from us at Nobu (one of Howard’s favorite restaurants … where we went after leaving Howard’s Birthday Bash … did I mention we went to that? πŸ˜‰ ).

  3. Some more PBS British Dramas and Mysteries – some lighter than others – all very, very good:
    “Foyle’s War”
    “Inspector Lewis”
    “Scott & Bailey”
    “Father Brown”
    “Last Tango In Halifax”
    This list will help you cover quite a few miles! Enjoy! ;o)

    I will say “Call the Midwife” is marvelous, but the subject matter can be quite wrenching.
    – Lee

    • Yeah, that’s the only thing holding me back from that show for the obvious reasons. Might hit too close to home.

  4. Chicago Fire is pretty good. It’s still a new show, but I really liked season 1. It’s about a firehouse and the firefighters and paramedics within it.

    Mad Men (start at season 5), Lol.

    Have you ever seen Grey’s Anatomy or ER? Grey’s Anatomy isn’t a must watch show, but there are some amazing episodes, which I’d be more than happy to list for you. They’re both such long series and I feel you don’t need to start at the beginning, just jump right in.

    Seinfeld and Friends… you must watch a few episodes of each! If you ask me (and I’m sure others will chime in)… we’d direct you to the best episodes! πŸ™‚

    • If I had to choose one show to watch right now… I would choose Chicago Fire! Check it out when you have the chance!

  5. Jen from Quincy says:

    If you have Netflix, Orange is the New Black is great show. Some other favorites over the years have been: The Walking Dead, 24, The Following, The Closer, Homeland, Nurse Jackie, The Sopranos, Grey’s Anatomy.

    Happy watching and walking!

    • I read Orange is the New Black. Good book. That shows you how out of touch I am. I didn’t know they made it into a series.

      • Jen from Quincy says:

        The show is based on the book but they’ve changed it some and it’s more driven by the supporting characters than just Piper.

        And my mini claim to fame: I went to high school with the woman who wrote the book!

  6. LeAnn S. Wisconsin says:

    Game of thrones, The Tudors

    • I tried Game of Thrones. Not for those with weak bellies. Lots of blood! And talk about plot lines! So many going on at the same time. Dizzying!

      • I never watched the Game of Thrones series, but did read the books. It’s nice because you know the blood is there, but don’t actually have to see it. It’s a little tough to get into initially because there are tons of characters to keep track of, but there is no putting the series down once you get the characters down. Excellent series!

  7. Well if you end up loving Sherlock (which you will), and want a series that will take you a while to get through…… take the jump and watch Doctor Who. Great storytelling and fast paced episodes. Not to mention the eye candy of the doctors themselves.

    • That’s another one that EVERYONE is talking about. And eye candy is always good, so on the list it goes. πŸ™‚

  8. I binge watched ‘Orange is the new Black’ on Netflix. Loved it!

  9. I am gearing up to watch Sherlock in the same manner. Downton done did me in and I am hooked.
    I don’t have any suggestions, but I am going to be busy with the suggestions in your comments. πŸ™‚

    • Lots of good ones thus far! Sherlock is so delicious in every way. I just wish there were more episodes each season.

      • Mary-Ellen says:

        “Sherlock” is my favorite series! One of the reasons there are so few episodes
        is that the lead actors are busy with other projects – both Martin Freeman and
        Benedict Cumberbatch were in the Hobbit which took forever to film. Benedict was
        also in War Horse, Star Trek and August Osage County, among others. It is torture
        to think we have to wait a year or more for the next season. I bought the first two
        seasons on DVD and watch them over and over again. Right now the PBS stations in
        Boston, NH and RI are running Season 3 episodes frequently.

        Could not get into Downton Abbey at all although I tried. Love Foyle’s War and bought all 7
        seasons on DVD. Am looking forward to “Selfridge’s” which starts soon on PBS – I believe the
        actress who plays Mary in Sherlock will be in it.

  10. Are you Amish? I have my tv on all day. I would die without knowing what the news is.

    • Lol. Far from it. I don’t like extraneous noise. I’m not one for a tv droning in the background. And I know the news before it breaks on tv anyway. Twitter constantly streams on my laptop (which I’m on regularly) and I can create channels on Twitter which I follow that include breaking news, politics and such. I am constantly aware of what’s going on in the world. And like I said, if something happens I’m going to know it before the tv watchers.

  11. I just started watching Downton Abbey in the past couple of months!

  12. Did someone say Revenge?? that is one of my recent finds but only the first two seasons are on netflix. If you like political stuff there is house of cards on netflix too. And like someone mention.. Dr Who. That is what got me watching Sherlock. Oh Orphan Black is a good BBC show. Broadchurch is another good BBC but a terrible topic… murder of a child. I only suffered through because I’m a David Tennant fan.

  13. I love Orange is the New Black. It can be quite disturbing at times, but there are some pretty funny parts as well.
    I love Downton Abbey! Pick up the new book called Manor of Secrets. It’s a YA book, buy if you love Downton you’ll love the book.

  14. Definitely Call the Midwife is one you should add to your list – and also the books that were written first by Jennifer Worth, they are a lovely read. Now, re Downton Abbey, have you not been reading my blog Melanie!! Pop over now if not and search for Downton Abbey. The house were I work was used in this series in what was for us the Christmas Episode, but will be for you the series finale I would imagine!! Come over and have a look!!!!!! There will be more posts about it as time goes on I hope! I return to work there tomorrow after the winter break, can’t wait to get back to it. Hope to see you over at mine! xx

  15. Tracy Allen says:

    Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie. I have heard The Soprano’s was amazing, but never watched it….YET

  16. If you enjoy Girls, you MUST watch Sex & The City – from the beginning. It started in 1998, so it will seem a bit dated but, each season the characters evolve and mature and become more sophisticated. The storylines are hilarious and any girl who has ever been single can relate. Girls is good, but it has a different feel then SATC and for us in our 40’s, SATC is way more relatable. Enjoy!

  17. Lost
    Doc Martin
    Larkrise to candleford
    Big love
    Breaking bad
    Walking dead

    • Mary-Ellen says:

      Two thumbs up for Doc Martin! I purchased the entire series on DVD – its that good.
      I also was addicted to Broadchurch and look forward to additional episodes. I fell in love
      with Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who and despite the fact that David Tennant is
      also in Doctor Who it just wasn’t the same for me.

      I found Breaking Bad to be so unpleasant that I did not continue past the first two
      episodes – JMHO.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Good afternoon Melanie! I am glad you are committed to your hamster wheel, keep it up girl! I concur with all those above who recommend some retro Sex and The City and Friends. Even my teenage daughter has watched hours of those shows she Tivo’d. I have not watched any of the BBC shows so I guess I am behind the times!

  19. I second watching Sex and the City. Loved that series. The Tudors were really good. The Goodwife has been really interesting this season. I just started catching up on a few series I had saved for when I had some rare free time and I really love Perception.

  20. Call the Midlife really is great! I watch mostly PBS so I am addicted to Sherlock, Downton, etc. I am currently enjoying Father Brown.

  21. Mary-Ellen says:

    I want to correct an earlier post – the new PBS series is called “Mr. Selfridge” and premieres March 30

  22. REVENGE!!!!!!! Also Homeland.

  23. Hi! I think you would really like Parenthood on NBC. It’s the right balance of heartwarming, funny, and sometimes heartbreakingly close to home. Breaking Bad, Homeland, The Newsroom, and Orange is the New Black are all great too! And Parks and Recreation or Modern Family for something lighter (and only 20 minutes long!). Enjoy!

  24. Heather M says:

    My favorites are:

    The Good Wife
    Modern Family
    Big Bang Theory (this is in it’s 7th season so that could eat up quite a bit of time)

    For some real fun, go back to one of Sorkin’s first sitcoms “Sports Night”. Only 3 seasons long, it’s quick but it’s got so many familiar faces – Felicity Huffman, Josh Charles, Peter Krause, Josh Malina, Robert Guillaume! Great banter and the quintessential Sorkin walk and talk.

  25. Since you like Downton Abbey, check out The Paradise. It’s also on PBS!

    Another new show that I’ve been enjoying is Kim of Queens. It’s about the pageant world, but it’s nothing like the shows that are currently on!

  26. I don’t watch a ton of television but thanks to Hulu and Netflix, I can get caught up on a few shows over the weekend. I watch Downton Abbey faithfully (the Dowager Countess is a hoot). on Saturdays, I get caught up on Scandal, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. I also enjoy Arrow, but I am a comic book gal. Not everyone would enjoy it. Nice eye candy, though. Chicago Fire is good, too. It fills the space in my heart that ER left behind.

  27. OMG, The Good Wife is addicting! You must watch that! And I love Big Bang Theory!

  28. Homeland, Nurse Jackie and The Good Wife!

  29. Hmmm…let’s see:

    -Call the Midwife
    -Larkrise to Candleford
    -North & South (BBC mini-series, not the USA Civil War era mini series))
    -Mr. Selfridge

    And if you want to branch out a bit:
    -Breaking Bad
    -Veronica Mars

  30. Our oldest son bought us “Psych” for Christmas. It is so funny. The kids love it, we love it. Good clean fun!

    I am also a big Dr. Who fan ;o)

  31. Adore Sherlock. Steven Moffat who wrote/created Sherlock series, also does Doctor Who and it is brilliant. That’s my trifecta: Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. All British and all wonderful. πŸ™‚ Though, I have a weakness for Scandal.

  32. Watch the livestreams on ustream of the various bald eagle nests. Most fascinating,joyous and sometimes heartbreaking things you can watch. Absolutely lovely. The barn owls,blue herons and hawks are also enchanting although you might see some heartrending sights as well. It’s the circle of life and is utterly engaging.

  33. Beyond the birds,Being Human,the British version,is a silly enough premise,(vampire,ghost and werewolf all live together) that conveys deep human emotions and some of our finest sentiments.

  34. Stephanie says:

    My list:

    Once Upon A Time

  35. I haven’t really watched that much TV since we moved but I do watch “Sleepy Hollow”, “Being Human” and “Once upon a Time” πŸ™‚ ooo and American Horror story when it’s on!!

  36. Their is alot of good shows on netflix. Im hooked on it.

    Breaking bad

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