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Broken Tradition

KidsWe are a family of traditions. Every Christmas certain things need to happen or the planet spins out of orbit.

It starts Christmas Eve with an old chipped gingerbread man plate that we’ve had since my ex and I got married. Even though the plate is chipped, the kids still insist on putting cookies on it so that Santa will have something delicious waiting for him upon arrival.

Carrots are also left on the front lawn for the reindeer because they too need refueling after a long cold journey from the North Pole. And if it’s a year when I happen to have oats in the cabinet, they get a handful of those too.

Around 3am on Christmas morning you can usually find me in the kitchen cutting cinnamon roll dough because they need a final rise before the kiddos get up. So there I usually stand, in my jammies complete with apron tied overtop, rolling and cutting the sweet dough stuffed with cinnamon and butter.

Once the pans are filled, I crawl back into bed hoping for another solid four hours of sleep that never comes because the kids are usually awake shortly after my head hits the pillow.

And then the torture starts. This too is a tradition. Before we tear into the gifts, Mom makes everyone sit down to have a proper breakfast complete with the cinnamon rolls, homemade quiche, fruit salad and juice. Oh, and coffee. Copious amounts of coffee due to the 3am cinnamon roll wakeup call.

No one likes this tradition of having breakfast before opening gifts because of that whole delayed gratification thing. Even though Mom lets them open their Christmas stockings during breakfast, the kids are certain I’ve formed this tradition to make them miserable.

But the truth of the matter is that I created this tradition for them because when they become adults they will understand that the best part of the holiday is the time spent together. I also hope by then they appreciate how much work it takes to make those damn cinnamon rolls.

But this year tradition breaks and new traditions form.

This will be my first year waking up without my kids on Christmas morning. It’s not my year to have them.

This is not something I thought about as much as I should’ve during the divorce process. Maybe the mind skips certain things when it can’t handle the stress.

And there are no oats in the closet this year which I guess is just as well.

No one will be waking me up at 4am asking if it’s time to go downstairs yet.

There will be no cinnamon roll dough stuck underneath my wedding band that I always forget to take off while baking.

No one will be subject to my mandatory Christmas breakfast before the gifts are torn open this year.

All the traditions are broken or at the very least modified. Because I can still do some of the traditions with my kids when I see them afterwards, but it won’t be the same.

And I’m starting to wonder if  Christmas and all of the other major holidays on the days that I don’t have my kids, are those going to be the years that I just skip the whole thing? Sleep the day away hoping that the time passes swiftly? Or maybe that this is just awful right now because it’s the first year?

I don’t know. All I know is that this year is tough. And that the chipped gingerbread man plate tucked safely away in a box feels like it’s shattered on the floor right now and I’m standing barefoot in the midst.

In The Kitchen With Kris, Chicken Pot Pies and Brownies

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PiesSo are you ready to dig into Kris Jenner’s cookbook In The Kitchen With Kris? Let’s see if this cookbook is as awful as the Amazon reviews says it is, shall we?

As I mentioned yesterday, there are seventy-one recipes in this book. There are also some personal anecdotes sprinkled in along the way that might be meaningful to you if you follow the family or their show. I do not, but I still read the entire book because I felt that it might shed light on the cook and quite frankly if people read A Beautiful Bite solely for the recipes and ignored my personal story, I’d probably feel a little insulted. So yes, I read the entire book.

Now, I thought I might be in trouble when I read the first recipe. It was for Cream of Wheat. Like the kind that comes in the box with the instructions already printed on it. When I first saw that I thought I might be doomed and that the reviews might be justified. And then the second recipe was for clarified butter.

If the next recipe had called for an Easy Bake Oven I might not have been surprised.

But you can’t judge a book but its cover or even by just two of its recipes, so I skipped ahead a bit and settled on two recipes that seemed like a good choice for tonight’s supper. Chicken pot pies and good old fashioned brownies. Foods my kids would surely eat on this cold and blustery day.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PieChicken pot pie is complete comfort food when made right. Too many times I’ve had a lackluster pie filled with canned veggies and wallpaper paste consistency sauce. Making a good flavorful pie takes a bit of work and this recipe took a heck of a lot of work. Like so much work that I was cutting a sweat at one point. Where was the ease of that first Cream of Wheat recipe?

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PieFirst, there’s a bunch of different veggies in this recipe. Leeks, fennel, zucchini, carrots, shallots, asparagus and peas. Well, there would’ve been peas if I followed the recipe exactly, but peas are not my cup of tea. So they did not make the cut.

I spent a lot of time chopping, blanching and sautéing . Kris loves her veggies for sure. And not your typical veggies either. I can’t ever remember putting asparagus or zucchini in a pot pie. And fennel? As if. That just doesn’t sound right. But still, I put it in because even though I’ve never prepared it that way doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good.

Something I tell my kids all of the time. Just because you haven’t tried it before doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Sometimes you’ve got to walk the talk.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PieThis recipe also calls for a homemade herbed pie crust. No Pillsbury pie crust for Kris Jenner! One thing I found odd was that her recipe calls for putting the egg wash on both sides of the crust. Top and bottom. I have no idea why one would need to do that, but I followed the instructions. I was committed.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot Pies and LeelaInto the oven the pies went. I was a little nervous that the kids wouldn’t like this recipe because of the zucchini and the fennel. Fennel is a rather adult taste and not all kids like it. I actually do enjoy fennel, but was also unsure I’d like it in a chicken pie.

After about a half of an hour the house started to smell rather incredible. And slowly each kid came into the kitchen to see what was cooking. When I pulled the pies out of the oven, there were many oohs and aahs. I have to admit, they were rather grand looking.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PiesBut looks aren’t everything. You can have a beautiful looking pie and it can taste like hell. Been there, tasted that. So let’s start by evaluating the crust. This crust recipe called for all butter. I prefer to make my pie dough with a mixture of part butter and part Crisco. I’ve found that that combo produces the flakiest crust.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PiesBut Kris’s crust? It was beautifully flaky. You can totally see how flaky it is in my images. And the tarragon in the crust was a nice touch. Just the right amount so that you could taste it but it didn’t overtake the dish.

Kris Jenner Chicken Pot PiesAnd how about the filling? I will give you my adult perspective first and then I’ll tell you what the kids thought…

First, the sauce was exactly as it should be. Rich and creamy. Not gloopy and paste-like. The addition of brandy made this dish a little extra special and definitely appealed to my adult palate. But do you want to know what the real star of the show was? The damn fennel. Go figure. It made the dish.

Now the kids, they were divided. All liked the pies and ate up their dinner, but each kid was into or not into certain veggies. One loved the zucchini while another thought that the omission of potatoes and addition of wild card veggies like asparagus and zucchini was chicken pot pie blasphemy.

But they all agreed that the crust was killer. Each one was picking off crusty bits from the bowls and all looked indignant when I took the bowls away. Chipping off crust with your fingernails is far from civilized dinner table behavior. Ahem.

Kris Jenner BrowniesOn to dessert! I chose Kris’s brownies because hello chocolate! As we all know, I adore chocolate. So this was a sort of no-brainer for me. But I will tell you this, I am super fussy about brownies. If it doesn’t taste like heaven I won’t waste the calories. And while my kids are happy with Betty Crocker from the box, I am definitely not.

My all-time favorite brownie recipe hails from Boston, MA. Rosie’s Bakery makes a brownie called a chocolate orgasm. It is perfection. Nothing else has ever compared and that’s the recipe I judge all brownies against.

Kris Jenner BrowniesAs I was making Kris’s recipe, I thought that it was going to be WAY too sweet. Like sickeningly. Besides two cups of sugar, the recipe calls for two cups of chocolate chips. And in case you are wondering, that was an entire bag of Nestle Morsels. As I spread the batter into the pan I got a glob on my finger which I instinctively licked off.

Hmmmm, this tastes pretty fruit loopin’ good, I thought. Truth be told, I scraped a lot less batter out of that bowl than I should’ve. And then I licked the spatula once I was done with the bowl. So much for it being too sweet.

Kris Jenner BrowniesI showed a crap ton of restraint by allowing those brownies to cool completely. And the only reason I did that was because the kids were home and I wanted to set a good example. But once those brownies were cool, I sliced them into large fudgy squares and placed them in the corner of my kitchen. Far from eyesight because it isn’t right to eat brownies before dinner. Or for dinner which is what I wanted to do.

They were the bee’s knees. I’m not saying they are better than Rosie’s, but it’s ridiculously close. Kris can cook brownies for me any day of the week.

I will say this, I highly doubt Kris or her family indulges in these brownies very often because HOLY FATTENING! There’s no way they could keep their hourglass shape if they did.

But for you and me? Game on! These are especially perfect for that time of the month when you need ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE! I will for now on call these Period Brownies because that time of the month I will want these. Period.

So that wraps up this installment of Kooking with Kris. Two solid recipes that clearly the Amazon reviewers haven’t tried because if they had, they might’ve written something a lot more positive. Because Lord knows I’m a picky girl and these two recipes are worth cooking.

But that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to run out and buy the book. Two successful recipes out of seventy-one is not enough evidence yet that it’s a cookbook worth investing in. Let’s see what happens in a few days when I try a few other recipes, shall we?

This is not a sponsored post. There is an affiliate link in this post for Kris’s book.

In The Kitchen with Kris (and Melanie Too!)

Kris Jenner CookbookThis past weekend found me at Barnes and Noble with Leela looking for a book for her to read. And while she spent what felt like hours touching every single book in the kid’s section, I gazed longingly across the way at the cookbooks. There was a giant holiday display of new releases and many of them were on my wish list.

And if I had been true to my normal self, my impulse purchase would’ve been either The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum or Baking Chez Moi, Dorie Greenspan’s latest masterpiece. Because you know me, I’m a sucker for a good cookbook. One actually might call me a cookbook addict. While most of the population is gravitating towards digital download cookbooks, I still relish hard bound cookbooks with real pages that I can dog ear and take notes in. I’m very old school that way.

Once Leela finally made her selection, which was ironically the very first book she had touched, we walked over to the cookbooks. I walked around the table looking at each book, thumbing through the pages just like my daughter had in the kid’s section. I felt it only fair that I take my time. One must flip through cookbooks before committing. My readers who are cookbook aficionados can appreciate that, I’m sure.

After perusing all of the options, I came to the corner and there sat a book that caught my eye. Kris Jenner’s In The Kitchen With Kris. This caught my eye for several different reasons. First, I didn’t know she could cook. But this sort of goes without saying because I know nothing about the woman. I also know very little about the Kardashian family.

I’m sure that comes as a shock to you because who doesn’t know the Kardashians? I’m the only one waving my hand right now, I’m certain.

You see, I don’t watch television. Sure I catch the occasional Food Network show more because I’ve actually met and spent time with some of the personalities who have shows on that network. As you know, I’ve been to Ree’s ranch, so of course I find that show to be entertaining because I know Ree.

But beyond that, I do not watch television. I also don’t read magazines that aren’t about food or home. So I’m in this little bubble over here, ignorant of many icons in pop culture. So it’s no surprise that I didn’t know that Kris can cook.

It also took me by surprise because I haven’t heard anything about this release. As a food writer I get press releases almost every day with all of the new books that have been published. Not only did I not get anything from the publisher, I also haven’t heard a single mention of this book in the food world. Nada.

And I guess the last thing I found odd was why would she even have to cook to begin with? I would imagine someone so wealthy would have a live in chef. I’ll be honest with you, if I had her money I would absolutely have a chef. Cooking for four kids is exhausting.

So I left the store without purchasing any of the cookbooks. But when I got home, morbid curiosity got the best of me and I went on Amazon to read the reviews for Jenner’s book.

There are currently 62 reviews of this cookbook on Amazon and they are brutal. Averaging 1.5 stars, this book isn’t being received well by many.

And as I read through the reviews, something struck me. For the most part they were reviewing the family, not the cookbook.

Call me a softy, but that really isn’t fair. I mean, if the cookbook is awful, then so be it. The reviews should stand. But what if the recipes are good? Shouldn’t that mean something? Very few of the reviews critiqued the recipes and the ones that did were abysmal for the most part.

So I decided to cook my way through Kris’s book. Giving each recipe a fair and unbiased assessment because if there’s anyone on this planet who can do that, it would be me, the woman who knows nothing about her or her famous clan.

My dream is to publish a cookbook someday. That’s why I write A Beautiful Bite. My life hasn’t been perfect. I’ve made mistakes myself. I would HATE if someday I wrote a book and someone judged it on my past sins or hated it solely because I am not conforming to what people expect me to be. I want my book to be judged on the recipes inside the cover. That and that alone.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Starting tomorrow I will publish a post weekly that reviews recipes made from this cookbook until I cook every single dish in the cookbook. There are only seventy-one recipes. It’s not like I’m cooking through Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

It will be JUST like Julie & Julia minus the French accent, plus millions of dollars.

What’s the worst that could happen?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I actually bought this cookbook with my own hard-earned money. Kris doesn’t know I exist and I’m quite certain it will remain that way. The links to the cookbooks mentioned in this post are my referral links.

Getting There

Peppermint Hot Chocolate MixSo you know that I’m the MOST self-critical human on the planet, right? I am. Nothing I ever produce is good enough in my own eyes and my food photography has been the biggest thorn in my side since I started food blogging.

Part of my problem is that in my mind I have to be the best at what I do. Period. Many of my friends are food writers and photographers. One of my friends shoots for the New York Times. Another is one of the food photographers for Southern Living. So that’s what I compare myself to. Or at the very least that’s what I aspire to be.

And while that might sound absurd to most people, it actually makes me work harder. Even if I’m seeing nothing for my labors in the present, that’s ok. Well, I’m not totally ok with that because yes, I’d like to get reimbursed for my work. But I recognize that every professional has to start somewhere and we all have to pay our dues.

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk on this topic. I mean, it’s been three years that I’ve been writing on A Beautiful Bite, but guess what? I’m seeing progress. I’m actually happy with some of the work I’ve produced as of late.

See that mug of Peppermint Hot Chocolate above? I’m sort of smitten with that image. Sure the recipe is killer, but just look at that marshmallow defying gravity on the left side of the mug! God bless that marshmallow.

Oh and just so that you know, just seconds after I got that shot I lost my balance and fell over on that board sending the mug and all of its contents spattering all over my rug and curtains. Progress indeed.

LobsterPoutineThen there was this recipe…

 Lobster Poutine. If I had to walk away from my food blog today and only choose one recipe to represent me, Melanie, for the rest of eternity this would be it. Holy MOLY was this an epic recipe. Perfect in every way. So fruit loopin’ delicious and a damn near perfect image to boot. Honestly, I thanked God after that shoot for the lessons he’s taught me and for the people he’s brought into my life who’ve mentored me. I am so thankful.

SconesAnd then there’s this image from today. This recipe was a sort of joint effort. Actually it hasn’t even been published yet. I’ve not named it or even framed a post for it in my head. I started working on it today and it started when I texted a friend for their input on beer. I was standing in the package store texting one friend about the right beer to purchase for the recipe while simultaneously texting with another friend about different types of mustard that I was considering for this appetizer.

As I got their opinions I couldn’t help but appreciate my friend network and how much they affect my work. I’m telling you, as a food writer it helps to have a friend who can explain the differences between a stout, pilsner and a lager.

Avocado FrittersThese good feelings couldn’t come at a better time because it’s been tough around here as of late. For the obvious reasons for sure, but for professional reasons as well. This past week a very large website in Ireland took one of my recipes and published it in its entirety on their site where it was shared nine thousand times. In the United States that would be called plagiarism. But there wasn’t much I could do about it. Can I tell you how much it would cost to take legal action overseas? You don’t want to know.

But the week wasn’t a total loss. The Loop in Canada had reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and asked for permission to share my very popular Avocado Fritters recipe. They promised to do all of the right things like share my image with a link back to my original post so that the reader has to come to my site to get the recipe instructions.

And guess what? They did everything exactly right. However they forgot to tell me one thing. The title of the post. Not a big deal, right? How bad could it be?

You’re Going To Love How Our Balls Taste In Your Mouth.

When the traffic started pouring in I clicked over to see the post and damn near died when I saw the post title. I’ve been praying for exposure, but that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. At all.

Heavens to Betsy life is so weird.

Goodbye Eau de Turkey #SmellsClean

Wild TurkeysMy house still smells like turkey. At least it did until yesterday when I started sprucing things up around here. Have you ever cooked something on the first floor of your home and found that the smell settled in the upstairs rooms? That’s what happened over here. Every room on the second story smelled like Thanksgiving days after the holiday was over.

TurkeyAnd I have to say, for the first day or so I found that smell rather comforting. Proof positive that I spent thirty-six hours slaving away over a stove. Even after all of the dishes were washed and put away, I could still smell my holiday bird while nestled in my bed. Who needs dryer sheets when you’ve got turkey in the air?

Plug InsBut two days later I had enough of that smell. Opening the windows wasn’t an option because HELLO it was freezing out. So cold. So instead I lit a few candles and plugged some nice smelly things into the outlets. Goodbye eau de turkey, hello Frosted Cookie Party.

And have you seen the new scents in the smelly aisle? Er I mean the cleaning aisle? I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk down the cleaning aisle at the store I tend to sniff every good smelling thing on the shelves. They make it way too easy to buy every scent. And I have to say that the Frosted Cookie Party is a winner!

One Frosted Cookie Party and one Merry Citrus Melody later, my house smells more like Christmas than Thanksgiving. Which makes sense because Christmas is twenty-three days away. Are you ready? Neither am I. But at least it smells festive around here!

This is a sponsored post for Acorn. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m Hiding

LeelaI have to apologize, I’ve been awful about commenting back the past couple of posts. Things are so busy right now. And I bet you feel the same way. So much to do before Thanksgiving. I can hardly manage it all.

So for today I just want to share with you a funny photo I took of Leela the other night.

The girls and I were watching Maleficent and when the scary scenes came on, Leela covered herself with her wubbie. And when I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, all sealed off and oblivious to the scary stuff happening on the television, I couldn’t help but giggle thinking that I too would like to hide under my wubbie once in awhile.

Isn’t that a funny thing about kids? If they don’t see something happening it doesn’t exist?

Too bad that doesn’t work in adult life.

At any rate, I just wanted to assure you that things are ok. I’m here. Just super busy getting ready for turkey day. I’ll respond to comments over the weekend.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Are you shopping on Black Friday? Got your eye on anything special? I am so out of touch with the brick and mortar store deals.


Melanie In The MiddleI’ve been blogging for eight years. Can you believe that? Good Lord has a lot happened over those years. So many amazing things and some pretty catastrophic things too.

Looking back over the years I can’t help but smile at the highlights. As I look back over my blog entries I marvel at how my children have changed. My darling daughters who used to be round faced preschoolers have morphed into bra wearing tweens. Premature babes who have grown into healthy active and spirited young women.

And my sons. Oh the stories I could tell but cannot until many years down the road. They understand what blogging is all about and have not given me permission to share their individual stories here. And while I completely support them in that choice, I long to share  some of the crazy trials and tribulations we’ve weathered. Enough life lessons to fill a book!

The boys too have grown into strapping young men. And Lord have mercy can I see myself and their father in them. They are feisty and headstrong to say the least. They are also gentle of heart and quick to lend a helping hand. Wonderful qualities in young men. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their father and I raised men who will do great things.

And in every life some rain must fall. Oh how it’s rained over the years. Drought has not been an issue in my life that’s for damn sure. As a blogger I’ve shared these difficult times with you and for the most part I’ve been supported and loved on this blog.

But then there are the trolls…

Recently a reader commented on a post with the following:

“I now understand why your husband left you.”

Originally I just deleted that comment and put it in the trash where it belonged because I truly believe that people who spew comments such as this are people to be pitied. People who have such empty sorrowful lives that I ought to be praying for them. But still, I felt that it needed to be addressed. So here it goes…

Let me be crystal clear. My husband didn’t leave me. And that’s all I will say on that subject because I want to honor my children’s father in all things.

I am secure in who I am beyond anyone’s judgement. I did not go through a childhood of physical and mental abuse, lose a child and fight for my life after being crushed by a car to subject myself to anyone’s judgement.

That picture you see above? That is a picture of a woman full of hope. A woman loved by more than enough people. A woman who chooses to focus on the good in life and prides herself in building her friends and peers up, not tearing them down.

This blog is not an open target for judgement. It is a place where I choose to share my life. And if you’ve ever wondered why I moderate comments, this troll is a good example as to why I do that.

It saddens me that there are people in this world who are so empty, so sorrowful, so bitter that they take joy in hurting others. Because truly they are to be pitied.

But I will not allow them to rain on my blog because this is my space. And this blog speaks to strength, courage and hope. And no one, I do mean no one, will take that away from me. From us, really. Because we are in this together, you and I. And we will prevail.

If I Had A Magic Wand

Cookies Make Everything BetterThe past three days have been tumultuous over here. One of my littles is struggling with a personal matter. And it’s one of those struggles that can’t easily be fixed because I have no power over the situation. It’s weeks like this that I long for a magic wand.

If I had a magic wand life would be so much easier…

First I’d start by swirling it around every middle school that I can find in this country and make all the mean girls nice.

Then I would gently tap each of my kids with it and infuse them with a positive self esteem that would never waver. Making them impervious to judgement, hate and exclusion. Allowing them to walk confidently into any situation knowing that they can be free to make good choices without being scorned.

And then I’d erase any thoughts in my childrens’ minds that were born from the media. How they should look. What they should say to be accepted. And what they should own to be cool. I’d zap the crap out of all of that.

Next, I would aim that wand at my own heart and soften it towards people who are mean. Because deep down I know that hateful people actually really hate themselves.

People who are hateful to other people are to be pitied. Not only because those people are hurting and lashing out, but also because in the long run that hate will poison them and manifest in real physical ways. And that’s sad.

But I don’t have a magic wand. So instead I put out a plate of cookies, heat up mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows and greet my kids with a smile and hug after school because that’s the best I can do right now.

Parenting. No one warns you how hard it can be.

Bulletproof Coffee, An Experiment

Cheeky KitchenSo I spent last weekend at the Mixed Conference in Virginia. I have a ton to share on that in the coming days, but for today I’d like to talk a little bit about my roomie Brooke who writes Cheeky Kitchen and the diet she introduced me to.

When I first started blogging, Brooke was one of my heroes. I read her blog religiously and hoped to be her when I grew up. She has some mad camera skills and is a writing ninja.

A few weeks before Mixed, Brooke announced online that she needed a roommate for the conference. And as soon as I saw that, I messaged her right away and promised that I wouldn’t drool on her, snore or steal her blankets. I also assured her that I was normal. With a bit of luck she believed me.

Once she agreed I might have danced around the living room. A chance to hang out with someone I’ve been looking up to for years?  Totally dancing around the room worthy!

As it turned out, we clicked like two Lego bricks. Such an odd thing, really. It felt like we had known each other for years. We sat in our hotel room chatting about our blogs, our lives and our hopes for the future. We also talked shop for a good long time and learned so much from each other.

Melanie FeehanBrooke is a total giver. A giver and an Energizer bunny. When Brooke heard that I wanted to get professional head shots done to update my about pages on my blogs, she told me to toss my coat on and get my fanny outside. It was late in the day and I wasn’t feeling particularly pretty, but she would have none of my protesting. She grabbed her camera and said let’s go!

And as you can tell from up above, Brooke is a rather excellent photographer. Anyone who can make me look good at the end of a long day is a magician.

Besides being an excellent photographer, Brooke is also seriously into nutrition. And while we talked into the wee hours of the morning, I shared with her that I needed to change my diet because I’ve been feeling rather lethargic lately. I also shared with her that I was concerned that excessive grains, sugars and other carbs including alcohol might be messing with my overall energy levels.

Now Brooke is big time into Paleo. Something I knew nothing about until we spent the weekend together. And after sharing my concerns about my constant lack of energy, Brooke suggested that I give Paleo a try. But specifically the Bulletproof Diet which is similar to Paleo but requires that you drink this strange coffee that’s made with butter. Sounds awful, right? I thought so too…

Bulletproof CoffeeThat said, Brooke is in amazing shape. But I’m not talking just about weight, I’m also talking about vitality. She just has so much energy. So if it’s been working for her, I thought I should give it a try.

Today was my first day following the Bulletproof plan which is essentially this wacky coffee and a super low carb diet. The thought behind it is that sugar, flour, refined/processed foods and alcohol are not good for the human body. So those foods are eliminated and replaced with highly nutritious foods like lean proteins and leafy greens. At first this sounded like Atkins to me, but it’s a bit different. And I’m not sure if it’s even going to work, but you better believe that I will keep you updated as I progress.

Bullet Proof CoffeeNow how about that coffee? Just the thought of it turned my stomach. I mean, butter in coffee? That doesn’t even sound right. The way it works is that you pour freshly brewed coffee into a blender, add two tablespoons of butter made from grass fed cows milk and an oil called MCT and blend it all together until it’s frothy.

Brooke also suggested that I add some Cocoawell, which is a cocoa supplement that is sweetened with Stevia, because she knows I am a cafe mocha girl. Sounds horrid, right?

But I have to be honest, it tastes really good. Once you get past the idea that there’s butter in your coffee, you can really enjoy the rich flavor that rivals anything from a coffee shop. I kid you not.

Trader Joe's Mojito SalmonBesides the butter coffee, I’m adding a lot more protein to my diet. Tonight I had this Trader Joe’s Mojito Salmon which was delicious. Normally I would cook the salmon myself, but it was a crazy day. And when I saw this at Trader Joe’s today I wanted to rip it open in the freezer aisle and eat it. That’s how hungry I was. Did I mention you can only eat between 2pm and 6pm on this diet? I happened to be shopping at 1:30 and wanted to inhale all of Trader Joe’s in one ravenous gulp.

So we’ll see how this goes. I’m not really doing this for weight loss. I’m just trying to feel better. And in the long run if this works, I plan on sticking to a low carb diet five days out of the week and giving myself the weekend to eat whatever I feel like. In moderation of course. And in a couple of months I’m due for a physical, so I will be curious to see how this affects my cholesterol levels. I shall report back!

How about you? Have you heard of Bulletproof coffee? Do you follow a Paleo diet? If so, care to share any of your favorite Paleo blogs? I’d love to find some good resources for recipes!

$250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than 2 months away?? This year has flown by for me, and I have not even begun to think about shopping yet! One thing I do know, however, is that I will be doing most of it on Amazon.com. I discovered how much I could save shopping on Amazon a few years ago and never looked back! You would not believe how much you can save! So, what better way to kick off the holiday season than with a $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway?? If you have never shopped on Amazon, you are in for a very pleasant surprise in regards to how much money you can save!

The 411 on the $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


You, of course!

Note: giveaway is open to the Continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska. Ages 18+. Gift card will be sent in digital format via email.


ONE – $250 Amazon Gift Card (in digital format)


Giveaway will be open from November 06, 2014 – December 03, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random on or about December 08, 2014. If winner does not respond within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Please read more about giveaway terms here.


To have a chance to win the $250 Amazon Gift Card – all you are required to do is leave a comment below telling me what you will do with the gift card if you win!!! The rest is up to fate!

All other tasks are optional to increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway is sponsored by:

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Disclaimer: Amazon is not affiliated with this giveaway or its sponsors. Prize is being provided by sponsors mentioned above.

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